One more week done of my training for the Glass City Marathon full. I ran 39 miles this week, was a little less than my plan, but I had to cut out a training day due to a ski trip. Even though we had a warm up which melted the snow mid week, a storm rolled in with ice and snow and school was cancelled on Friday. We took the opportunity to take a ski weekend and got quite a bit of snow and cold up north. Here’s how the week played out…

Flashback to last Sunday: we were course marshals at a 5K! It’s a fun job, but I totally failed on my outfit. No matter how silly you might feel, a pair of snow pants is always the best choice for a course marshal in a winter Ohio race! It was a Valentine themed race and we saw many friends along the course. Good times!

Mon – 5 miles, track workout, treadmill style.  I had to shuffle my workouts around this week due to a fun weekend coming up.  So today is my track workout, 4 x 800, 4 x 400 with 1 min rest between.  With the warm up and cool down I got 5 miles done. We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed chocolates and I got some beautiful roses from Alan. Notice the Wordle themed Valentine card I made for the chocolates 🙂

Tues – 6 easy miles.  I have to keep bumping my alarm clock earlier to get these runs done before work, but so far so good.  Another treadmill run.

Weds – 8 miles, speedwork.  This run was a tough one.  My least favorite of our training plan!  1 mile warm up, miles 2-3 at marathon pace, miles 4-5 having ½ mile surges with 1 minute recovery, miles 6-7 at marathon pace and 1 mile cooldown.  Phew!  I had to start this in the dark due to a full day of early doctor appointments and work but at least the temperature was “warmer”.   I did make the time to enjoy a Starbucks afterwards. Have you tried the iced pistachio latte?  It was a buttery yummy drink.  I never eat pistachios so I had no idea what to expect.  I liked it!

Thurs – 5 miles, easy.  Rainy morning, no problem!  Hit the treadmill for this run.  I’m really loving Celebrity Big Brother so I didn’t mind spending more time watching TV.  I also enjoyed a nice stretch after my run. It’s really a luxury for me to stretch out post run more than a regular event due to time constraints!

It was a tough afternoon for me.  I had a job to swap out 3 new PCs in the office, which I predicted would take a max of 90 mins to complete.  Imagine my frustration when technical difficulties arrived and I spent 5 ½ hours at the office!!!  I don’t think it could have gone any worse. Ugh. Sadly, no one even bought me lunch.  The real miracle is not that I finally got the computers to work, it’s that I survived that so without food. LOL!

My husband and I took our nightly walk.  Based on the date, it was 17 minutes.  The rain was turning to snow!

Fri – 15 mile, long run.  Some runs are confidence boosters and some are character builders.  This was the latter!  It was a snow day for the school system starting with some ice and then snow, so it was finally time to bust out my Yaktrax.  The first part of my workout was figuring out how to put them on my shoes.  It’s been years  since I’ve used them!  

Then I realized my original route was not going to work because the roads were partially snow covered so a lot of pavement was showing. Not good for the Yaks!  I decided to go on the bike trail which worked out really well, except it was tiring.  So very tiring.  And a messed up route made this run drag on forever!!  There were walk breaks, and picture stops. By the time I got back to my neighborhood I still had just under 2 miles to go, so I had to loop around for a bit. I pulled off the Yaktrax to finish on the clear pavement. It ended with “come on, only 5 more minutes to go.  You can do this!!”.  It was exhausting!  Actual picture of me post run.  I look wonderful!  haha! Interestingly I had the same exact pace as last week, but this run by myself was so much worse than the run with my friend last week! Later in the day we packed up the car and headed up north.

Sat –  Skiing!  A full day of skiing at the Highlands at Harbor Springs (which was renamed from Boyne Highlands).  Super fun because our daughter joined us too! We got quite a bit of new snow, but it was cold and windy in the morning. So basically a typical ski day in Michigan!

After dinner we walked around Petoskey. They had pretty ice sculptures around the town. I love ski towns. You can go to dinner in ski pants and hats and feel perfectly comfortable!

Sun – more skiing, and hopefully a relaxing evening at home!

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Q: Are you able to spend time stretching after running?

Lately I try to a minimum of a couple of scorpion stretches after all of my runs, but I often don’t have more time than that. It’s something… baby steps!

Q: Have you ever been a course marshal at a race?

26 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – week 7 GCM training”
  1. Another great week getting it all done.

    You are brave to volunteer in the winter for a race. brrr.

    Skiing with the family looked fun. Love those ice sculptures so pretty.

    Not a fan of skiing anymore but I hope to do some waterfall hiking today (while the hubby plays tennis).

    1. Waterfall hiking sounds fun! I do admit that I always ask for the marshal jobs early in the race. Much less time to be standing around in the course! (That’s a pro tip haha!)

  2. I am really focusing on stretching since I’m sure not stretching contributed to my achilles issue. It’s hard to make the time, but it’s essential!

    We went skiing this week too, but it was a much rarer event for us.

    1. I wish we had bigger mountains close to us, but I’m also thankful to have decent skiing only 5 hours away. Once you get spoiled by the big hills out west it’s hard to be impressed by the local hills though!

  3. There are lots of reasons to skip a run, but a ski trip is probably one of the best! I’m with you in that I don’t think the pistachios by themselves are that exciting but I always like “pistachio” flavored treats – I think it’s all of the other things that pistachios get paired with.

    We had a storm on Friday but it wasn’t anywhere near bad enough to cancel school. My stepsons were bitterly disappointed.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Round Up: DNSMy Profile

    1. That is a bummer when a snow day doesn’t happen. They waited until 5:30am to cancel, but we figured it was a sure thing. Luckily we are out “in the country” a bit more because the city schools were still open.

  4. I am doing more stretching these days (because I know it’s well worth it), but I still am probably not doing as much as I should. I am using my Theragun consistently, though (so that makes up for the stretching, right? LOL). I have course marshalled before, but only during the summer months….I can only imagine how cold it was to be standing around #brrrr.

    1. It was a really dumb mistake not to wear snow pants. Since we all drove together I had to walk over to the corner where my son and husband were working. It was a long time to be in the cold in jeans!

  5. I have to laugh at your description of that snowy run–I’ve had quite a few like that lately. It takes a lot of mental conversation to get it done, but it feels good when you stop! Your ski trip looks fun!

    I’ve never been a course marshall. I wouldn’t know what to do, lol

    1. Luckily a city worker blocked the 5K road turn with his truck, so I mostly just provided moral support and smiles. Funny thing – the guy was the town mayor! It’s a really small town, so he also helps out with the police department I guess.

  6. Congratulations on getting that long run done! I’m imagining it took a lot of mental strength, especially when you got back to your neighborhood and still had two miles to go. A lot of people would have stopped.
    To answer your question, i never stretch right after i run- I’m always rushing off to the next thing. I try to do some stretching later in the day (I at least do my foot and calf on my gimpy side) But I could be much better about it.
    I hope you’re having another fun day of skiing!

    1. I had a really good plan where I’d get 5 miles in my neighborhood first, but then it ended up changing and I only had run 6 miles instead of 11. Those kind of runs never end well for me. I don’t do well with route changes! And yes, those last loops around the neighborhood were tough!!

  7. Oh, you need to get Kahtoola nanospikes, they are SO much better on a mix of clear and snow. I went through so many Yak traks breaking and just being annoying before making the switch and I love the nanospikes. Though I probably would have stashed them somewhere and opted for the clear pavement if it was an option!

    I hope you had a lovely time skiing with the family! Great to have another winter activity other than running, but sometimes I do feel like I’ve reached my breaking point on outdoor cold time, you know? Ha!

    1. The nano spikes do look really nice. Maybe when mine break I’ll check them out. But given the number of times I use my Yaks, it could take a long time! Or, I’ll just stick to my safe treadmill 🙂

    1. I know I should spend more time doing stretching, but I just don’t want to wake up earlier than I have to! I think the Peloton app does make it more of an accomplishment when they all add up. That’s a nice perk to see the number of completed classes.

  8. So sorry about the frustrating day at work! Who do you blame about the lack of food???

    That’s a lot of activity — I think you’re good even if it was a few less miles.

    My stretched post run are very quick. Like 5 minutes. I do Yoga later on, usually before going to bed, although of course it’s a lot better to stretch when those muscles are warm — but seriously, these days, when are the muscles every warm?

    I’ve never been a course marshal, although I have volunteered at races. Usually manning an aid station.

    1. I got there at 10:30 am and thought I would be out of the office by lunch time. When it started running way past lunch time I figured someone might offer me some food, but nope, they just said “I’m going to eat my lunch now” and left me alone. Sad! Maybe they were mad at the inconvenience of not having a PC. haha! Oh well, it happens!

  9. Being a course marshal sounds fun.

    I love the iced pistachio latte. It’s one of my favorite seasonal drinks.

    So much snow and so many layers! I think the layers would be tricky to get used to.

    I’m sorry that you didn’t get lunch. That’s just rude.

    1. Layering is hard! I usually overdress because I don’t run outside every day. But luckily jackets and shirts are easy to tie around my waist. That’s why I often avoid vests!

  10. Ugh – that certainly sounds like a frustrating day at the office. Always a bummer when a task takes waaayyyy longer than it should!

    This year I have tried to be much better about warming up before a run and stretching after and it does make a difference!

    1. I think the worst part about technology problems is that I feel like it makes me look bad or that I don’t have the right skills. Other people might not be thinking that, but I always think they are! And it’s 100x worse when it keeps people from using their computers.

  11. I’m trying to be more consistent about my stretching – I can really feel a difference when I stick with warming up and post-run stretching.

    Great job on getting your long run done!

  12. Well done for marshalling but yes, winter trousers needed! My volunteering kit is the same as my winter birdwatching kit – I have some excellent trousers with furry linings …

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