Another week of not running as scheduled due to pain in the butt.  There are 5 weeks until the Glass City marathon and my hopes of running the full marathon are quickly slipping away.  Heck, I’m not even sure I’d be “pain free enough” to run the half!  My best day ever goal for Glass City was to qualify for Boston, and then enjoy a “fun run” at the Chicago Marathon, but my goals need to shift now.  But in the grand scheme of things, I’m fine with it.  Since it’s a local race I haven’t spent a lot of money on it, like a destination race.  I have also considered joining a relay team. That would be a fun way to still be involved in race day! I was able to cross train this week (walking, rowing, elliptical, spin bike) and even ran almost 15 miles (oh wow!).  

Mon – URD (unscheduled rest day)  40 mins spin bike.  I just go “old school” on my spin bike and do steady pedaling.  Watched a movie.  Was mostly bored out of my mind. Haha!  This didn’t cause pain, but cycling indoors is not my jam.

Tues – URD.  I thought today might be the day I would run, but after just a minute on the treadmill I knew this was not going to be the day!  40 mins of elliptical again.  Spent the rest of the day a little sore. I didn’t think Voltaren was helping the situation, but since I didn’t put it on today, and I was in pain, maybe it is.. and I won’t skip using it tomorrow!

One thing I really miss is my Tuesday routine.  Since it’s my work from home day, it has been my morning to sleep in a little, knock out a serious workout (lately 10 miles!) and still be able to ease into my work day. Sigh.  I’m sure you most of you know exactly what I’m talking about in terms of injury and missing routines!

Fun event at night – the last performance for my son in jazz band!  Three bands performed.  Each band sounded great, but the top band (my son is in) really sounded amazing (not saying that just because I’m his mom 😉 ).  My son even had a little solo, which he didn’t tell me about.  What a surprise!!  When I gave him the evil eye later as he walked past he said “you didn’t ask!”  What a stinker. I thought we had a good spot in the front row, and then of course he was hidden by a music stand. That’s him in the hat in the back row.

Weds – 40 mins elliptical.  I do work up quite a sweat using the elliptical, so it was a good start to the day despite the fact I was super tired.  Once again I woke up feeling pretty good and thought today might be the running day, but as soon as I bent over to tie my shoes I was reminded that today is NOT the day.

In the afternoon I enjoyed the sunshine and walked a 5K around my neighborhood.  I saw signs of spring! (and signs of the leftover fall leaves that still need to be removed from our landscaping! 😆)

Thurs – 3.1 miles, running.  After getting up early with my son for school, I went back to bed and slept in until 9am!  I was feeling a bummed about the running situation.  But after I got up, I decided to give it a go.  I ran a slow 5K around the neighborhood.  It wasn’t pain free, but it didn’t completely suck so I was happy with that.

I went to gym and used the rowing machine and did weights.  Yay!

I went to the track session for the Dave’s training group.  I miss indoor track!! The really nice thing about the training program is having a physical therapist available at track night.  I got a quick diagnosis and I was surprised to hear he did not think it was an issue with my piriformis.  He thought it was high hamstring issues.  Nooooooooooooo!  That was not what I wanted to hear.  Hamstring pain is my nemesis and I really do not want to fool around with that situation.  I immediately worked on getting an appointment for some PT.  I can’t get in until Weds next week, but I am already looking forward to addressing this problem!

Fri – 3.1 miles, running.  Another effort to test the waters.  Slightly faster this time, but only because I misjudged the weather and was cold!  It was drizzly and windy, and sure didn’t feel like 50 degrees.  I should have had on something more than a green shirt for St Patrick’s day!

I had a fun evening working packet pickup for the Shamrockin’ Blarney Shuffle.

Sat – 8.5 miles “long run”.  Once again I decided to go out and see what I could do.  My path was busy with a race and the training group run, and it was super windy and cold. I stayed close to home with the hopes of maybe getting to 10 miles, but by 8 miles it was clear that I better just head home.  I was once again a bit bummed with my run but it’s nothing a huge Starbucks can’t fix.  It’s a good thing teenagers sleep in late because by the time I got home my son was making pancakes so I joined him for brunch.  I quickly forgot about silly old running.

Sun – 40 mins elliptical.  Getting the legs and body moving, and working up a sweat.  Check, check, done!

So what’s next for me? I guess I’ll see where physical therapy takes me. I doubt I can still pull it together for the full marathon, but who knows. I haven’t officially switched events yet.

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Q: Random topic: snoring! Does anyone live with someone who snores loud? Is it you??

I have recently been snoring very loud (reported from my tired family). I have been using nasal strips which really helps. I don’t want to wear them for an extended period though because my nose is turning red where the strip was! I am wondering what other people have has success with…

Q: Do you have a March Madness bracket that hasn’t been busted yet??

I’m out with Purdue already. What an upset!!

22 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – no luck of the Irish”
  1. Ugh. I know that high hamstring issue. It sounds like it might be what this is, because you mentioned feeling it when you bent over to tie your shoe. There’s nothing else to say but- this sucks! I know exactly what you mean about being injured- it’s not just missing the running, but everything that goes with it (like “every Friday I run and then get a Starbucks on the way to work” or whatever.). Well, you have options. You never know what next week might bring, and I like the possibility of running as part of a relay team.
    My husband snores, sometimes loudly. It’s always because he’s sleeping on his back, and when I nudge him, he turns over and it usually solves the problem.
    Well, I hope you get some answers and your luck returns this week!

    1. The snoring is kind of crazy. I didn’t realize I was doing it but apparently it’s pretty bad. I do sleep on my side and sometimes I’d wake up drooling on my pillow because I was snoring so loud. Ewww!
      Yes, fingers crossed something great in running comes my way this week 🍀

  2. It’s great that you could get an opinion from the physical therapist at the track workout. I hope Wednesday’s PT session provides some relief and gets you headed toward a quick and full recovery.

    How soon do you expect the weather to be nice enough to get back outside on your bike? It’s been slow going here. LOL

    1. Probably won’t be until May when I’m ready to ride outside around here! But we are going mountain biking soon in North Carolina. That should be [challenging] [exhausting] fun!! 😉

  3. Sorry about your pain. I can imagine how disappointed you must be. Hope PT helps.

    Indoor biking is also not my thing. But sometimes it’s the only thing.

    My hubby snores when he sleeps on his back.

    1. It’s mostly just frustrating because running with any sort of pain just sucks the enjoyment out of something that has always brought me joy and good energy. The race weekend will be fun no matter what I’m doing because we will be involved in packet pickup and other things.

  4. Your pain in the butt sounds so much like I’ve endured at various times. I’ve heard high hamstring and/or glute, and also piriformis. They’re all so close to one another and are all connected, so it’s anybody’s guess where the actual source of discomfort stemmed from. NO doubt it was just plain annoying and frustrating regardless. I hope PT gives you some relief!

    1. Exactly – all just a pain in the butt and not welcome!! I’m sure my PT will be able to get me straightened out. She works wonders on me and my runner friends!

  5. I was reading this and I thought, oh no, high hamstring tendonitis. The worst! I’ve had it and I think it was when I upped my volume to train for a marathon. I hope the PT can perform their magic and get it to calm down. You have a great attitude about it, though.

    You know I’m going to recommend pool running!

    1. Unfortunately I would have to join a different gym for pool access. My PT has done a great job for me over the years, so fingers crossed she can fix me again!

  6. I also did not have any Irish luck! I also have had this exact pain in the butt. Mine was diagnosed as Obturator which comes under the piraformis. The stretches and strenghening are basically the same. Dry needling helped a lot. On the snoring-after decades of listening to my husband snore, he got an apnea machine and it was life changing! You might want to get a sleep test for that. I also feel ya on the schedule and being bored with out running

    1. I was originally in search of dry needling and asked the PT about it. He said if the cause was muscle weakness, the dry needling wouldn’t help that (or at least fix that problem). It will be an interesting appointment to see what my PT says (it’s a different person).
      Oh man, now I’m googling sleep apnea! I figured it was just snoring, which doesn’t bother me (poor husband!), but this gives me something to think about!

  7. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain and your goals aren’t looking so feasible. That stinks.

    I can’t wait for jazz band next year! A has had the sax for three weeks and he’s already playing Careless Whisper and Star Wars!

  8. I have a family member that was diagnosed with “heroic” snoring. This gives you an idea of how bad it was! I think I was the hero for living with it!

    He ended up having his tonsils, adenoids, part of his palate, and his uvula removed! Yikes. It helped…but there was still snoring. Eventually, he was diagnosed with positional apnea. They said he could sew a tennis ball into his PJs (to keep him from sleeping on his back), or use a CPAP. He did get a CPAP, but honestly rarely uses it.

    1. Apparently I’m “the worst!”, according to my family. It was news to me 🤣 I do sleep on my side, which makes it odd. I flip around from side to side, because when I wake up I am too warm and want to get over to a cool side! Maybe I end up on my back? I don’t think so. Maybe my family members should just wear ear plugs to solve this problem 😉

  9. I’m sorry sorry! Were you using Voltaren for your *piroformis*? Is there a dosing card for that? 😉

    Running woes are rough, but pancakes with my son could go a long way to make me forget them too.

    I hope the PT gives you a short recovery plan!

    1. I probably shouldn’t have thrown away the dosing card. haha! I’ve never had any luck using Voltaren in the past, so maybe it was just wishful thinking.

  10. Dry needling! Dustin has had high hamstring issues, and yes, strength and stretching helped, but he also did dry needling when it was at its worst. I hope you find some relief and can get back into your routine Lisa! I totally understand the wfh fun- the best days for long runs! Your training was going so well too, I think you were on track for that BQ, but hopefully Chicago is plan B and you’re totally right that at least it wasn’t a big destination trip where you spent a lot of money. Keeping my fingers crossed you get it sorted out with the new PT!

    1. Yes, the WFH days are really great for harder training days! My PT office doesn’t seem to be into dry needling. That’s kind of a bummer, but I don’t want to change offices right now. The pressure is off when it’s a hometown race for sure.

  11. I’m so sorry the high hamstring issue continues to persist. It is a stinker for sure. I’m glad you are entertaining some other options. Maybe Chicago will be the BQ scene! Wow the last concert already? I think we have one more in May. Such a fast school year! March Madness is insane this year!

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