That’s right… three more weeks until my next marathon! My husband and I made the group decision that we would run Indy Monumental Marathon on Nov 5th. I was waiting for a sign to commit to this race. Well, more so I was waiting for a great deal on a bib to fall into my lap so I couldn’t refuse! I asked in a few Facebook groups if there were any bibs for sale. Considering the price is now $135 for the full and it was the last few days to transfer a bib, I did get a few offers. But when I found someone who had purchased a special VIP race experience package (reserved race day parking, quarter zip, and more!) and only wanted $50 for everything (she just wanted someone to use it!), I really couldn’t pass that up. And with that, I finished this past week with 48 miles of running and 33 miles of biking. The weather was quite conducive to both sports and I had an active week!

Mon – 3 miles running.  I had the day off work but was still up early to pack my son’s lunch (yes, he is a senior. yes, we still pack his lunch! It’s bonding time!!) The full moon looked cool!

4.75 miles walking! I walked with my friend. It’s been a long time since we’ve chatted so we walked really far just catching up on life.

 In the afternoon my husband and I biked 13 miles.  It was a really impressive route.

Tues – 6 miles running.  51 degrees on my dark run felt great!  I even wore my reflective shorts.  Wonder if any cars noticed?

13 miles biking.  With the beautiful sunny 70 degree weather, I was going stir crazy working inside  I used my lunch hour for a bike ride.  The colors are so pretty on the bike trail!

Weds – XT day!  I started my day with 30 mins on the elliptical.  After a long day at work I needed to enjoy the weather so I explored the neighborhood with my son.  We ended up walking 2.25 miles.  We collected leaves for a decorating project.

Our 5 foster kittens enjoyed hanging out with us on their last night at our house.

Thurs – 10 miles, with a little bit of speedwork.  6 miles at faster than race pace.  I maintained 8:45 for the mid part.  This went well but I was feeling it afterwards.  It left my hammies a bit angry.

Fri – 4 easy miles.  Normally I would be telling you all about Football Friday, but my son came home sick from school so no marching band performance tonight!  No problem, it was nice to just stay in and watch TV with him.  During the day I was quite productive and our kitten room is turned back into my peaceful sunroom.  That is one benefit of not having the kittens (and not having to scoop litter boxes 3 times a day!), but otherwise I do miss their crazy pitter patter all over the house.

Sat – 20 miles, long run. I actually signed up to be a sub coach for the Dave’s training program, but haven’t subbed once this cycle. But, several coaches were at races so I filled in for the 10:15 pace group. We ran 12 miles together, and then I did 8 solo miles. Once again, glutes and upper hammies still in a bad mood after this run!

Sun – Rest (from running) day! Since my glutes are angered I figured this would be a good time to start my PT exercises again. I went from being sore from running, to being sore from PT. Sigh. I guess that’s an improvement?

We enjoyed one more bike ride before the weekend was done. Hit the mountain bike trail. Another beautiful day in the park!

The fall colors seemed to pop overnight around here. It was the perfect time for my son’s senior pictures! They turned out really good. I’ll share those next week.

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Q: How are the fall colors where you live?

22 thoughts on “Weekly workout – 3 more weeks to go?”
  1. Our colors just started popping recently…seems kind of late, so I’m hoping the leaves don’t start dropping very soon. I’m not a huge fan of the cooler weather, so I at least want to enjoy the colors for awhile, right? Woot…another marathon! That definitely sounds exciting!!

    1. Another marathon – exciting, or crazy? It’s yet to be determined. LOL! Running in a new city is exciting though. I really need to research it because I don’t know anything about the race (other than it’s “flat” and my friend likes it 😊).

    1. Seriously – that super deal was a sign for sure! Race day parking will be a huge plus, and hopefully they have figured out a way to let the VIP people into the parking area without a long backup or wait time. Details TBD!

  2. Score on that VIP bib! How nice of the person to ask so little for it.

    Your full moon shot is much more interesting than mine — which is why I didn’t share mine, even though I went outside in the cold to get it, LOL!

    Other than your son being sick, sounds like a great week all around. Your colors are really lovely too!

    1. As always, the pictures don’t do the fall colors justice. Really breathtaking!
      My son is mostly all better. Just a stuffy nose now. Hopefully he won’t pass on his sick cooties to me!! 😉

  3. Also I wanted to say I hear you on scooping litter! I don’t miss that (or having litter literally everywhere) but I do miss having cats. 🙁

    I have told my husband I REALLY want a sunroom. Maybe in the next house. He isn’t quite as enthusiastic about the idea, but I think he knows how much I want that. NEED that!

    1. I’m always amazed that kittens just know how to use the litter box. However, this group wasn’t so good on covering it up so PU, lots of scooping!! And of course they want to use the box again the second after you have finished cleaning the litter box.

  4. Aw… I miss the kittens already (especially that little orange guy!) But yes- I’m sure things are a lot more calm around your house.
    I’m excited for your marathon! It sounds like it’s going to be a great experience. Glad you’re doing your PT- you don’t want to succumb to the Curse of the Glutes.
    No fall colors here- I’m just living vicariously through you guys. Everyone’s pictures are beautiful!!!

    1. It’s funny – I never really gave it much thought that Florida doesn’t have a true Fall, with leaves and all! It’s just something I thought everyone had.
      I took very detailed notes when I went to PT for high hamstring issues so I’m hoping the exercises will work some magic again!

    1. The exercise was called a Golfers Lift. The band really keeps me from falling over, so I appreciate that! Another one that I really feel is the “flying squirrel”. I put a pillow under my hips when I do it. Holy glutes, it gets challenging!

  5. That’s a great deal on the marathon bib and I don’t blame you at all for jumping in at the last minute! Excited to see how you wrap up your training over the next 3 weeks. Will you taper?

    You look really strong in that picture doing your RDLs.

    The fall colors are really pretty this year!!

  6. Yeah. Everything is very green here. Always lol.

    I hope your son is feeling better. We have had a run of away game and a bye week – our last two home games are the next two Fridays. Instead, it’s competitions galore!

    How exciting for your next marathon!

    1. My son did have the sniffles for a few days. He did take a covid test because that seems to be going around, but it was negative. Also, I would have felt terrible if he had covid while he was getting his senior pictures taken!!

  7. How exciting to score a bib for Indy! Have you run it before? I enjoyed that course. Looks like a busy week of workouts for you. We have just one more home game for the band this Friday but now my daughter tells me they’re going to the playoffs so there will be more. The fall colors are amazing this year!

    1. I know nothing about Indy Monumental! Runners from our area have raced there, and they like it, so I’m going off their recommendations. Of course it advertises itself as being “flat”.

  8. That’s so cool about the VIP package! I’ve never run this race but I’ve heard noting but good things about it.

    Awesome job with your workouts this week!

    1. The website did say it was the first year that they offered the VIP package. I wonder how many people will be doing it? I just hope the race morning parking works out since I am unfamiliar with the town and race.

  9. Very exciting! I did laugh about the reflective shorts – I have two pairs of reflective leggings, one with a thermal lining, can’t think I’d ever need shorts here!

    1. There is as very short time frame that reflective shorts are needed for sure!! Which is why it’s always exciting when I get to wear them! I really do wonder if the cars even notice. I would think they look pretty funny!

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