Phew, what a week! My week was full of “S” words… stagnation, studies and sales. Stagnation refers to my recovery process. I was frustrated that I’m really not getting any better. Most days I’m not feeling worse, but the pain is still there. I also had a chaotic, messy week full of our garage sale. And studies? Well, my husband and I are part of medical studies! Say what? We’ll get to that. This week was a random collection of workouts. I ran 15 miles, biked 37 miles, walked and did the elliptical. Let’s get into!

Mon – 40 mins elliptical. Starting my week out with a little sweat session.

Tues – 40 mins elliptical. Another day of elliptical. Interesting how elliptical and cycling do not cause me pain. I am thankful of that!

Weds – 1.5 mile walk. I took a hearty walk on the treadmill this morning. Still not ready to run. I had a stressful morning at work because I moved to a new cubical space at work. It’s going to take awhile to get used to my new location, but right now I’m not really liking it 😐

Thurs – 3 mile run. It was finally time to give running a try again! Sadly, I still felt tight. To me it feels like piriformis pain. Deep in the middle of my glute. Sigh. It was to get out for a run because it’s time for the annual garage sale!!

Fri – 4 mile run. Today was my PT appointment so I felt the need to go for a run so I could identify what was still causing me pain. I ended up sounding pretty whiney during my appointment, which I felt a bit bad for. I mentioned that I didn’t think the exercises were targeting my deep glute pain. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned anything because after I left, I had sore hamstrings on both sides! oof. We also discussed increasing my cadence to 176. Another concept to think about for a modifying my gait is to try to mimic the motion of cycling, with high knees.

biking, 13 miles. My husband and I rode bikes after the garage sale was closed for the day. A beautiful 66 degrees out.

Sat – biking, 24 miles. I was far too sore (from PT?) to run today, but I was able to sneak away from the garage sale mid day. Yay! The day was way too beautiful to be stuck in the garage.

Tonight was prom! My son went with his girlfriend and a group of friends. They had a fun night.

Sun – 7 miles. Yes, 7 miles!! The weather was amazing (60 degrees) and it had just stopped raining. I still felt a bit tight, but I tried really hard to work on my work (high knees) and I was spot on with the suggested 176 cadence. I also found a new running hack – stick my tank top in the straps of my bra. It worked perfectly! Also, saw several adorable baby bunnies along my path.

By the end of the week I was pretty exhausted. It’s amazing how messy a house can get with a garage sale and a college student moving back in! And oh yeah, 4 kittens running all over.

So what about the “studies” that I mentioned? My husband and I are both involved in studies from Evidation! Evidation is an app which collects our workout/health data anonymously. I signed up for a study to determine how the bivalent COVID vaccine affects antibodies. I had planned on getting another booster, and when I saw I could get $165 for providing some health stats, I was happy to help out! But wait, there’s more… they needed blood samples. And the blood samples were taken at home. Say what?? As it turns out they have a cool new device to take blood samples at home and the process doesn’t hurt at all. It’s a Tap II device which has microneedles, smaller than eyelashes. Really cool technology! The blood sample was taken before the vaccine, and will be taken 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months afterwards.

And then… my husband lucked out an found a study which pays $490 for taking his blood pressure twice a day for a month! When I heard about that deal, I signed up too. That’s way easier than taking blood samples. haha!!!!

Here’s a picture of how I like my kittens best right now… napping! They are crazy kitties.

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Q: Have you ever been in a medical study?

16 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Stagnation, sales, and studies”
  1. The study on the vaccine and exercise sounds really interesting! I already take my blood pressure daily-I should get in on that one! It is so hard to identify and tread that glute pain. So annoying too. I hope it continues to improve for you this week.

    1. It was funny to find out he was going to get so much more money and didn’t have to give blood! I do think it is all interesting though. I hope they tell me about my antibodies. I have no idea if they will!

  2. That is really cool that you’re getting paid for medical studies! No, I’ve never done that. I can take my BP — usually it’s good at home, but with the recent lack of exercise I’m kind of afraid to take it. Anyway congrats for finding some passive income!

    I’m sorry you’re still struggling with the tight legs. I hope you find relief soon!

    1. I usually have a good BP level, so it will be interesting to see if all of the end of year Senior stuff will stress me out and raise it!

  3. I have probably told you I had Piriformis issues many years ago. Such a PIA!!!! For me, it helped to not sit as much at work (though I’m on my feet a lot as it is). It took forever for the pain & tightness to subside. I hope you’re able to get some eventual relief from PT.

  4. Wow, that’s cool! So for the blood pressure study, I guess you have to wear the apple watch all day? I can’t wear a watch while I’m working… bummer. I want to make money in a study! Maybe I can find another one.
    I’m sorry your glute (hamstring?) area is still bothering you. That area is so complicated. But you’re doing everything you can. Hopefully the PT will help to resolve it.
    I love the prom pictures! My son missed out on prom because of Covid, sigh. Have fun with your daughter- my son will be back next week and I have to start stocking the fridge.

    1. That is such a bummer they had to cancel prom that year! Our daughter is moved back into our house but I haven’t seen much of her yet 😆

  5. Yay for kittens and baby bunnies!

    I hope your son and his crew had a wonderful time at prom! I love seeing formal photos.

    I’m sorry you’re still hurting. It’s maddening!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that your recovery isn’t going as expected 🙁 I hope that you start to feel better soon.
    I use the Evidation app but didn’t know that they had studies available – that’s pretty cool!

    1. I have signed up for some studies where I get points – like where I record daily if I have flu symptoms, but this is the first time I’ve seen money offered. Always fun to get some extra money (which I’ll probably just spend on running gear. haha!)

  7. The studies sound really interesting! I love that its so easy to take your own blood.

    I had a gait analysis at the physio last week and they gave me some form tips, but it is so hard to change my form…especially after being a runner for so long. But I’m going to try to think about it periodically and not try to change anything quickly. Good luck to you!

    Love those sweet kitties!

    1. The other suggestion was to slow my pace down, primarily due to my higher heart rate. However, setting my Garmin to only show my cadence, and trying to hit the target of 176 cadence does not slow me down! It feels comfortable but not slowing me down any. I’m fine with that 😆
      I was very pleasantly surprised that the blood sample was pain free. I had visions of straps and big needles like at the Dr’s office!! Yikes.

  8. How exciting for your son as he wraps up his senior year! And I’m sure you’re happy to have your daughter home for a while. Good stuff!

    I’m sorry you’re still experiencing deep glute pain and hope the PT can work you through it quickly.

    Those two medical studies sound interesting and how cool is that little blood drawing device. How did you find out about them, just doing searches online or through your doctor?

  9. I’m so sorry you are still experiencing pain. have you or your PT considered dry needling? I have found that to be super helpful with piriformis/ glute issues.

    the medical studies sound cool! every once in a while I respond to various calls but so far I’ve been too old, too fat, not fat enough and am on meds that interfere with the studies. Oh well!

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