Hola! Only two more weeks until the Chicago marathon. yikes!! The taper is now on. I was missing last week because I spent an amazing week in Mexico with my husband! I did get a few runs in but the weather wasn’t quite conducive to running, so two 5 mile runs, and one 12 mile long run was good enough.

I did not take any convincing to get me to say Yes to this trip. In fact, I think it took less than 24 hours from “do you want to go?” to “booked” on this trip. We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary on this trip and Mexico was the perfect destination because we went to Cancun for our honeymoon. We went to the Barcelo Maya resort. We’ve been there maybe 4 times now? (although previously with our kids) We love it there! It was toasty hot, so we lived in bathing suits and hung out in the pool and ocean. We shopped, and ate a lot, had delicious tropical drinks, jumped off a cliff… we did so many fun things!

Our hotel had a snorkeling area with daily visits from sea turtles! We also saw a great collection of other fish and stingray. The stingray were really cool to see.

And how was my long run in Mexico? We had to watch the sunrise, and then cursed the sun for the rest of the hours we were out there running. I ducked into an air conditioned bathroom at one point to just get a break. I split up with my husband at some point during this run, but I could easily follow the trail of his sweaty shoes along the street. ewwwww

Mon – 4.83 miles running. Getting back to reality was a bit rough because I started the week feeling a bit off. I did take a COVID test, and it was negative, but I was feeling quite run down. But, being the dumb runner that I am, I thought maybe an early run would make me feel better, AND, I got a good laugh out of the suggested workout from Garmin. A 5:20 pace, even for a sprint?? I don’t think that has ever happened. But since Garmin had faith in me, I figured it was worth a try to pick up the pace for super short intervals. Um, No, it was not a good idea. My fastest pace was only 7:19, and that was plenty fast enough. No need for sprints this close to the race!

Tues – 5 miles running. I slept in this morning because I was still feeling run down, but by lunchtime I was feeling improved, so I went out for a runch ๐Ÿ™‚ Afternoon running is the worst!! There, I said it. Not a fan.

Weds – Rest day! I have been enjoying the great weather this week with walks after work.

Thurs – 20 miles, long run. Phew!! The big training for Chicago is done! This run went pretty well until around mile 16 when I had to have a pep talk, and then it turned into run/walk around mile 18. I’m still not feeling super prepared for this marathon, but it is what it is – the calendar says it’s time to be done!

I celebrated this momentous occasion with a post run Starbucks and a 20 min hydro massage!

Fri – Morning walk… fall has been spotted! The maple leaves are starting to turn color.

10 miles biking. I got to enjoy the beautiful weather with a mountain bike ride along the Maumee river. The towpath was quite busy.

In the evening a helped out at packet pickup for our Komen Race for the Cure. This is a timely topic because this week I found out two of my friends have been diagnosed with breast cancer. My list of friends is getting too long, but thankfully they are all survivors.

Sat – 6 miles, recovery run. Since I’m getting all of the interesting health information on my Garmin I decided to do this run purely on heart rate. I tried very had to keep in zone 3, and overall I did it! This produced an average pace of 11:00. I had to get slower on each mile to stay in the zone. My HR would sneak into zone 4 very often so I had to keep my eye on my watch for the whole time. I think I’ll just set an alarm next time so I won’t have to look at it!

Then we went to the University of Toledo football game. Good times! Even though we didn’t sit with our daughter, we did get to see her with her friends tailgating. UT won 49 to 31. Go Rockets!

And one more fun thing that happened this week… we got another cute little foster kitty. This one will only be with us up until we head to Chicago. He’s super soft & friendly, but being a single kitten he is quite needy! We have named him Mr Mew-Mew. He meows a lot!!

Need some more inspiration? Iโ€™m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Chicago people… I need recommendations for a Friday night carb loading restaurant!! Hit me up! It doesn’t need to be fancy, I do enjoy a value meal ๐Ÿ™‚ We will be staying in downtown Chicago. Also, let me know if there are other “don’t miss” activities for Chicago Marathon weekend!!! I need some race inspiration!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – Back to reality!”
  1. I think you’re more prepared than you think! You make it through some really hot runs (I love that you stopped in an air conditioned bathroom, I would have done the same, and I love that you could follow your husband’s sweaty shoes, ha!) You should feel confident about Chicago on a nice cool day! Wishing you all the best!

    What a fun wedding anniversary celebration, looks amazing!

    1. I also used to the toilet in that air conditioned bathroom, and sat on the toilet so long (resting!!) that the automatic lights turned off. That normally wouldn’t be an issue but my phone was over by the sink!! I had a moment of freakout in the dark (I’m claustrophobic. eeeek!!!). LOL!!!!

  2. Your Mexican getaway looks amazing โ€” except for the sweaty footprints! Happy Anniversary!

    I think travel can leave you feeling run down, even if youโ€™re not sick. I hope you are feeling back to normal now and get through your taper without and issues!

    1. My husband’s socks were so wet from that run that he was able to squeeze a whole bunch of sweat out of them. Ewwwwww. Despite all of my sweat, my socks were dry!

  3. Good training, well done!! And Mr Mew-Mew is so cute! Our cats are quite meowy, but I can’t really work out if they’re more or less so since they’ve lived separately.

    1. Mr Mew-Mew is quite the character. Apparently he’s always super hungry. Or lonely. Or just needs to meow a lot for no reason! But luckily he also enjoys to cuddle.

  4. Oh, the Mexico trip looks awesome! Nice job getting in some running while there (I know how hot it is, I’ve been to Cancun #honeymoon, LOL). And, a new foster kitty! Lot’s of excitement going on in your world ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Mexico was THE destination for honeymoons, wasn’t it?? The airport process has changed a lot in the last 8 years since we’d been there last. Going through customs was streamlined and easy!

  5. Aw, happy anniversary. That trip looks AMAZING. I think you’ll be fine for the marathon- it probably won’t be a PR race, but you’ll be able to go and enjoy the experience.
    I love all cats (have you noticed?) but I have an extra soft spot for black cats. Well, black cats, calicos and orange tabbies, ha. One of our cats now is black, and we’re getting ready to put up our black cat-themed Halloween decorations. I want Mr. Mew Mew to come live with me!

    1. My daughter and husband both said we should keep this kitten!! Glad I’m the one to keep the order in the house ๐Ÿ™‚ He is super silky and soft though, so great to cuddle.
      That’s a good reminder – I need to decorate my house for fall!

  6. I guess I was way off in my guess about your vacation. Looks like fun (except for the running). But a pass on jumping off the climb from me!

    You are ready. Finishing is winning, right?

    Such a cute little kitten. I’d say I could use one of those, but I know those little claws are like needles! I still do miss kittens. I really don’t think Bandit would enjoy being pestered by one, and by its lonesome it could get up to way too much mischief in my Yoga room!

  7. Oh wow, you win the week – a trip to Mexico. How fun (happy anniversary!).

    Oh my, more foster kittens. They’re so cute! Please share more pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. This time it’s only one foster kitten, which is a bit more challenging than 2 or more in ways because the kitten wants to fight and attack us instead of a sibling!! We have to teach it not to bite us. But kittens will be kittens and he is also super cute.
      Mexico was amazing. I’m ready to go back already! haha!

  8. Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 35th but since the hubs doesn’t like to travel much, we were in Wisco. Lol. It was fun, but yours looks amazing!

    You know Chicago is a foodie town, right? My sister recommends Peterino’s but you better have reservations there! Maggiano’s is always good and not as expensive.

    We’ll be spectating so send me your bib number so I can track you! We’re also running the 5k–are you?

    1. Nope, not running the 5K. But we will be in town Fri – Mon!! Maybe we can meet IRL ๐Ÿ™‚ My bib is 31353. I’ll send you my race outfit when I get it picked out, but I’m about 90% sure it will be my blue Run Toledo Ambassador tank top that I’m often wearing for races. I’ll be in touch with you!

  9. Next up? Chicago! So exciting for you!

    Mr. Mew Mew is precious!

    What an incredible trip! I’m sure it was wonderful to get away and decompress. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well, but I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious.

    1. I didn’t show a picture, but I actually sat by the pool and READ A BOOK! I listen to a lot of audiobooks on my runs, but a paper book hasn’t touched my hands pretty much since I had kids 20 years ago. It was crazy. (and sadly, I didn’t finish the book and haven’t picked it back up again. I need to get back to it…)

  10. Yay for getting your final 20-mile training run behind you. Here’s to a great marathon experience!

    Happy belated anniversary! Your trip sounds like so much fun.

    Awww, another kitten. He’s a cutie and Mr Mew-Mew is such a great name.

    1. For some reason his name was “Shambles” when we got him, which absolutely makes no sense. For the most part the shelter just randomly picks names (maybe straight from the dictionary??). Since he is so vocal I thought Mr Mew-Mew really suited him. Except we keep saying “she” instead of “he”. Seems like all kittens are girls!

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