As you read this, I have just one week left until the big event – the Glass City Marathon! Race week is always very exciting around Toledo and I like to get involved. I have a busy week planned with a few special events coming up… including my birthday! Woohoo, 54 years young. There are also several race related events going on, and the “419” day (our area code). I finished up my week of training with 35 miles of running. I didn’t feel especially “strong” or “ready” and I had a mystery foot concern. Welcome to taper time, right?

Sorry to disappoint, but I did not end up taking that bath on Sunday!  The sun came out and I decided to spend my time out biking instead of soaking.  It was a bit chilly on my bike ride (55 degrees) but I was looking forward to trying out my new Garmin Edge.  I programmed a route to go see my son refereeing soccer.  The Edge was really cool because it automatically rerouted my map when I went off course and picked a different road to go on.  My watch doesn’t do that!  I think I’ll really use that feature on my early morning rides in the summer.

Mon – 4 miles.  I got to run with my friend who is going to Boston!  It’s been a struggle for her this cycle and she is hanging on with a bit of an injury, but she’s going to Boston!!  I’m super excited for her as she has been my running friend for several years now.  We actually met when I was coaching the 5K program and she was in my group.  Best of luck to her for a great race day and hopefully she gets through it with a smile when she crosses that finish line!

Tues – 5 miles.  This should have been a “track” workout, but at this point I’m not interested in doing anything speedy.  The top of my foot has been feeling weird since Sunday.  I’m hoping it’s just the niggles because I can’t think of any reason why it should be complaining.  I’m icing it when I can and crossing my fingers!  The weather was very pretty this morning with some fog lingering.

My lunch hour was spent doing weights.  It was a beautiful day so I moved my workout to the sunroom to enjoy the view.

Also, my WFH attire has really relaxed… doing a hair mask and wearing a t-shirt.  Certainly not “office ready” as my company was hoping, but what the heck, no one uses video on our Teams calls anymore, so I think it’s just fine 🙂  Fun fact of the week – I actually ran errands and went to the dentist office with the hair mask product still in my hair.  Not sure anyone even noticed. I have been using the Olaplex products since January. They are worth the $$!

Later in the day I even got to go outside and work, while painting my toenails.

Weds – Rest day!  I dislike the “resting” part of the taper week.  My mind just churns with thoughts of “did I train enough?”, “did I do the right things?”  One thing that takes my mind off of it is volunteering!  I picked up our shirts.  Nice design!

Thurs – 9 miles, 8:50 pace.  I’ve been considering what my race day plan should be.  Stick with the 4:00 pace group?  Or do my usual thing (go fast, burn out!)? Today I thought I’d run 9:05 for the first 4 miles, then go to 8:55ish or faster.  But no, I kept hitting 8:45 for my paces. No kidding, my race shoes just want to run faster and today I was not feeling the endurance to keep up with it!  I’m not going to try to find excuses why I couldn’t keep up (it was windy!).  I was out of breath several times on this run and had to stop.  Meh.  Some days are like that.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I’ve started a 10 day countdown of my 10 years of racing at the Glass City marathon. I’ve run 5 fulls and 5 halves there. It’s been fun to look back at these races and show off my race shirts!

Fri – 5 easy miles.  Running was a little better today.  I did stop by the PT yesterday to look at my foot and OUCH, he hurt me!  He actually hurt both of my feet while checking them out, so three wasn’t a lot of difference on the “odd” foot.  He said I’ll live.  Nothing exciting about this run, but I was feeling a little achy overall.  Ugh on the taper week. At night we went to a local brewery. I think we know someone every time we go here and tonight was no exception.

Sat – 12 miles, long run.  I wasn’t feeling achy, but I wasn’t feeling quite as energized as I had hoped.  I know long runs are supposed to be slow, but I often want to just run “by feel” instead of purposely stalking my watch and slowing down.  I did have a lot of thoughts about my pacing plan on this run!  

Sun – Rest day! Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I convinced my daughter to spend the night on Saturday so we could enjoy some donuts on Sunday. Delicious ham dinner with my parents on our schedule too. I hope the next week brings me a lot of rest which make me feel invincible (or at least not sloth like. haha!)

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Good news: I’ve got a great website to share with you – OnTheGoMap I found this when I needed a super simple way to figure out how far a route was. It works great on my phone! I did see you could export the GPX and then you could import that into Garmin, but if you are just looking for an easy “how far is it?” kind of thing, give it a try. Easy peasy!!

Bad news: Early race day forecast is for a low of 60 (!!) and a high of 81 (!!!). I will melt. We do start at 6:30am, but still, we’ve trained for 16 weeks in cold Ohio weather! Uggggh.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – countdown is on”
  1. Can’t believe it’s almost time. You will do great.

    You trained so well IMO.

    I’m the same in my at home work attire. We don’t use cameras.

    Yes yes. Now I want donuts.

    Enjoy the taper. And relax. Easier said than done

    1. I think everyone expected cameras when we first started our remote work, but then you know, “not enough bandwidth at home” and the cameras went off. At least it’s a legitimate excuse. haha!

  2. You are the queen of multitasking this week! Love the work attire 🙂 I say, hey why not?! Pacing is hard and I am constantly working on that. My race looks hot next weekend too. It is challenging to train all winter in the cold and then race in the heat. You are ready! Take it easy this week

  3. Cheers to race week! I hope all the “niggles” subside. They will! I noticed Saturday’s weather here is a high of 77. I hope you don’t have the one super hot day of the year so far. Ugh. Happy Easter!

    1. I’m actually a bit more concerned about my abs being a bit sore again more than my weird foot thing! I’m hopefully that extra rest will calm everything down.

  4. I’m reading this as I sit on the couch recovering from yesterday’s trail race and boy am I achy! So rest and a bath sounds great to me, lol. Good luck this weekend!!! And believe it or not, I’m running a half in Georgia on Sunday. It’s going to be a hot one.

  5. Well, the weather for my half next Sunday is showing a high of 63 (partly cloudy and 18mph wind). Not sure how I feel about that…the temps sound awesome, but the wind (again!). I know what you mean about slowing down when he feet just want to go by feel. It’s so much harder to run slower than what feel “natural” (at least it is for me). I think you’ve had a great training cycle…I bet you’ll do great 😉 Good luck!!

  6. Okay, well don’t panic yet- that forecast could change. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!
    I love your WFH attire- I couldn’t tell you were doing a hair mask.
    I’m kind of mad at you for skipping the bath, but that bike ride does sounds amazing.
    I hope your foot feels better! I’m about to give up and just chop mine off.
    Lastly (boy, I had a lot to say here) I’m going to check out OnTheGoMap. I’ve heard of it before but forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Oh no, I hadn’t heard about the forecast! But yes, starting at 6:30 am should help a lot. I hate that Boston starts so late…give me a 6:30 start time please! Then you’re done, can shower/nap and go celebrate! By the time I’m done and showered tomorrow, we will barely make it to a dinner reservation.

    I hope the foot thing is just a short fluke! The taper is weird like that.

  8. Weather changes so quickly. I usually like a bad forecast a week out because it will change so much by race day!

    I hope it cools down for you. I’ve run a lot of halfs where it suddenly got hot. Not fun.

    Cool that you’ve done the marathon 10 times! I can’t imagine!

    Happy Easter!

  9. I hope whatever you’re feeling with your foot is a quick passing thing. I swear taper messes with you, doesn’t it?!

    The weather has been so all over the place so hopefully, it will cool down before you get to the starting line. Wishing you the best of luck!

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