Technically I guess this should be titled “almost Race week”, because next Saturday (Nov 5th) I’ll be toeing the line at the Indy Monumental Marathon! But, more exciting things happened this week. Does anyone remember when I ordered an EV back in December?? Long story, but the short version is that the tax laws changed and my German made car wasn’t going to qualify, and wasn’t built yet, so I reordered the same car which is now being built in Tennessee in July… and it finally arrived!!! (oddly enough, the German built car still hasn’t been built yet as far as we know!). I took possession of my new Volkswagen ID.4 this week and have been learning so much about electric vehicles and all of the features this one has. Mind blown!!!

Mon – 3 easy miles. A dark run, but it was shorts weather again. Can’t pass that up!

12 miles biking. Also, can’t pass up a chance to ride with 75 degree weather! I went out for a short ride after work to enjoy the colors.

Tues – 8 miles, tempo run. The sky was amazing this morning! I often think about how many people miss seeing the sunrise and the beautiful colors. Maybe these happen every morning I am sleeping in too! Probably not. This morning was award winning.

13 miles biking. A lunch time ride with 75 degrees again. Woohoo!

At night the marching band had their concert and awards. Last time for this event for us (sniff, sniff). It was a bittersweet night.

Weds – Rest day!

Thurs – 6.4 miles, running. This turned into a much faster than expected run because I was so excited about getting my new car!! I also decided on my race shoes. I’ll be running in the Endorphin Speed instead of the Endorphin Pro. I think the Pros just trashed my legs too much after 15 miles so I’ll see if the Speeds are better.

3.5 mile night run – Black Cat Prowl with our She Runs This Town group. It’s been a long time since I’ve run with this group. It was fun catching up with everyone again! We prowled around the town and then enjoyed dinner and drinks. Good times!

Fri – 12 miles, long run. Another long run with my friend who is running Indy too. Great weather and all of the talking made this run go by fast.

Football Friday!!! This was the last high school football game we will be attending and seeing the band play. It was a playoff game and started out rough, but our team had a comeback in the 2nd half and won! They will be going on to the next round, but we’ll be out of town for the marathon and will miss it. Whomp whomp.

Sat – 3.8 miles hiking. We went on a road trip 2 hours away and tried out a charging station. It was confusing at first, but after our third try I got the hang of it 😂. We get 3 years of free charging at Electrify America charging stations. I’m looking forward to some longer road trips in the future!!

We went to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It’s a big park and hope to spend more time there hiking and biking in the near future. We hiked to Brandywine Falls. The weather was perfect!

We also carved pumpkins. Creative designs this year!

So here’s my new ride! We are all in love with it. It has so many cool features I can’t even list them all, but so far I’m most impressed with the adaptive cruise control and how fast and smooth it drives. Ahhhhhhh!

Oh, and my sprained thumb is slowly getting better I guess. I fell a week ago while mountain biking. My hand is still swollen, which surprises me and is painful when moved in certain directions. I really hope it gets better soon!!

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Q: Has anyone ever used an electric car charging station before??

It’s different! An 80% charge takes 20 mins at those stations but you can just park and use the bathrooms and eat food or whatever, so it doesn’t seem like too long. It just requires planning! 80% charge will get a range of about 200 miles for my car.

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  1. Ooh, how cool. My daughter’s BF has an EV — a Ford I think — and we were really impressed. There was a free charging station close to where they used to live, but now they plug it in at home. I’ve been thinking about one for my next car — would make so much sense with my short trips, and we have a charging station at work — but I’m not sure what we’d do the few times a year we make road trips. I guess we’d have to plan in recharging rest stops ….

    I hope the marathon went well today!

    1. I updated my post – the race is next Saturday, less than a week to go! I definitely have to get into a planning mode for trips with this car. There are a few good apps which really help out, and I’ve seen stories of people who have traveled all across the country with them.

  2. When we were looking for a car for my son this summer, my husband suggested I give him my car and get an electric car. I just wasn’t quite ready for it, but I suppose eventually we’ll all have one. Also, the one we were looking at wasn’t as nice as yours- I’m sure yours is REALLY fun to drive.
    That sky really was award-winning. And, I’m so envious that your daughter comes home all the time and hangs out with you guys! My son is so far away…. what were we thinking?
    Good luck with your marathon on Saturday! I’m looking forward as always to the recap.

    1. I wasn’t really ready for an EV either, but heck, that was 10 months ago when I ordered it so all of the anticipation has made me more excited than nervous! Honestly I couldn’t even remember what I had ordered and then they just called me out of the blue on Tuesday to tell me it was ready. It was a very stressful day or two getting ready for it. It would have been nice to be a little more prepared!
      It is nice to have Sydney close by. She mentioned that she might move back in next year because her roommates have been talking about that (for various reasons, like online classes, jobs, etc). That will be interesting if that happens!

    1. I have sooooo much to learn about my new car. It was excitement day 1. Frustration day 2 when I had to figure out where all of the controls were. Then day 3, back to excitement 🙂
      Thanks! I am looking forward to a fun race weekend!

    1. Since my son just got a car, we have an excess supply of cars around here now!! Gotta sell my old one soon. A hybrid is a solid choice for sure.
      Thanks – fingers crossed for perfect race weather!

  3. Your new ride looks nice! I ran in shorts last Monday, too…just couldn’t pass up that opportunity! I’m heading out for a short bike ride in a minute…currently 63Fm but only 3mph wind. Can’t pass up that opp either, LOL. Good luck next weekend!

    1. When I signed up for Indy I was concerned it would be too cold. Now I see the forecasted high temperature is 70! Guess I shouldn’t put away my shorts and tank tops quite yet.

  4. How exciting to get a new car and an EV at that! I’m not sure if I want one or not…I’m going to wait a while and see how things roll out.

    Good luck at Indy!

    1. I’m definitely an early adopter in this area with an EV but I do see charging stations being built around town so that’s a good thing. I just think it’s so silly there are Tesla charging stations and then stations for all other cars. Why not everything the same??

    1. Thanks! There’s always a learning curve with a new vehicle and I’m struggling to find the controls while driving (how the heck do I turn down the heat?? 😂) but I’ll get there. It’s all good!


    My brother in law’s brother has an EV and he’s done several long road trips in it. He said that waiting for it to charge isn’t a big deal and that when the charging stations get busy that all of the other EV drivers are very helpful about only charging up for as much as they need and then moving on to the next place where there’s a charging station. I’m looking forward to hearing more about yours. In the next few years we’re planning to turn our cars over to the kids and once that happens we’ll be in the market ourselves.

  6. I don’t know too much about EV cars (heck I don’t know much about regular cars, lol) but that’s really interesting. Glad you were able to re-order the car!

    Glad to hear that your thumb is starting to feel better!

  7. What An Absolutely Delightful Post – Dig All The Photos – Stoked On The Family Time – Nothing Like A High School Band At Halftime – Congrats On The New Wheels – Travel On My Friend


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