It’s a wrap on week 9 of my training plan for the Glass City marathon. This week brought some great weather, some great runs, and even my first outdoor bike ride of the season! Miles run: 42.5, miles biked: 15

I finished up last week with a lot of walking. 3 miles with my friend in the morning. I haven’t seen her forever so there was a lot of catching up to do! Then 3 miles later at the park as we watched the last bits of snow melt away.

Mon – 6 easy miles, treadmill.  Celebrity Big Brother is almost done on my DVR.  I will miss it!

Tues – 5 miles, Track Tuesday… on Treadmill.  5 x 1K.  This went decent enough.  Somehow I did not know it was Fat Tuesday.  I started eating my apple, then saw the paczkis.  Then yes, I went back for a paczki!  LOL.  Life is short.  Eat dessert.

Weds – 6 easy miles.  Back in 2015 I created 3 Garmin segments.  Did you know Garmin even had segments??  Well, they’ve had them for a long time, but they are very hidden.  I do have the option turned on to notify me if I run on a segment, but today was the first time EVER that my watch actually told me about my segment!  It’s .05 of a mile and ends at my house.  Very appropriately it’s called “Sprint Home”.  My watch also told me I got a PR on it.  Odd!!  Then it displayed this, which must be a map of some sort.  Also very odd!!  It might take another 7 years to get notified about it again.  Who knows!

Also, our freezer died 🙁  We have a freezer in our garage and it finally died, after almost 22 years.  Whomp whomp.  Since our new one won’t get here until next week, we’ll be eating a lot of freezer foods this week!

Thurs – 9 miles, speedwork! This workout was the middle 6 miles with marathon pace and then half marathon pace.  It went well! I was happy my paces were so consistent, but it really helps to have the paces programmed into my Garmin to keep me on target. Also, it was the shoes. I ran in my Endorphin Speeds, which I haven’t used for awhile. They felt great!

Fri – Rest day! I didn’t even go to the gym. I really wanted to make sure my body was ready for my long run tomorrow. We did get to see my son play in the high school band performance. They did a great job!

Sat – 16 miles, long run! After the last two weeks of disappointing, difficult long runs, this one finally worked!! I give credit to the warmer weather and my Endorphin Speeds. I had a pacing plan originally in my mind, but dropped it early on and just ran how by feel. My route took me past the MIT (marathon in training) groups so I got to say Hi to a LOT of runners this morning. Nice to hear a lot of “Hi Lisa!!” too! It started out in the 30s but ended near 50. I could have worn capris and maybe short sleeve t on this one. It always a challenge to dress in this temps, but if it was race day my advice is to dress for the end of the race because that’s where you want to feel most comfortable!

Today is also the first day it really felt like spring around here. I think it hit 70 degrees!! I washed my car. The neighborhood was full of walkers, runners, people doing yardwork (taking down Christmas lights!) and grilling. We grilled out and it was delicious! I also took my bike out for a ride. It felt amazing. I have missed my bike rides!! I have a new bike computer and am trying to figure it out. I probably should have looked at the instructions before I went out, but I figured out the basics 🙂 I was feeling that hour on the saddle though. Have to ease back into the time on my bike seat to have a happier rear. Ouch.

Sun – Rest day! Hopefully we will be able to enjoy the warmer weather today. It’s super windy out! My daughter is home for spring break this week. Well, I should say she is back in our house because she slipped up last weekend and said she “had to get back to school for some work. I have to get back home early.” when she was here for a dentist appointment. WHAAAAA? [insert minor heart breaking here] I knew it would happen eventually! But for this week, she is home 🙂

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Q: Have you ever heard of Garmin segments??

Surprisingly, I did see something pop up on my watch on Saturday too. I got a PR. Too funny!

Q: Do you have a separate freezer (maybe in your garage)?

I can’t wait until our new one comes! I took all of the meat to my mom’s house. I think we have lost the rest of the stuff. 🙁

20 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – week 9 of GCM Training”
  1. I am a strong supporter of desserts. Lol.

    Great week of workouts. Nice that the weather cooperated.

    Today is warm and rainy. But windy.

    I’ve seen Garmin segments. Or at least in Strava.

    It’s just the two of us and our freezer is cramped. But no extra one.

  2. Ha ha, wait- people were taking down Christmas lights? I guess that makes sense- they were waiting for the first warm day.
    It was the week for band concerts- my daughter had a lot going on this week too. And funny you should mention it- my son is home for spring break and he made the same slip- referred to school as “home” and then tried to cover it up quickly, “I mean, THAT home. Not this home.” Sigh.
    i’m glad you had a good week and your long run felt good! Just goes to show, you have to keep at it and things always turn around. Enjoy your rest day!

  3. Oh no on the freezer dying! We do have one in our garage. We actually replaced it proactively a couple of years ago because it was really old. Plus it was leaking & making funny noises.

    That’s great news about your long run — and a great tip for dressing for the end of your race. Except I hate to be cold in the beginning!

    We are having this one random warm day today. And then it’s back to seasonal temps. As long as it stays dry so we can celebrate my moms birthday with her next week, I’ll be happy. Well, sort of. 🙂

    1. I was hoping we would be able to save more of the food out of our freezer, but we didn’t. I think we got the more expensive stuff though. I did have to bake a box of cookie dough that we bought at a band fundraiser. It probably was the most expensive thing we had! (but hey, it did involve a donation to the band…)

  4. I see the segments on Strava and it is nice to be able to compare efforts on the same route. Solid week of training for you! We had the warmer weather too and I am not ready for it

  5. I wasn’t aware of Garmin segments either, only Strava ones. Great week of training Lisa! I am glad you had a strong long run to give you confidence again after last week. And so jealous of that weather, sounds amazing!

    1. I’m so thankful my long run went well this week! As you know, a few bad runs can really get into your head. Apparently I created 3 Garmin segments. One of which is around my neighborhood, but in a different direction than I run it now. So funny! I’m a creature of habit so I tend to run the same direction every time!

  6. We had paczkis at work too this week–there are a few Polish physicians in my office and staff too, so everyone brought them. I took a pass–I feel like I’m battling that menopot all the time!

    I definitely didn’t know about Garmin segments! I’m impressed at how much you use your Garmin. I had the fancy Garmin before and I never made good use of all the features. I do love data, but I only have the Forerunner 35, which gives me a surprising amount of info for such a basic watch. I guess being a coder helps you figure it all out, lol!

    1. Menopot is a new word for me, but I can totally relate! 😆 I do love my Garmin info! I have also had the pleasure of helping a few of the other coaches figure out how to program their watches for our workouts. It’s a great tool! It is odd – there seems to be a relationship/combining of Garmin and Strava segments now. Maybe Garmin knew they couldn’t do it better than Strava does it!

  7. I guess I’ve only heard about Strava segments, which I guess other people have created since I haven’t.

    So glad your long run went well! Nice bike computer. I got a Garmin device that senses traffic behind me for Christmas, but keep forgetting to set it up.

    I accidentally celebrated “Fat Tuesday” on my business trip — so much food at our events!

  8. I totally spaced off Fat Tuesday because I also spaced off that Ash Wednesday was this past week. DUH! I went to my Tuesday lunch/club meeting and the hostess had Mardi Gras beads for all of us, LOL. Major #oops on my part. I seldom use my Garmin, so nope! NO idea on the segments. Great week for you, Lisa!

    1. I think someone in my office must have given up chocolate for Lent because our snack area in the kitchen was filled with random yummy treats. Their loss was my gain! 🙂

    1. I had a question for you about my Garmin Edge… please check your emails! 🙂
      Strava does have segments and they work better. Garmin ones have been a bit hidden, and now when I look at the Garmin one is says something about Strava. They have some sort of relationship now? I don’t know, but it’s very interesting!

  9. We have a garage fridge/freezer and I don’t know what we would do without it. I hope your new freezer comes soon.

    I have never had a paczki!

    My son had his band MPA this week! I love watching him and his classmates play.

  10. My favourite line “Life is short. Eat dessert.”! Just what I wanted to hear on Friday which is “Goodies Friday” on our household!

    Sorry to hear that you may have lost some stuff in your freezer but glad you saved the meat. We have a separate freezer which is in the laundry room. So useful to have although we sometimes forget what’s in there!

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