Some weeks just fly by in the wink of an eye.  This was one of those weeks!  Busy, busy, busy!  It was back to school and the week was full of fun.  We’ve got a new pair of foster kittens too.  I ran 41 miles this week and biked 37.5 miles.

As the summer is finishing up we took advantage of the good weather on Sunday and went to a Mud Hens game (they won!), AND a night concert at the Toledo Zoo. Good times!

Mon – 4 miles.  My plan said 3 easy miles, but I just couldn’t.  Do I still get out of bed early to run only 3 miles?? Haha! I ran 4 miles and it turned into a speedy pace because I wore my race shoes (Saucony Endorphin Pro). I need to start getting used to wearing them.

Tues – 10 miles, tempo Tuesday!  This run included 6 miles of a faster pace.  Today those ranged from 8:22-8:37.  This was a solid workout!

Weds – 6 easy miles on tap today. Ugh, not liking the dark this morning.

Thurs – Rest day! We were on the road at 6:15am to head to a tour at The Ohio State University. If you’re a fan, you will recognize the horseshoe at OSU 🙂

Biking – 37.5 miles. I joined a friend and we rode a TAB group ride. The ride was almost 25 miles and I decided to ride over to the group meeting spot. It was 6.3 miles each way. By the time I rode home the sun was setting.

Fri – 4 miles running. Back to school!! My son is starting his senior year, so last first day of school at our house.

Friday night football is back! Our first home game was also today. The weather was warm, but felt good after the sun went down. My son is at the front of the row, so we had front row seats to see him perform. Loved it!! The game was packed, the spirit was amazing!! It was a close game, but our team won. Yahoo!

Here’s a fun picture. The band is known for their high steps and marching skills. In the pregame event they march around the side of the field and my son was first (after the majorette). What a move!

Sat – 17 miles long run, with last 2 miles “strong finish”. This one was tough all around. The humidity was a bit high. My pace was decent enough, but my route wasn’t well planned and I was bored out of my mind with my podcast choices after 2 hours of running. Then came my “strong finish”. I actually did end up pushing the pace and they were 8:56, which is better than race pace so that’s a win! And of course a Starbucks visit was a must.

The afternoon was spent at a fair and parade. The band had two performances – one standing in the downtown area and the other as part of the parade.

It was a super long parade. Love this little town, it’s hometown America for sure!

Sun – Rest day! Getting my daughter ready to head back to college, and visiting my Dad in the hospital. This is the calm before the storm I guess. It will be an emotional week. My Dad was doing super well and then his knee got infected again (3rd time!) so he’s in the hospital again. The plan is for surgery on Monday, so please send all positive vibes that it goes well.

Here’s our new fosters! A little black boy and a long hair (I think!) calico girl! We’ve named them Gizmo and Gadget. Gizmo looks a lot like a gremlin. She is shy but we’re working on that! They are really relaxed and have been having a lot of fun wrestling and playing.

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Q: Is Back to School season changing your routine?

Getting up earlier? Maybe a school bus you need to drive around?

21 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – BTS edition”
  1. My routine has not changed in several years, though it will be our youngest’s “last” first day tomorrow (of college). YIKES. With all the fall marathons (and halfs) coming up, it’s fun seeing the long runs everyone is doing (except me, LOL). Great job on that 17-miler!

    1. The 17 miler this week was harder than the 21 miler last week! In retrospect it probably was the weather that made it so hard. It made me really question why I’m running a marathon (again!). haha!

  2. my routine has not changed in a while since my kids went to college. You sure did have a really busy week but managed some great workouts. Nice job. Good luck w all the back to school

  3. Wow, you really packed a lot into the week. But first things first- best wishes and good luck to your dad tomorrow- I hope everything goes smoothly.
    Those are some marching skills your son’s band has!!! Our high school band marches, but they focus more on concert band (for most of the year) so the marching is much more low-key. They definitely won’t be entering any marching competitions.
    You had a great week! I love how your “rest day” includes 37.5 miles of cycling.
    And, you know I’m going nuts over those kittens. I’m very partial to calicos- so Gizmo looks like she’s mostly black and orange? I love that combo. If she’s a calico she probably won’t be shy for long- they’re usually pretty outgoing and confident. Enjoy them!

    1. I was mistaken – Gizmo is a tortie! She is grey and orange, but no white. They are a riot. Such playful kittens.
      I was actually concerned about the parking at the group bike ride so figured 6 miles was close enough to bike to/from. It was an interesting ride. My friend actually fell when someone fell in front of her! Not sure I’ll be back for that one any time soon.
      My dad’s surgery went well. Now, the long process of healing (again).

  4. Did you say 41 miles? Yowzer.

    I still work from home but when I didn’t the school buses slowed down my commute.

    What cuties the kittens are. They melt my heart.

  5. Sending some healing vibes for your Dad. It’s just not easy, is it?

    Great week of fitness for you! And your son’s marching band moves . . . no words! We didn’t do that when I was in marching band!

    Giz is a tortoiseshell, not a calico. Calicoes are always white with orange and black spots. My Giz looked pretty much exactly like Gizmo from Gremlins and that’s how he got his name! In fact, way back when I had a stuffed Gizmo doll & we took photos of them together.

    1. My dad is recovering and all seems to be going good so far. It will be interesting to see how much mobility he has.
      You are correct! She is a tortie! No white on her. Gizmo is such a perfect name!

  6. You sure had a busy week. That is a fun picture of the marching band! So cool.

    I hope things go well for your Dad. is the surgery to clean things out? Will be keeping your family in my thoughts.

    1. The band also “prances” which gets huge cheers from the crowd. They’ve got some great moves!
      Originally my dad had decided he just wanted to get his leg amputated! He just wanted to be done with the infection. But my Mom wanted to try one last thing, which was to remove all of the hardware from his knee replacement and put a solid rod in his leg. It goes from his hip to his ankle! I’m really not sure how he will get around with a leg that doesn’t bend, but that’s what they are trying. We’re just taking things as they come!

  7. Wow! Definitely a very busy week for you.

    So sorry to hear that your dad will need surgery on his knee again. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and wishing him a speedy recovery.

    1. My dad’s surgery went well and he is recovering at the hospital. Not sure how long he will be in there. He’s already been in the hospital for a week waiting for the surgery! It’s been frustrating for him 🙁

  8. New foster kittens…LOVE! Thanks for being an animal foster.

    When I got my Endorphin Pros, I wanted to test with an easy run, but they propel you so much, it’s hard not to go fast. I love these shoes.

    I have seen so many Ohio State marching band videos. I am sure it is amazing in person.

    Great workouts this week.

    1. OSU does have an amazing band! My son is not sure he would want to join a college marching band because he’s heard it’s a lot of work and very intense.
      The Pros are speedy! Such a fun, great feeling shoe. I wear the Speeds for my long runs but I do need to get used to the Pros too.

  9. Great week of training, Lisa! Good job on your long run and way to keep going despite a boring podcast.

    I hope your dad’s surgery went well yesterday and he makes a full recovery this time.

    No back-to-school schedule changes for us longtime empty nesters; although, our d-i-l is a teacher so she’ll be heading back for teacher workdays soon.
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: August 14 – 20 / Cycling’s Version of TaperingMy Profile

    1. I was glad I had music on my watch because I switched over to that after 2 hours! I do have a new book and hopefully that will be more entertaining.
      Thanks, my dad is recovering well so far.

  10. Oh, back to school is rocking my world LOL. My schedule is all over the place.

    Your band is so big!!!! Love their uniforms! We had a fabulous Friday night lights, too!

    I do hope they get your dad back to rights soon.
    Jenn recently posted…hello, august runfessions!My Profile

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