4 more weeks to go until the Chicago Marathon! Am I where I think I should be in training at this point? Not really! But I’m still following the plan, running the miles, and getting it done, which should count for something. It’s hard to not compare myself to what others are doing at this point. This week I ran 37 miles. I’m making an effort to get my PT exercises done on most days.

Mon – 4 miles.  Happy Labor Day!  It was a hot day, and I got to sleep in a little before going for a run.  I’m trying to focus on more sleep instead of popping out of bed when I first wake up at 6am! 

 I made a delicious fruit salad and we hung out around the pool.

Tues – 6 miles.  A beautiful sunrise this morning! I went to PT today and got some new exercises. Oof, I can feel them!

Weds – Rest day! No PT exercises for me today because I’m still a bit sore from yesterday’s work!

Thurs – 4 miles.  Time for the foster kittens to head back to the Humane Society.  Look how cute they were last night!! I keep expecting to hear them mewing and hiding in my plants.

Fri – 17 miles long run.  Long runs are part physical and mental.  I was all prepared for this long run, and then when I stepped outside I was surprised, and disappointed that it was sprinkling! Ugh.  I went back inside to rant to my husband.  I was not in the mood to get wet for 3 hours, but, I would go out for a 6 mile run.  After I got started I realized that it was actually very pleasant out so I went back to plan A.  I felt decent enough after this run, but not as strong as last week.

Sat – Rest day! Happy birthday to my husband! Spent the day on campus and driving.
Sun – 6 miles recovery.  My watch prompted me to do a slower run, so I decided to challenge myself to do a heart rate run. Now that I have a slew of health stats on my watch, I am reminded that my HR is usually in zone 5 on any run.  I tried for a zone 3 run, but ended with mostly zone 4.  Even so, that’s an improvement, and my run felt easy peasy.

The big fun we had this week was going to see our son at Ohio State for Parent’s weekend, an OSU football game and my husband’s birthday (all rolled into one!).  Our son gave us a tour of the campus and we met his roommate (nice kid!).  We hung out for a bit. it was great to see him in person again.  He seems to be fitting into college life very well, which makes my heart happy! (note, he shaved! 😳)

On my husband’s birthday we went to our first OSU game.  There was lots to see and take in.  I was relieved it wasn’t the crowded, madhouse that I envisioned it would be.  The funniest part was our seats were in the top row of the stadium on the end!  It seemed like a bad choice at first, but we got an amazing view, got to use the fence as a back rest, and got a lot of breeze.  It got pretty warm there when the sun came out so we were thankful for planning ahead with sunscreen and for the wind at our back.  And, we could turn around and see the bands coming into the stadium and everyone tailgating! The Buckeyes won 35 to 7. Woohoo!

After a big hug goodbye to our son (and maybe a few tears from me), we headed back home to enjoy a birthday dinner with our daughter.  She just started a job on campus and had many funny stories to tell us. It was a great dinner.  Being with family was my husband’s only birthday request and I’m glad we could make it work!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Now that the kids, kittens and butterflies are all gone at my house, it can only mean one thing… time for a trip!! I will give you one hint: it involves our passports 🙂 See you all in another week!

Q: Yay or Nay for starting a long run in the rain?

My bigger fear is for chaffing (and no one has time for that!!) but I was also hoping to retain my investment of getting my hair styled at the salon on the previous day. Not surprising, my hair did not withstand the rain. So curls it was. LOL!!

17 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – the college life”
  1. Oooh, a trip? I can’t wait to hear all about it! Yes, you need to do something with the kids and kittens gone.
    So I would say you’re doing pretty well with a 17 mile run, four weeks out. It probably won’t be a marathon PR, but you’ll be able to run it and be happy. Is your husband running it with you?
    Speaking of your husband, Happy Birthday! Sounds like the perfect way to spend it.

    1. I do miss our little kittens already. Hopefully they have settled in with another foster family until they are big enough to be adopted.
      The 2am alarm for our flight was a bit shocking, but I’m looking forward to an enjoyable week!

  2. First off, happy belated birthday to your husband. I agree, when you’re empty nesters spending your birthday with the kids is the best way to celebrate!

    While I’d rather have had cool, crisp, and clear weather for a long run (back when I ran marathons), I realized that marathon morning could bring any type of weather so I’d run in whatever the day brought. I might have complained about the rain, but unless it was storming I’d suck it up and run in it. And like you, once I got going I realized that it wasn’t so bad.

    Can’t wait to see where you’re off to on your next trip!

  3. I have a tough time starting any run in the rain. If I’m already out, running, and the rain appears, it’s not a big deal (most of the time), but it’s a different ballgame willingly heading out into it, LOL…especially for a long run! My parents had season tickets for the Iowa games, several years ago, on the top row in the end zone. They loved them for all the reasons you stated. Happy bday to the hubby!

  4. I think there is something to be said for extra sleep! 🙂
    I am not opposed to running in the rain if the temperature is somewhat pleasant. I don’t like to be wet AND cold.

    Happy birthday to your husband. It sounds like you had a nice time at the Parent’s Weekend and got to celebrate a little bit.

    1. The sleep stats are quite interesting in Garmin. It’s also interesting to see how all of the stats work together to come up with a total fitness score. I’m a slave to my Garmin right now! 🤣

  5. Good to hear you’re out running and it sounds like you’re doing well although you’re behind with the marathon training. Your house must be empty without those lovely kitties!
    My trainer did his 100 mile race in pouring rain and got some serious blistering… personally I loved running in (light) rain but I guess it depends on the length of the run.

  6. I kind of miss the college campus visits! it’s always so fun with so much energy. I would much rather run in the rain than the scorching heat!

  7. Is it a BIG trip, or just up to Canada? Exciting! I ran in the rain tomorrow (but only 3 miles). It’s still warm so it felt good (and it wasn’t pouring).

    That game looks plenty packed to me!

    We might have a trip involving our passports next year . . . too soon to tell, but I started a Pinterest board on it. 🙂

  8. Such a big week!

    We have been in the last row of a stadium and it’s wild, for sure! Your view was great.

    I don’t start anything in the rain. I hate it so much lol.

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