Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Training recap: miles run this week, almost 43!  This is week 7 of my training plan, with 11 more weeks until the Glass City Marathon on April 23rd.  Once again I moved my workouts around during the week, and maybe I’ll keep it that way. Change is a good thing 🙂 By Sunday I had a lot accomplished, and I was a social butterfly. What, me, social? Who dis?

Last week was my Mom’s birthday and this week it was my Dad’s birthday! He turned 85 years old. This is huge because he told me he didn’t think he was going to live to see his birthday when he was in the hospital recently 🙁 But as you can see, he was quite happy at home and enjoyed his birthday wishes and cake. So fun that I actually got a picture of him laughing!

Mon –  10 miles, negative split 5 & 5. This was a treadmill run so my pace was off on my watch, but I did as instructed – the last 5 miles were faster than the first 5! No running picture, but I was excited to make some soup with these fun beans. They are just so beautiful looking to me. I know, I’m weird!

Tues – “fun workout”!  A “fun working” pops up on my training plan a few weeks.  It gives me an extra rest day and a bit of a break from training. In the summer the choices are aplenty (rollerblading, biking, swimming…) but in the winter?  I opted to do a hill walk on my treadmill which wasn’t exactly “fun” but I did get to watch more of the White Lotus show.  I finished the rest of the show that night. WOW. I loved season 2 and did not see that ending coming. Well done!! (and WOW, look at this great picture of me. haha!!!)

Weds – Rest day! Nothing happening here fitness-wise, but my husband did get the husband of the year award for fixing our broken furnace on Monday morning and then fixing our broken ice machine in the fridge today. It sure is nice to have heat (and ice cubes) again!! (Thanks Alan, you rock!!!). We didn’t have heat Sunday night (oh no!) and ice cubes for 4 days (crisis for an iced coffee drinker!).

Thurs – 20.5 miles, long run! 20 degrees outside. I’m not sure what was up with this run. I call this a slow crash and burn. This was the opposite of that great 18 miler I had last week. Things I did on this run: 3 miles (was tired), 5, 7, 9 miles (stopped to give myself a pep talk), 13 miles (went into a bathroom to buy some concert tickets on my phone and thaw out my hands, which took about 5 mins), 15 miles (started a run/walk to get home). Yep, it was awful. Even though I was about ready to cry by the time I got home, I’m over it now and hopefully next week will be better! [note: I was sad until Super Husband brought me a Starbucks because I had to be on a conference call as soon as I got home from sucky run. Again, great job Alan!!!]

Fri – Rest day!! Yay, another rest day! I really chilled out today. Went out for coffee with my friend (so great to catch up with her!) and I took a bath! I also used my computer and did lots of things around the house that I have been putting off. A well rested, productive day.

Sat – 5 miles. Toledo Roadrunners club group run – the Cookie Crumble. A long time ago this used to be the Cookie Challenge where the runners had to eat a cookie at a couple of stops. Our kids LOVED that event. Or maybe it used to be the Blizzard Breakfast where we ran a prediction run (get closest to your predicted time, without the use of a watch) and had a yummy breakfast. My kids loved/hated that we dragged them out in the frigid cold to run 4 miles but loved the pancakes afterwards. Either way, this free club run turned into a group training run with a bunch of cookies afterwards. I ran with a friend and brought along some homemade peanut butter with chocolate chip cookies. Yum!! It was not only cold, but a bit windy. Our faces were froze by the end (“feels like 7 degrees”)!

Then I invited my friend to join us at the University of Toledo basketball game. It was a close game with our team pulling ahead at the end. Go Rockets!!

Sun – 7 miles, with 4 min intervals (3 mins recovery) x 6. It was actually above freezing today!! I saw guys running in shorts (and hats and gloves). I did overdress, but the wind was chilly in one direction so I was glad to have my jacket in the windy parts. This run went quite well and my interval paces were 8:04, 7:55, 7:47, 8:12 (windy!), 8:07, 8:08 for an overall avg pace of 8:49 for this run. Yay!

4 mile hike: My family went on our annual winter lunch hike with friends (more social events! wow!). We hiked 2 miles out on the path along the river to a shelter and cooked out hot dogs and soup. I took along my cookies too. The shelter is right across the river from a bald eagle nest and we got to see them. Cool!

We took our picture from a drone this year. We’re really stepping up our game 😉

Our foster kittens are still with us. I’m starting to think they don’t have an incurable cold, but have some sort of allergies instead. Who knows, but they sneeze a lot. And, are super cute. You just never know where you’re going to find them next! So curious!

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Q: Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

Slowing down for a bath is not my thing. I prefer a quick shower instead! But a bath is relaxing when I have a bunch of time.

25 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – who dis?”
  1. Ah man, I’m so sorry to hear that your long run was so miserable, but yay for super husband picking up a Starbucks for you for recovery!

    I remember your hike and hotdog roast picnic from last year. What a fun tradition!

    I’d much rather shower than take a bath and other than sitting in ice baths after marathons, I don’t remember the last time our tubs were used.

    1. The good thing about the conference call, which was a video call, was that I looked like I had “sexy hair” because it was all wavy from being in a braid for those 20 miles. haha! I also had a “I just froze my face off” glow too 😉

  2. I’ve had many a long run like that. For me it usually means my next one will be awesome.

    Glass City was the last marathon I ran. It was a personal worst. I had covid that year and l swear it really effected my running. It’s a lovely course though and I wouldn’t mind running it again.

    I usually take a shower, but sometimes a good soak in the tub is nice too.

  3. I hope your next long run is better. I was so cold during mine today.

    Love the idea of a family hike.

    I enjoy long baths but rarely have time for them.

    1. Luckily the only time I was really cold on my long run was right before I ducked into the bathroom to warm up/use my phone. And at that time my hand really hurt from the cold! I’ve got a few more times to get the 20 miler right, so hopefully runs those will be better!

  4. Sorry for the tough long run! It’s been ages since I’ve run anything over 15 miles (that’s how far I got, in 2020, training for the Air Force Marathon before it was cancelled. I can’t remember how far I got in 2021, training for the same race (I’d deferred my 2020 registration) before it got cancelled again. Hopefully, that icky run is over and done, and the remaining ones will be much better 😉

  5. Happy birthday to your Dad! So happy he saw this birthday. I know when my mom broke her hip, right before the surgery she said she was ok if she didn’t wake up . . . obviously she did. Hospitals & rehab are HARD!

    I always think a bad long run can mean a good race. But sometimes they just happen. The good news is you did it!

    The kittens in the dishwasher — LOL! Glad your husband was able to get the heat back on. We don’t even have the ice cube maker hooked up, but no heat would not be good!

  6. Alan was Super Husband this week for sure! The heat, ice cubes and Starbucks after your long run- all necessities. That long run- we’ve all had them. It feels so discouraging at the time, but the fact that you finished is important- it will pay off later on. I’m usually a shower person- I also usually just have time for a very quick one- but lately I’ve been loving a bath after my long runs. If I were you I’d DEFINITELY be taking a bath after a 20 miler, with that gorgeous tub.
    The kittens! I know you don’t want them to be sick, but little kitten sneezes are so cute. And I remember when our calico was a kitten- no matter what I was doing, getting out the vacuum, unloading the dishwasher, etc. her little face would pop up, so curious about what was going on. I can only imagine how funny it is to have three little faces popping up all the time.

    1. A bath after a cold long run is the best! Our tub has jets too. Very therapeutic! I’m not sure what is so appealing about the dishwasher but the foster kittens always like to jump on the door when we open it.

  7. Look at those kittens!

    I struggle with baths- the water gets cool so quickly, and I like to scald myself.

    Happy birthday to your dad! I’m so glad to see that smile!

  8. Kudos for keeping on going – and your husband gets lots of brownie points this week! Is there anything better than a hot cup of coffee that you didn’t have to prepare?

    I’m so glad your Dad is home and was able to enjoy birthday celebrations <3

    There is nothing weird about liking the aesthetics of those beans – they're gorgeous and look like a piece of art!

    And I am NOT a fan of baths. I get overheated and feel so icky. I take one bath every 2-3 years when I'm really sick or really cold…but other than that I am Team Shower all. the. way.

    1. Baths are a bit of a ceremony, aren’t they? I do wonder when celebrities say they take one every night to relax. I couldn’t! Of course I didn’t have a glass of wine with me for my bath. Maybe that would change my mind!

  9. Happy Birthday to mum for last week and dad for this week, and so glad he is better (and looking happy and strong!) That must have been quite a scare for all of you. And Alan is on a great roll – lots of hubby points there! The blow-by-blow account you gave about that long run took me back to some of the bad ones I’ve had! But you’ll find your next long one will be super. On some days the body is just not having it!!!

    1. I forgot to include the number of times I thought about calling my husband to pick me up during that long run! haha! Glad to have it checked off on my training plan.

  10. What a busy week. We’ve all had bad long runs but they are annoying. Well done hubby! Mine just picked me up cold and flu pills and a curry before work – I’m glad he works from home sometimes!

  11. Great solid week in cold temps! Your interval paces were so fast. Nice work. And happy birthday to your dad (and mom belatedly!).

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