It was a busy week around my house. End of school year happenings, garage sale, kitten feedings. I did manage to fit in some running and weights. 23 miles run and 3 strength workouts. We are getting a bit more in routine with the fostering of the kittens, who are probably 3 weeks old now.

With my marathon training over I am taking the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  I’m following Caroline Girvan’s latest strength training video plan, Iron Series.  These workouts interested me because they are only 30 mins long instead of 45 mins which they have been in the past.  So this week my challenge was to do one each day on schedule (5 days total) and see how it goes!!  Caroline has a huge following on YouTube and Facebook.  And she’s ripped, and so stinking cute!  Enough said.

Mon – 3 miles running.  I was supposed to meet up with my friend who ran Boston, but she still isn’t feeling ready to run 🙁  Afternoon runs are not my thing, but I got it done and ran through the park which was part of the Glass City Marathon course.  We meet again mile 20!!  grrrr

Iron Series workout – Leg day!  I have avoided any lower body workouts other than machines at the gym in my past marathon training just because I’m afraid of irritating my hamstrings!  But I’ve decided to give this area a try again and ease into it.  I grabbed 10 and 15 pound weights for my workout, but ended up doing many of them with just bodyweight!  haha!  Better to be safe than sorry!

It was a sad day today – we returned the runt kitten back to the Humane Society because she needed more care than we could provide.  She just wasn’t eating enough and was super small.  The foster coordinator will be providing care for her.  We hope to get her back when she is eating well.  I know it was the best choice for her, but still sad to see her go.  Prayers for that little one!

Tues – “Two for Tuesday” challenge day!  Our 2022 mileage challenge this month has this day with a 30 min run/walk and a 15 min run/walk.  I ran 4 miles on the treadmill in the morning and then a 15 min walk (in the pouring rain!!) with Alan.   Lunchtime workout was day 2 of the CG Iron Series – upper body.

Weds – Rest day! I had plans to go my day 3 Iron Series workout, but I was just too tired! It was was the first night of our garage sale. Sales were decent so that was a good thing, but I feel like I am never prepared enough for this event! We even got a visitor on a big golf cart. I have no idea where they came from! (and how rude they pulled right up to the garage door!)

Thurs – 3 mile run. It was rise and shine today – the full day of garage sales. Even though I had the 2am and the 6am kitten feeding shift, I needed this run to set the day’s tone. The weather was decent enough and sales were steady. Keeping the kittens fed during the day worked out because a friend had joined me in the sale. And in the midst of all of that going on, my daughter moved back home from college. Yay!!

Fri – 3 mile run, treadmill. Iron Strength workout day 3. It was a yucky rainy and windy day. We decided to wait until 11am to open the garage sale so I got to enjoy a workout! I’ve made it up to day 3 and I now realize that I’m not really interested in 5 days of strength training! haha!! Oh well, I tried. Time for a picture of the kittens!

Sat – 4 mile run, treadmill. The sale has ended! After standing around in my chilly garage all day, I was in no mood to run outside. Even though it was 54 degrees out, it was windy and I was freezing. So I ran on the treadmill and it was a nice way to destress from the garage sale week. We had a successful sale!

It was also prom! We took pictures at the park, which was super crowded. It was a fun group of friends.

Sun – 5 mile run. Happy Mother’s day!! I got my (barely) early run in [note: 8am is now “early” for me due to exhaustion of nightly kitten feeding. LOL!!]

Returned home to hear prom stories and eat some waffles. Loved the message in the butter ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. Hope you are either spending time with your mother, or your kids, or anyone special to you! Spring is here and it’s a wonderful day. I’m off for a bike ride now!

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Q: Do you ever see people driving golf carts in your neighborhood?

I think someone around here has a small one, and we see it occasionally.

Q: For those with college kids – are they home for the summer now?

14 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – busy week!”
  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! My son comes home on Friday. He texted me today and said that he’ll cook a Mother’s Day dinner when he gets home (gasp! College has definitely changed him!)
    You sure had a full week. So you had four kittens, had to return the runt and now have three? That’s still a lot to take care of. I hope the poor little runt is okay… it’s good she’s getting individualized care.
    Love your Mother’s Day breakfast, and yes, the message in the butter, ha ha. Sounds like you had a great week of workouts even with everything else going on. I might check out that Iron Series- I’m looking to do a little more serious strength training as well.

    1. Yep, 3 kittens now. They have their moments of not wanted to drink much, and then sucking down a ton of formula! I think they are a little underweight still, but improving each day.
      That’s so nice he’ll make you a dinner! Heck, maybe clean the bathrooms too. They now have all of the life skills!!
      Caroline Girvan has really good workouts. There’s no talking during the workout but very good timers to show your progress and next exercise. Give them a try!

  2. No golf carts here, but I’ve had my share of garage sales and yeah, people are special. We even had a shoplifter one year-my friend chased her down and got the merch back. How big of a loser do you have to be to steal from a garage sale?

    My son has finals next week, so he’s not home yet. He’ll be living in Madison over the summer, working and having fun. I’ll get to see him next weekend when I’m up in Wisco for my race. I can’t wait!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. There are some interesting shoppers for sure! Especially the ones that come into the garage when the door is partially closed. Yes, that is a sign we are closing!! 😆 That sounds like a great trip to see your son!

  3. What lovely prom photos! <3

    And I love the message in the spread for your waffle. So cute!

    We haven’t had a garage sale in years. Our neighborhood has a garage sale day, but we are tucked up at the end of a cul-de-sac that doesn’t get much traffic, so we just donate everything — or I offload stuff through my MRTT “Buy Nothing” group.

    I hope the little kitty does well, and the others continue to thrive.

    1. We did get rid of a lot of stuff, but the rest is heading to the Goodwill. I’m sure the garage sale “sell” pile will be big again by December 😆

  4. Oh, I hope that little runt makes it…Ruth was the runt of her litter of puppies, that’s why she’s such a peanut for a vizsla.

    Very random with the golf cart…people are interesting!

    Great job with the strength program! I took about 1.5 weeks off of lower body post Boston and then the first time I did some strength I was more so than the marathon! Crazy how that happens.

    1. I really hoped to get through a full week on the strength workout, but when it came to a choice of weights or running, I picked running! I think 2 a week would be better for me. I do feel a sore glute today. One of the workouts was a bunch of weighted hip thrusts. I probably should have modified that workout!

  5. Awww, I hope you little runt kitty will be strong enough to return to you and his siblings soon.

    We used to have yard sales about once a year when the boys were young and I had their clothes to sell. We only had them on weekends, though, so I was surprised to hear that you had it during the week. I would have guessed that you’d get very little traffic, but it sounds like I’m very wrong!

    Yay for your daughter being back home with you for the summer!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: May 1 – 7 / Happy Mother’s Day!My Profile

  6. We’ve had one garage sale in this house, and UGH. It was so much work! I had a 7:00 start time, and people were lined up outside at 6:30, making it difficult to slide all the tables outside. I hope the little kitty is able to rejoin the family soon.

  7. Congrats on a successful garage sale. Seriously, I hate garage sales & we never seem to do that well.

    Hugs on the runt. Hopefully it’ll make great strides. We were going to adopt a kitten from the small rescue I used to volunteer at in TX, but when I took my husband to meet him, he said he was just too calm. Sadly it turned out he had a heart condition & didn’t make it. 🙁 He was so sweet!

    Aww, love the message in your butter! Your kids are creative!

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