Same pain, different week! Continuing with the theme of my past 3 weeks or so, the pain the butt was not giving up. Supposed to be training for Glass City marathon on April 23rd, but now maybe training for Glass City half. Body willing. If the race were next week, I would be just cheering on the sidelines, but maybe, just maybe, things will get slightly better in the next 4 weeks. I did manage to run 16 miles this week, and every day my Garmin feels the need to tell me my Training Status is Unproductive. So cruel! Note, these were not pain free miles. 😒 I did start some strengthening exercises following a physical therapy appointment this week. Here’s how my week went…

Mon – 4 miles running, treadmill.  These dark mornings are a bummer, but watching TV is always enjoyable!

Tues – 6 miles, treadmill.  Today’s run was… mostly meh!  I’ll take it.  It was also very sweaty because someone left the heater vent open in our basement.  Phew! It’s normally closed so it was about 10 degrees warmer than normal.

My kitties were my coworkers, enjoying a nap in the sunshine.  

I took a walk after work and saw signs of spring!

Weds – Rest day…also, PT visit day!  I thought this session would involve a Theragun and some stretching, but it did not.  She worked to help balance out my misaligned hips and assigned some strengthening exercises.  I felt empowered to fix my problem!!

Thurs – 3 miles, treadmill.  So how was I feeling after the session yesterday?  Sadly, worse 🙁 I was hoping to run 5 miles and struggled with pain through 3 miles until I gave up.  Pain in butt is feeling pinchy and worse, and now the front of my hip is angry too.  Sigh.  I did my exercises, which were challenging.  Let’s just say it was not a happy day for me.  In my quest to stop snoring, I wore a nasal strip to bed last night and it worked wonders – and stuck to my nose for longer than I thought possible!  What a beautiful look.

Fri – 9 miles, long run.  After feeling a little better than yesterday, and after the pain in my butt went numb after a few miles, I decided maybe I should try a long run.  That plan was going pretty well, until around mile 8 again when my body let me know 10 miles wasn’t going to happen.  I ended with 9 miles.  Good enough.  Then, I started searching for a relay team for Glass City that needed a member!!  Sadly, I didn’t find any.  The 5 person relay teams have distances of 3.1, 5.2, 5.5, 5.8 and 6.8 miles.  Any of those would be a preferred distance over the half marathon at this point.  I’ll keep looking.

Highlight of the day?  It’s ice cream season again.  Yay! Sure we had coats on, and had to take our ice cream to go back at our warm house, but the temps will be breaking 60 degrees any time soon here!

Sat – Road tripping for spring break!!  We had a heck of a windy day towing the camper to North Carolina for spring break.  It was a long drive.  We got blown all over the road. Looking forward to a week of hiking, biking and relaxing!! Who knows, I might even get to go on a few runs. I brought my gear along just in case. Otherwise, I’ll be walking! 🙂

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Q: Favorite mix-in for ice cream?

I always get peanut butter cups! Cookie dough and brownies are close second choices.

20 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – another week of the same”
  1. Hooray for road trips ice cream and kitty pix.

    Boo on the pain. Hope you find a solution. No pain or a shorter distance.

    Good luck. Fingers crossed that things work out.

    Enjoy your trip.

  2. Yikes about the glute pain! I’m glad you have an engaged PT and I hope you can work it out.
    Garmin sounds like an evil gadget!! As if you weren’t miserable enough being in pain!
    I hope you’re enjoying your spring break trip.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that your PIA has not settled down. You do have a great attitude about it–looking for what you can do! I like that. I sure hope you find a solution soon.

    I don’t add anything to my ice cream–just the ice cream alone is perfect for me!

  4. Well, I’m glad you felt empowered after your PT appointment. Maybe a week of hiking and biking is just what you need. I would guess there’s a good chance that ONE of the relay teams will need a replacement runner at the last moment, so keep trying. And it sounds like the half isn’t out of the question at this point either. ENJOY YOUR VACATION!

  5. I hope you have a fantastic time on spring break!

    Fingers crossed that your PT exercises will help and that you can run the half or find a relay team to join.

    1. Now the trick will be to actually do the exercises I was prescribed. That’s always the challenge!! It always seems easier to find time to run vs do exercises.

  6. That pain in the butt thing is so annoying! Mine lasted for months last fall. You have a great attitude for looking for what you can do. I hope you find a relay team to join! Feel better 🙂

  7. Ouch on the continued PIA. Hoping you can find a yet-to-be-made-known relay team needing someone. Or, maybe things will mellow-out enough you’ll have a chance at doing the half. Do they offer 13.1 relay teams, by chance? None the less, your attitude is stellar. Ice cream, I’d have to say Oreo cookies are my fav stir-in 😉

    1. No relay on the half distance, but the relay teams are well organized at Glass City for the full marathon. They have buses running regularly shuttling team members around to the relay points. It’s a great system they have built!

  8. 100% ready for ice cream season! I’m sorry you’re still hurting. I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be. I hope you are able to find another option.

    thanks for always having kitty pics. I love to see them.

  9. So sorry to read you’ve been struggling with this pain 🙁 The marathon is still 3weeks away so maybe, just maybe… but hopefully, you’ll be able to join the relay or do the Half if the marathon is not possible.

    Happy you’re having some time away to enjoy different scenery and indulge in hiking and cycling!

    Sending lots of healing vibes your way xx

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