This was the week I was waiting for – when I finally felt recovered from Erie marathon and like Indy might not be a hot mess! There is now two weeks to go until the Indy Monumental marathon. I ran 43 miles this week, biked 12 miles. I had a great long run and my body bounced back quickly from it. That’s great news! I fell on my bike and hurt my hand. That sucks! But overall, it was a great week. I feel like I’m in a good position for the upcoming marathon and the weather couldn’t have been better to let me enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

Mon. – 4 miles, treadmill. Nothing exciting about this, just watching TV!

Tues – 7 miles. Feels like 37 outside this morning!! Brrrr. Tights, quarter zip, headband and gloves! It was a good run and I got to enjoy my new favorite treat for breakfast – coffee cake muffins from Costco! Have you tried them yet? So good (probably also not great for you, but hey, when you run 7 miles I think you are entitled to one!).

I also did a Caroline Girvan full body workout on my lunch hour. It was a good one!

Weds – XT day! Started my day with the elliptical. I’ve also been taking time to do my PT exercises for glute and hamstring pain each day. I was convinced I was coming down with something because I had a sore throat and aches, but then remembered I did that full body workout and I am just sore. Oof.

Thurs – 20 miles, long run! Yes, this is my third week of a 20 mile long run 😆 But, this run went so great! I met a friend who is also running Indy and we just chatted away as the miles ticked by. I am so glad we ran together. My plan said 14-17 miles, and I had 18 miles in my mind. Last week I was supposed to run with a “15 min strong finish”. My friend mentioned her plan said 20 with the “last 5 fast”. I said, “Uh, 5 miles??” Um, yes. Ok, what pace? “8:45” she said. We had been running around 9:30 pace. I said “Oh, you mean around a 9:00? haha! Ok, I’ll join you”.

And to my surprise, we pushed each other very close to 8:45 pace for those last 5 miles! It was going so well I decided to just go 20 miles instead of 18. I mean, why not?? We did our celebratory jump shot. It’s taper time!!!

Fri – Rest day! I did have a bit of rough night sleeping due to some aches, but I was actually feeling really good as the morning progressed. We went to Cedar Point and our daughter joined us. Good times!

It was the last scheduled football game. Luckily we will get to see one more half time show because the team is going to the playoffs, and it will be at our school! They crushed their opponents this week – 55 to 3. Well done Generals!!! It was “senior favorites” night so the band played songs from their freshman and other years.

Walking on the Sun was my favorite (it’s a short clip!). Their ability to memorize these moves always impresses me. They are just so good!

Sat – 8 easy miles. Fall colors were popping everywhere! So pretty. My legs felt good, yay!

3.2 miles walking. In the afternoon it was 79 degrees so I had to get outside and enjoy it. We took a family walk on a new metropark trail with a bridge.

Sun – Running + biking. 4 easy miles running. It was a good run! Then we went mountain biking and did the whole trail, 12.25 miles. This ride was going great, with amazing temps (70 degrees!) and fall color, and then it wasn’t going great. My tire slipped on the edge of the trail where leaves covered sand. My tires slid out and down I went. Could have been no big deal, but my thumb got stuck in the way and it twisted backwards. Holy #@$%$, that hurt!! I spent the next 3 miles whimpering as I rode. Luckily it was my left hand. Now I’m gimping around with a swollen hand. But hell yes, I did get a drink at the coffee house when we finished 😉 and have been icing it when I got home. Yay for ibuprofen.

As promised, here are some of my favorite shots from my son’s senior pictures. ❤️

Foster kitten update: I did stop by the Humane Society to take a peek at the kittens. Bobby and one of the tiger kittens were there, but the others have been adopted. Hopefully those two will have found a new home by the time the weekend is over!

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Q: Did you have amazing weather in your area?

I know it will be short lived, but wow, it’s been so nice!!

24 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – that’s a wrap!”
  1. Your son’s pics are great!

    What a week!! So many great runs and other activities.

    Good news about the kittens. Fostering any more?

    Fall weather has been great (except in Rochester) and unfortunately it won’t last long.

    1. Thanks, I do think he looks pretty handsome 🙂 I don’t anticipate any more foster kittens this year. They mentioned that a lot of foster homes are available now, which is good. During the summer they were a bit overwhelmed with kittens that needed a place to stay!

  2. Well, cloudy and chilly a lot, so not amazing Fall weather, but it could be worse. No 80s here either — how come those seem to miss us?

    I’m so sorry about your thumb! Ouch! that sounds really painful. Heal quickly!

    You are definitely ready for Indy. Great job!

    1. Just when I was ready to start hibernating indoors, we get a heat wave! I am making sure to soak it all in. Ibuprofen 800 has really helped the pain, and now my thumb is turning black. At least I didn’t break anything!

  3. Yay on the solid long run with your friend — it sounds like you are a good team.

    I hope your hand is on the mend.

    Your son’s photos are fantastic!

    1. I think I ran more 20 mile long runs this [super short] training cycle than I did the first training cycle for Erie marathon! It’s a good feeling.
      Thanks – I was very happy with the senior pictures!

  4. Well, I suppose you can do without your left thumb for a while (ha ha.) I mean at least you can still run- that’s the important thing!
    I’m excited for your marathon and glad to hear training went so well! Yes, the cooler temps make a huge difference. Our weather here would still feel very warm to you but it feels good to us.
    I love your son’s pictures! And i loved that clip of the marching band. Glad you get one more bonus halftime show.

    1. The bike crash could have been much worse. Luckily I rolled on my right arm. The shoulder or arm would have been bad! Or if I hit a tree! So what if my housework has to wait a few days 😉

  5. Man, that 20-miler sounds like it had an intense (but victorious) finish! And you’ve done three of them…yikes! It really sounds like you’re in prime condition for Indy! I hope your thumb feels better soon.

    1. My thumb is on the mend. Just a little sore now and still a bit swollen! That last long was a confidence boost. I’m glad I made the effort to join her in the speed work!

  6. Whew, I’m so glad it was your hand and not a lower extremity. Nice to see that you were able to run 20 again. Now honor your taper…please! :p

    Your son’s photos are great! How will you pick one?

    1. What me, not taper? haha! I’ll do my best 🙂 I was so happy with the senior photo shoot. My daughter’s college roommate actually took the pictures. She’s starting a little business so it was nice to give her some work!

  7. Sorry about your thumb 🙁 Thankfully you can still run and you crushed your miles this week!

    All of your son’s senior photos came out amazing!

    1. Ironically I just posted on Facebook how I had to “bubble wrap” to stay healthy just a day before I fell on my bike! It could have been much, much worse so I’m happy it was just my thumb. I thought for sure I broke it when it happened!
      Thanks, there were some great pictures. How did he become a high school senior already??

  8. Well done but sorry to hear about your thumb! We have weird weather here – we’ve alternated pouring rain and bright sun today. Well done on getting your training done and happy taper! I’m going to attempt a short run/walk tomorrow as my back feels OK …

  9. What a great week of running for you! A strong 20 miler is always worth celebrating. I think you’ll enjoy Indy. It is flat and other than a bit along a roadside with idling traffic (hopefully you won’t have that) the course is enjoyable. Cannot believe your son is a senior already!

    1. I have heard good things about Indy – I hope they are true! I’m a little concerned about finding my way around the city in the early morning before the race, but hopefully the VIP parking will make it easy.

    1. We have around 150 marchers – and 53 are seniors! I hope a lot of freshman are coming in for next year. I will really, really miss these football games!

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