Welcome to race recovery week!  I told myself I was going to take a whole week (or maybe 2 weeks!) off following the Glass City half marathon to let my injury heal up (race recap HERE).  Well, I made it half a week.  I really did think I was feeling good, and then things went a bit downhill again.  Sigh.  I ran 6 miles this week, walked a few miles, lots of time on the elliptical, and biked 20 miles.  I did get to the gym twice, so that was good, but overall the week did not end where I had hoped it would.  It’s time to focus on what was working for me (no running??) and what was not (maybe the new PT exercises were a bit too much?).  What’s the rush?  I am signed up for Chicago in October, but my husband is hoping to run a marathon in early September, so of course I would like to join him since I’ll be there too.  And that means the training plan would be starting in the next few weeks… body willing.

Mon – Gym day!  I usually take the Monday after a marathon off work, which is what this was planned for.  Even though I ended up running the half, I kept my day off work! I had a lot to catch up on following that crazy busy last week.  Today’s workout upper body at the gym wearing my new race shirt of course!  I also went for a mile walk for fresh air and to loosen my legs.  

Tues – 40 mins elliptical, to get the legs moving!  Also feeling a bit sore from the gym.  

Weds – Rest day!  Not sure what I was resting from, but this is typically my rest day, so I stuck with it.  At work I was greeted by a few birthday cards (from last week). My daughter delivered my birthday present.  Gourmet cookies.  Yum, yum, yum!

Thurs – 3 miles running.  My body was feeling recovered from the race, so I decided to try running.  Things felt OK, although I could feel a bit of hammy tightness, reminding me the pain in the butt was still there.  

Fri – 40 mins elliptical.  No exercise pics but I’ll share my kitten pictures.  Awwww!  They are a great group of kittens.  They are now allowed to roam around so they pop up under our couch or in the kitchen unexpectedly!  I started back up with my PT exercises today.

Sat – 3 miles running, 20 miles biking.  I thought running a few miles would be a good start to my day.  Sadly, the pain in the butt was worse!  Dang it!!  I thought I was heading the right direction on this injury and now it was feeling more sore again. Maybe doing PT yesterday flared it up?  Not sure, but it was a bit of a bummer.

For some cross training I went for a bike ride out to the soccer fields to see my son refereeing some games.  This will probably be his last year for refereeing since he’s heading to college. I know he’ll miss it.  

Sun – 40 mins elliptical.  My elliptical has been seeing a lot of me lately!  We are having a garage sale next week so it’s time to start getting that ready.   That’s a workout just hauling stuff from the basement to the garage!

If you have been following my blog for awhile you’ll know that I got 6,500 Starbucks stars several years ago when I opened a Starbucks credit card.  Now, I’m down to only 500 stars!  Boooo! They are discontinuing the credit card, so it’s time we part ways.  I certainly did make use of that card and it’s rewards.  Two more free drinks today, two more to go 🙂

Let’s finish up with an adorable kitten picture! Awww, these cuties! Dora, Punky, Sunny and Bella.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: For the Caroline Girvan fans out there – did you see her new app?

I think it would be a great program for strength training, but I don’t follow a plan that consistently so it won’t work for me right now. It was exciting to hear from her again!

24 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – recovery week”
  1. OMG… those are the cutest kittens!!

    Recovery and patience…. not easy.

    Sounds like you are being smart… what’s your next marathon?

    I love Starbucks… but don’t have the opportunity often since I work from home (except when I go to NYC.)

    1. My local Starbucks is about 8 mins away from home, in a suburban area, so it’s an easy drive (and I don’t feel so bad driving my EV to get there!). I will be sad when the free drink supply runs out!!
      I’m trying to be smart about recovery, but I guess I’m asking a lot of my body still right now. Sigh.
      Looking at the Marquette MI marathon – Labor Day weekend. Hoping it will be cooler there since it’s in Northern Michigan!

    1. I am a bit surprised the hammy pain (or piriformis pain?) came back so strong. Everything seemed great for the race, like the extra effort actually helped the situation and now it’s angry again. Ugh.

  2. I’m not a cat gal (as you probably know), but those little kittens are so sweet! Yeah, I hear ya on the recovery thing. This will be another week of recovery for me, so I might take a cue from you and hop on the elliptical! I can’t remember the last time I used it…maybe January? February? I hope you aches and pains subside.

  3. GAAAAAH!!! KITTENS!!! I love them, they are so, so cute and precious! I’m excited that we’ll get more kitten photos for a while now.
    About the recovery- I know. I didn’t know what to do with myself this week. Run? Rest? When do I start strength training again? Reading your post made me realize I should have done the elliptical at the gym. Oh well.
    Not that you asked, but maybe you should take a full week off running- just bike and do the elliptical and your PT. The goal being, to get your hamstring ready for the next training block. Easier said than done, I know.
    I did see the CG had something new but didn’t see what it was. I probably don’t want to follow her plan that consistently either (I just use her workouts now to fill in between gym visits.)

    1. I know, hard to stick with the plan 🙁 On Monday I thought “I for sure am not running until my hamstring pain is gone!!”. By Thursday I thought “Ok, maybe today it won’t be so bad.” Waiting it out and resting will probably be my best choice. Reset and try it again this week!
      Spoiler alert- Caroline looks even MORE ripped in her app and has smaller clothes on!! haha!!!

  4. Awwww what cute kitties! Sounds like your recovery week went well, despite the lingering hammy pain. That’s interesting the Starbucks credit card will be no longer. You certainly enjoyed tons of fun drinks!

    1. The Starbucks card also used to give 2 free drinks on the Christmas holiday weekends during the pandemic (to get people into the stores I’m guessing). It had some great rewards!

  5. I am all for rest after a race even if you think you don’t “need” it. Some of my friends were discussing the new CG app. I am still a Peloton girl so I will still be sticking to that for now! That’s a lot of free Starbucks drinks!

    1. I have been enjoying my free drinks for sure!! Then I realized I also have a lot of cash loaded in my Starbucks card, so I’ll move on to that now. And get cheaper drinks! 😉

  6. I’m in the same boat as you, as far as recovery goes! My race took a lot out of me and getting back to work has been a challenge. Here’s to hoping for a better week for both of us!

    That photo of the kitties is so cute!

  7. The kitten are so so cute! You made great use out of the Starbucks card, that’s a lot of free drinks for that amount of stars.

    Those gourmet cookies look yummy! Are they from Crumbl? I have yet to try their cookies but have heard they are great!

  8. I absolutely adore that last kitten picture!!!
    I’m sorry your injury flared up again. How annoying! Sounds like a good week otherwise. I hope your butt/hamstring calms down. Good luck with the garage sale!

    1. I usually prep and stress over our garage sale for weeks before it happens, but this year I am just throwing it together last minute. I don’t need more stress right now! So far I am really loving the lazy approach to it.

  9. That is a VERY adorable kitten photo! So cute!

    i hadn’t heard they were stopping the Starbucks credit card. Sounds like you got the most of it.

    Bummer on your nagging hammy. I’ve got the same nagging going on — not sure if it’s hammy or ITB. It does seem to be getting better but it’s still not gone.

    1. These pains and tight muscles are so super annoying! Especially when I’m told to avoid stretching… and it feels so tight. Ugh. Hope yours gets better too!

  10. Those kitties are so cute!!!!

    I am sitting here with painful glutes – my new physio exercises are really hard and I can’t do three sets yet so I’m assuming it’s “good” pain but who knows. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Those darn glutes! I think one of my exercises is a bit too much for me too, so I’m cutting back the reps on that. But bummed my PT exercises went from a “no big deal” 10 min session, to almost 30 mins now. It’s a real time commitment!

  11. That kitten pic deserves its own poster!!!! How cute!

    I am going to miss your Starbucks drinks. I always lived vicariously through you on those.

    Hopefully, that hamstring gets itself together soon. I am sure it’s so frustrating.

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