It was race week!  The Chicago Marathon happened today, and you may have heard- records were broken!  Kelvin Kiptum won with a time of 2:00:35.  WOW!  The weather was amazing. Here’s what happened this past week leading up to the race… there was only one official workout on my training, so it wasn’t a very exciting week – until Sunday! 

Mon – 6 mile run.  Maybe my last dark morning run!  Might have to move indoors to my treadmill after marathon recovery.

Lunch walk, 30 mins.  Felt good to get outside, but it was really warm out!  “Feels like 88”  Should have worn a tank top.

Tues – Rest day!

Weds – 1.19 mile run.  With the forecasted cool temps in Chicago, I needed to try out my race outfit with my handmade arm warmers.  Everything was good to go!

Thurs – Rest day! At night we took a trip to Ohio State to see our son play in the concert band.  We also got to enjoy dinner with him, which was great.  Great to see him again in person. But not great because it rained the entire night and we were drenched!  We had to miss some of the concert after he played because of the long drive home (2 ½ hours each way!) and we needed our rest for Chicago!

Fri – Road trip to Chicago!  We hit the expo when we arrived, and spent 2 ½ hours there.  Even after a little rest in our hotel before dinner, we were pretty tired after such a busy day! 

Our hotel is beautiful!

Sat – Chicago is really chilly!  I forgot to bring weather appropriate clothes for walking around, and I really missed having a warmer jacket.  I think all of the cold weather made me feel a bit sick so we spent most of the day in our hotel relaxing and I took a nap.  

Sun – Race day!!  Did I get the 4:07 my Garmin predicted for this race??  Sadly I did not!  Not even close.  Unfortunately I wasn’t well trained for this race because the weather was just perfect.  But I did finish, and I did about as well as I thought I might. And hey, as a first time race for me, it’s an instant “fastest Chicago”.  But, my husband did get a BQ!!  So that was super exciting and I’m very happy for him.  He’s been trying to get a BQ again for quite some time now and his race day went great.  I’ll have a Chicago Marathon recap posted this week, so stay tuned 🙂

Cheers – pizza and beer for the marathoners!

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Q: Did you watch any of the Chicago Marathon?

16 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Chicago!”
  1. Congrats on that Chicago PR 😉 And a huge congrats to the hubby on his BQ!!!! As you know, every finish line is a victory, and you had a decent fight in getting there (and not just on race day). I hope your recovery goes well, and that you enjoyed your time in the Windy City 😉

  2. Way to go! You ran the Chicago marathon and finished, even if you weren’t as well-prepared as you would have liked to be. That’s still a huge accomplishment. Can’t wait to read the recap!
    And major props to your husband for his BQ! That’s amazing!!!

    1. Thanks! It’s too bad that you have to be at least 6 minutes under your qualifying time to feel secure about Boston! He’ll have to qualify again with a better time, but he’s got plans to race again in the spring.

  3. Congrats on getting out there and finishing.

    Can’t wait to read the recap.

    Congrats to the hubby did his BQ

    1. Above all I’m glad I was able to run and finish. I would have been sick to my stomach thinking about all of the money I spent on that trip if I couldn’t run it! haha! (but seriously, it’s not a cheap trip)

  4. Congrats! Finishing any marathon, no matter the finish time, is a huge accomplishment. And congrats to your husband!

    Mmmm, that deep dish pizza. 🙂

    They don’t call Chicago the windy city for nothing! That hotel is definitely beautiful.

    Again great job (and feel better).

    1. Even though it was a splurge, it was money well spent to be so close to the race! Driving in Chicago made me crazy, so I can only imagine how stressful it would have been on race morning.

  5. Congratulations!!!! Yes, I watched the entire marathon. So fun that you were in the same race where a world record was set! Kiptum’s time is insane- what is next? Sub 2? It’s exciting.
    It sounds like you enjoyed your time, and a huge congrats to your husband! I’m looking forward to the race recap.
    Hope you’re getting some good recovery this week- and I hope you’re not sick!

    1. Thankfully I didn’t feel sick after Saturday! I think the change in temperature, and not having appropriate cold weather clothes, was probably a big part of the issue.

  6. Congrats, Lisa, on completing a marathon after coming back from your injuries. And congrats to your husband on his BQ! I look forward to reading your recap!

  7. How fun that you got to see your son perform!

    I’m sorry your day didn’t go how you might have liked, but congratulations to your husband! That’s amazing!

    Will you be back?

    1. No worries, I didn’t really expect a whole lot based on only an 8 week training cycle. I am not disappointed!
      I feel like I have to get back to Chicago at some point now. Gotta improve on that time! (although I swore off marathons during the race…haha)

  8. Cold weather is always great for the race but not for exploring! Those Boston jackets actually trap heat though!

    Congratulations on another marathon finish and another major completed!

    1. The Boston jackets are pretty warm! The Chicago one I just bought is super thin, but super water repellent. It will be interesting to see how warm it is or what weather I will wear it for when running.

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