This week was spent getting back into routine following the holidays and a vacation.  We were able to take a condensed ski trip out to Colorado before the kids went back to school.  It was wonderful!!  We had 3 days of skiing at Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone resorts.  The mountains were beautiful and the snow conditions were really great, with the temps around 25-35 degrees.  Perfect!  No wanting to jinx anything, but my Dad has been doing very well lately at home with my Mom.  That was a huge relief before we left for our trip too.

Miles run this week, 35.  This is week 3 of my training plan, with 15 more weeks until the Glass City Marathon.  

Mon – Rest, sleep.  Super tired due to getting home from the airport at 12:30am!  No exercise other than trying to keep my eyes open today.  haha!

Tues – 7 miles, intervals.  Yay me for getting out before work for my run!  The workout was 2 x 2 miles at tempo pace.  I figured 8:30 would be a good pace, and I ended up with 8:37 avg for the first 2 mile set, and 8:52 for the 2nd set.  Good enough for a tired morning!  Maybe my 2 mile warm up shouldn’t have been at 8:47 pace. Oops. I made it to the gym on my lunch hour for some strength training. I also tried out some new Athleta gear – the Ascent top with Merino wool (so warm!) and Altitude fleece tights (LOVE THEM!).

Weds –  4 easy miles, treadmill.  Not sure how my morning went by so fast, but I only had time for 4 miles before work but that was fine. We went to a University of Toledo basketball game. They won. Go Rockets!!

Thurs – 7 miles, “suckfest”.  No way to say this lightly… this run sucked.  And it involved a lot of walking.  Not sure what the issue was other than feeling exhausted.  Done, and moving on past it now!

Fri – 4 easy miles, treadmill.  I have sooooo many shows to watch.  I will be running on the treadmill whenever possible! We took a trip to the Toledo Museum of Art. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, especially when it’s cold out.

Sat – 13 miles, with 15 mins strong finish.  I’m not sure “strong” was really the word, but “holding my own” would suffice!  I did make my last mile the fastest but it was only target marathon pace, so nothing to brag about!  With “feels like 12 degrees” it took me a while to warm up afterwards but there was finally SUN!  Woohoo!

We had a fun afternoon of glow bowling.  Trying to do “all the things” before my daughter moves back to college for the spring session!

Sun – Rest day!  After 5 days in a row of running, this is a well deserved rest day!

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Q: Is anyone an avid bowler?

I don’t want to brag, but I almost broke 100 on my first game and won (93 point for the win 😂). Sadly, I was in last place on our second game. My hand was tired!

28 thoughts on “Weekly workouts, back to work!”
  1. Your Colorado ski vacation sounds amazing! Sorry that one run went so bad, but you’re right, you’ve got to move on because that just happens sometimes.

    Glad to hear your dad is doing better!

      1. We lived just north of Denver in Westminster for just under a year after living in Utah for two years and before moving back east. We lived on the bench right at Logan Canyon while in Utah. I’m not a huge alpine skier, but wow, did we do some amazing cross country skiing while living there!

  2. Holding your own is good enough!

    So much fun this week! I’m so glad your dad is doing well. That ski trip looks amazing! I am THE WORST bowler. I could just never get a good rhythm going.

  3. Ha ha on the bowling! I probably have never mentioned this, but when we lived in Michigan (1995-2002) I was on a ladies daytime bowling league (in a non-smoking bowling alley, LOL). I did alright, averaged around 140 and actually had three (I think?) 200+ games and a couple of 500 series while there. It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a bowling ball since, and my average is now probably in the 120’s on a good day. Your trip to CO looks fun, though you’ll never catch me on a set of skis. Never. (I know my grace and coordination, and skiing would be asking for a party of injuries, LOL).

    1. When I was a kid my Mom was on a ladies bowling league and many times I’d hang out in the bowling alley with her. I didn’t bowl but I did learn how to keep score, which I am quite proud of 🙂 I think I would do better if I had practice, but it takes me 3 frames to find a good ball to use and then by the time my first game is over my hand/arm is tired! haha!! We do have a neighborhood league, but when I saw they don’t start until 9pm I considered that a deal breaker. I mean, 9pm??? Far too late for me 😉
      My mom did bowl a 245 game once, so she’s my bowling hero!

  4. I always try to guess whose post it is from the photo, and I know by now that if it’s someone skiing or rock climbing or something really fun, it’s yours. I love how this one actually included skiing AND glow bowling! You really are doing all the things before your daughter leaves.
    You had a good week of running, but brr… 12 degrees is cold. Good job getting out in that weather!

    1. I really wish we could have stayed longer in Colorado but I was limited on time because my coworker was also out of the office, and we cover for each other. I had to promise to be available via text/phone in case some crisis happened at work (oh sure, and I’d be able to solve it??). Luckily no one reached out to me! Phew!

    1. The skiing can be a luck of the draw in January because often it’s really cold but we really had great conditions. I don’t think they even have snow in our local ski areas! I’m getting very doubtful that we will get snow this season here. sigh.

  5. What a fun week and can I be adopted into your family? LOL I am not a good bowler. Interestingly, I think bowling is making a comeback. I have 2 patients who are on their school’s bowling teams. One is a junior national champion with a high score of 299 (I asked!). The other has 6 college scholarship offers. Crazy.

    1. Wow, that’s impressive bowling!! I get excited to just get close to 100. Bowling really is an ideal thing to do around here in the winter. The place was packed when we went. Glow bowling is especially fun because no one can see how bad you are. haha!

  6. Your ski trip sounds amazing — even with getting home late.

    I am not an avid bowler, but I get lucky once in a while. It is a fun family activity.

    1. Coming home from vacation is usually a bit of a bummer, but especially when the luggage takes forever. This time really thought I had a chance of getting home at a decent hour! At least it was a direct flight and nothing got lost. It made for a really long Monday!

  7. That’s good news about your dad! Well done with your marathon training. My husband has signed up for his first ever marathon and that’s after only one year of running. So now we’re looking up all things marathon training on YouTube!
    Bowling is not for me. There are some things I have to just give up before even trying, because of my poor eyesight, one of them is bowling, and the other one is golf.

    1. Ah yes, those sports would be very challenging with poor eyesight! That is very exciting about your husband’s first marathon. It’s a big commitment (and after only a year of running? I like the ambitious goal!). I hope it’s all going well. Just getting to the start line healthy is a big deal!

  8. I like bowling. But I admit I’m not that great at it.

    You still got in a lot miles. Kudos to you.

    1. I do like how my training plan stays around the same amount of miles each week, but shuffles the workouts around so some week are just easy miles and some are longer and harder workouts. It’s not as linear as some plans are.

  9. That ski vacation sounds incredible! We have no snow at all though, ironically, my husband is going out to buy some new (well, second-hand) downhill skis this afternoon. Wishful thinking? We live close to a very small ski hill and have season passes, but it has been mostly raining for the last week. Ugh.

    I haven’t exercised at all in days other than some pushups, crunches, and squats. Sigh. I really need to get back on the treadmill. I don’t like using the treadmill, but with such rotten weather (and now that I’m not trying to walk at least 1 km outside every day), I have zero interest to exercise out of doors.

    This post inspired me to get my butt in gear and clean up my eating a bit and get back on the treadmill…first thing tomorrow (haha)!

    1. I do enjoy my treadmill time because I usually have a big collection of tv shows to watch. I’m really into The White Lotus right now (HBO). Most years I am NOT outside running in the dark, but I just got a light that ads on to my Noxgear light vest and it’s a game changer! So bright!
      I’m happy that I’m motivating you! You got this!!

  10. I bowled in a league as a kid and was pretty good (had my own ball) but it’s been decades & I know I would no longer be good.

    The conditions for the skiing definitely sound great!

    I bet running will go a bit smoother this week. It’s always hard around vacations!

  11. So awesome you got to go skiing. I grew up skiing in the Alpes! I live (close enough) to Lake Tahoe, but because my husband doesn’t ski, I don’t get to do it as often as I like. My husband used to like to bowl though. Maybe I can get him to do that again sometime 🙂

    Great week of workouts otherwise.

  12. What a fun trip to CO! It’s always so pretty there and not too cold. I suck at bowling but my 15 yr old nephew is his hs Varsity captain and he competes year round. It’s intense to watch him drag around 4 bowling balls haha!

  13. What a lovely ski trip before you had to get back to work! Also, so happy your dad was feeling better. Those sucky runs should be made illegal – I had one yesterday and thankfully it was just 4km so over with quickly although it felt like an eternity!

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