Helloooooooooo everyone!  After Indy Monumental Marathon (race recap HERE!) I was happy to have crossed another finish line.  Then, a few days later I was hit with some serious post race blues.  Didn’t hit my goal?  Whomp whomp.  But hey, we strive to do our best right?  No worries, I’m back up to my usual self again 😉  Any race finish should be celebrated!  I’ll have a new plan next year to hit my goals, and body-willing, I’ll do it.  Besides, I’ve got no time to sit idle and be down….. I’m going to Disney soon!!! (OMG I HAVE TO GET PACKED!)  Seriously though, we were rebelling against high travel prices (and you know I just bought a new car, so I’m broke haha!) so we are traveling with only a “personal item” on Spirit Airlines, not even paying for a carry on.  I hope that made you chuckle, but it’s true.  I am certain I can shove 5 days of clothes and accessories into only a backpack.  I am skilled at a minimalist travel wardrobe (this translates into “enjoy seeing me in the same  t-shirt for 3 days in a row”) We’ve got this!!!  Our band will be marching in a parade at the Magic Kingdom.  I. Can. Not. Wait!!

Mon – Rest! I had the day off but did nothing physical. I’ve got a new thing… it’s a thumb splint! I twisted my thumb a few weeks ago when I fell off my mountain bike. The x-ray looked OK with no fracture but the Dr said I should immobilize my thumb. So here I am. oh boy.

Tues – 1.25 miles walking. We stood in line for 90 mins to vote.  Yay voting!!

Weds – 8 mins abs and 20 mins of a Caroline Girvan workout.  Since I have ADD when it comes to workout videos, I’m going to tackle her Holiday series from last year.  The videos are all 20 mins long.  That’s my style! Also went for another walk.

Thurs – 2.5 miles running. Time to give the legs a try! Slow and easy. A little bit of aches, but nothing bad or unexpected. I finished a REALLY good audiobook today.  “People like her” by Ellery Lloyd.  If you’re looking for a good read, I highly recommend it! I also did a 20 min Caroline Girvan abs workout. That was tough! Spent many hours raking leaves and enjoying this last warm day of the year!!

Fri – 40 mins elliptical, 2 miles running.  My elliptical time was well spent by watching Disney travel videos on YouTube.  Super educational!!

I wasn’t going to run, but I had a lot of things to do, and you know, the best time to run is when you’re supposed to be doing something else!  (oh, is that just me who purposely does that!)  The weather was great for running and I showed my support for the Churchill’s half marathon happening on Saturday. Later I thought, eww, what the heck was I thinking when I picked out this mismatched outfit. haha!

We volunteered at packet pickup for the half marathon. So fun to see all of my runner friends!

We supported the University of Toledo ladies basketball team. Go Rockets!

Sat – Rest day! First, it was the holiday parade where we watched the band march. I did have some tears after they passed by. Those “lasts” really get you during senior year!!

Then we volunteered at the half marathon. Since it was so late we were the clean up and take down crew. We did get to see some friends, drink a few beers and got a big box of bananas! I froze the bananas for use in smoothies.

… and then it snowed!! yay!!!!

Sun – 4 miles running. I made up for the mismatched outfit on Friday. It was cold this morning! I was going to do a Caroline Girvan workout for the past few days, but I already fell off that wagon since I had other things to do. Wow, a 2 day streak? It was good while it lasted.

Then spent pretty much the entire day working on a Christmas gift! I always make small Shutterfly photo books for our kids with pictures from our trip of the year. I got a promo code for a free pages, so I make each kid a book with 77 pages in it!! It was a lot of work, but they are going to be great. And, instead of the regular price of $132 each, they were only $29 each. Wooohoooo!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Did it snow where you live yet?

Q: Do you consider yourself a good minimalist packer, or do you travel with a lot of bags?

15 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – the week after!”
  1. Sounds like a fun trip. I’m both. I bring too much but I have traveled with just a carry on. It’s running that adds to your luggage.

    No snow yet but flurries are in this weeks forecast.

    I do love to make photo books. I’ve done them to gifts.

    1. I like to think the photo books are one of the best presents I give my kids at Christmas! It was fun to make the books and look at the pictures again. Great memories 🙂

  2. We had a lot of white stuff coming down this weekend, but it didn’t stick. It was pretty to look at though. Note to self – make appt to get snow tires on!!!

    I will definitely be doing the 20 min holiday workout series at some point. From what I’ve heard the shorter her workouts the tougher!

    Yep I can totally do the “personal item” thing when I have to for packing. All that I remember from my vacations is that I had a good time, not what I wore (or how many days in a row that I wore it). Have fun!

    1. My new car has AWD so it will be interesting to see how well it drives in the snow. It is heavy so that should help. It’s heavier than my husband’s F150!

  3. Oooh, you’re headed down to Florida! I want to hear all about it, including how the packing went.
    I think it’s normal to have a letdown after a race, regardless of the results. Keeping busy is probably the best remedy, and you certainly did that.
    About those “lasts”- I got totally gypped because my son’s senior year was Covid year and everything was canceled. That was tough. Now I’m experiencing the “lasts” of middle school with my daughter. Hopefully nothing will go wrong with her high school years!

    1. 2020-21 was such a crazy year for school. And such a bummer those seniors had so many things canceled! We still have my daughter’s cross country team picture on our shelf – everyone with masks on. So crazy! It’s going to be so hard to figure out who everyone is in that picture in the future!
      I thought I’d be taking warmer clothes to Florida but it looks like it will be shorts and t-shirts. I won’t forget a poncho though – I see some rain in the forecast. Noooo!

  4. I’ve gotten so much better with work-trips – the bare minimum, especially as I plan all my outfits beforehand. As for holiday packing, MAJOR over-packer here! I’m a lot more indecisive when going on holiday!

  5. I can be a minimalist packer, but I much prefer to “always be prepared,” LOL. Nice recovery week for you! Snow? We’ve only had flurries…but that’s due to change tonight and tomorrow. I am not amused nor ready for winter to become a reality. My bad.

  6. The post-race blues are so real! I think it’s such an adrenaline rush to actually do the race you have been training for, but then once that adrenaline it’s gone, it’s a little hard to recover.

    I have worked very hard to be a minimalist packer because I used to always overpack. I use a packing list every time I travel which is super helpful.

    1. We have packing lists for our camping trips and it’s so helpful! I’m not sure if we’ll have time to run, so that will eliminate a bit of stuff to pack. It’s the personal care items that usually are the hardest for me to slim down.

  7. Snow! Parades! Disney! It’s all so amazing!

    I’m sorry you didn’t reach your goal at the race, but you have a great outlook. There’s always next year.

    I hope your band performs wonderfully. I hope we get to march in an actual parade before A graduates (three more years).

    Safe travels!

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