This has been a crazy busy week, with a whirlwind of activities going on.  Last week on my blog I mentioned how I was still having a bad time running, and my husband had injured his foot.  That was a bit of a cliffhanger about the Glass City races we had been training for… did they, or didn’t they??  Well, it was a little of both!  Without further ado, here’s what happened in my corner of the world…

Mon – 40 mins elliptical.  I figured it was best to just rest another day and let my hamstrings calm down a bit.  No need to push anything during race week!

Tues – 3.3 miles running.  Our neighborhood is bursting with flowering trees.  So pretty!  (and a big pain for people with allergies)

Weds – Rest day! I really did nothing today.  How did that happen??

Thurs – 5.5 miles…. Birthday miles!!  I had a really great birthday.  It began with the annual “running of the years”.  Sadly, my Garmin said I needed 32 hours of recovery from these few miles. Eeeek! How rude.

Followed by “eating of the donuts and drinking Starbucks”!  Shoutout to my husband for getting the donuts in the early hours so my son could enjoy them too before he went to school!

Bike ride!  It was warm and sunny out, so I was able to get in a quick 10 miles before…

I had lunch with my friends.  They wore bibs for my 55K birthday.  We enjoyed some delicious cupcakes!

Then we picked up 4 foster kittens!  Awwwww!  These kitties are adorable.

I ended the day attending a work function which had delicious food and drinks. Yum yum yum!

Fri – 20 mins easy run.  This run felt OK.  Today Garmin gave me a +6 for performance. What a win!!  Funny how my watch always looks like a clock on my arm 😂

In the morning we helped hang artwork from school kids at the race expo.  Such cute pictures.  A ton of pictures which covered lots of walls. This was a cool part of the expo, but this task took *many* hours to complete!! We only helped hang a portion of them.

We spent a few hours at home, and then it was time to help out at race packet pickup!  This is when my husband decided to drop down to the half marathon.  His foot was not feeling the best!

Sat – “rest day” We helped out at the Glass City kids race.  My kids ran these races when they were little, so it was fun to be the ones passing out medals to the kids now.  There was a 1 mile, ½ mile and ¼ mile race.  

Next up, the final competition for the band.  It was a state competition, and the band crushed it.  In fact, all three of our high school bands got Superior (top) ratings.  Yahoo!

In the evening I helped out a big fundraiser for the bands.  It was Music Trivia night!  This was the first time we’ve held a fundraiser in this format, and I was really nervous it would not be well attended.  No need to worry, it went well!  People had a good time and we raised a decent amount of money which will be spent on a new band trailer.

After finally resting in my cozy bed, I fell asleep at 10:30.  That 4:40 am alarm was happening too soon!!  I had almost talked myself into not running the race.  My husband’s foot was still hurting, so he was not going to run.  It had been a cold windy day and the thought of getting up so early, driving to the race by myself and running in the cold dark was not super appealing.  But hey, I did pay for this race, right?  Ok, let’s do this!

Sun – RACE DAY!  Glass City half marathon. I will write a recap this week, so please stop back!  😉 [it is far too early to take good looking selfies]

UPDATE: Read the race recap posted HERE.

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Q: Have you ever been to a trivia night?

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, my kitten are 20, right? haha

19 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – GCM race week!”
    1. The kittens are sooooo cute! Of course they don’t all stay still in order for me to get a picture, so that shot of them hiding under the couch was the best I got. More pics to come!

  1. Awh Lisa, you’re leaving us in suspense!! I’ll have to poke around Instagram to see if you’ve posted anything there. The kittens are cute, but I’d be an allergic mess if I came any closer than a picture of them, truth!

    1. haha, I do love a good mystery! I had so many other things to chat about in my post I thought I’d save all of my race day fun for another post.

  2. What a good week for you with running, cycling, good food, music, and then the race! I hope it went well for you and that your husband’s foot is getting better and that it’s nothing bad.
    Those kittens are adorable!!!

    1. This week was super duper crazy busy, but I had ALL the fun. Especially on my birthday. Between seeing my friends, and family, and all of the Facebook birthday wishes – I am truly blessed to have so many great people in my life!

  3. Looking forward to your race recap!

    Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a great celebration with lots of fun moments with people you love <3

    Those kittens are so cute…

    1. I have just learned the kittens are “dilute torbies”! Nope, not torties – but a mix of gray and cream. They are so cute! So far they have also been very well behaved. More pictures coming soon!

  4. Happy Birthday again (I think I wished you on IG already)!! It sounds like you still had a busy week leading up to race day! Too bad your hubby had to drop out but foot (and knee) issues are the worst if you are running a long distance. The kittens are so adorable! how long will you be fostering them?

  5. First of all, HAPPY Birthday and what an awesome way to celebrate from running, donuts to meeting up with friends and of course running your age! I hope this year is filled with lots of fun adventures, races and great moments with family and friends.

    Can’t wait to see how you got on at the Glass Half! Sorry, hubby wasn’t able to participate but hope you had a good one.

    PS: Your kittens are the cutest!

    1. Thanks! It really was a great birthday. I’ll have to make sure I fit all of those things in next year too! It was a big bummer that my husband couldn’t run. Last year the race was so unseasonably warm, but this year was perfect. Bummer he had to miss that.

  6. Birthday, kittens, Starbucks deliciousness AND a race? What a week! Those babies are the cutest things ever, on a scale of 1-10, they are a 50!

    Way to go, band! We have our MPA State on Thursday. And then marching band season starts. I would LOVE to pick your brain about your fundraiser!

    1. Email me any time if you have questions! lisa[at]
      This was the first time the band has done a fundraiser like this and I’ve never attended one like it either. A whole new experience for me. Music Trivia Night was fun though. I think the boosters are going to do it again next year!
      Boosters is winding down for me. Our last meeting is next week and then I’m out of there! I will miss it though (but not typing up the meeting minutes. haha!)

  7. Congrats on your half! I can’t wait to read your recap. How cool that your daughter and son volunteered at the race they ran as children.

    It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday and I love that your friends wore birthday bibs in your honor! With a spring birthday, have you ever run a race on your birthday? I ran a marathon once on my birthday (it’s in the fall) and my husband finished before me and told the announcer it was my birthday. It was fun approaching the finish line with the announcer wishing me a happy birthday!

    I’m not very good at trivia, but I’ve been to a couple of trivia night events and had a lot of fun at both.

    I give your kittens a 25 out of 10. 😉

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