I’m currently training for the Churchill’s half marathon on November 11th. I ran 28 miles this week, and walked several times because the weather was great. We had a record temperature of 79 this week, and then the temps dropped. The leaves have all turned and everyone is now very busy raking them up. Halloween is right around the corner!

Mon  – rest day, since I did a long run on Sunday.  I hate when a Sunday run messes up my weekly workouts! We carved pumpkins this week, so here they are!

Tues – 8 miles, middle 5 at race pace… whatever that is!  I figured I’d just pick up the pace for the middle miles and it resulted in a very good workout.

I had plans at lunch time so I couldn’t go to the gym but I was able to fit in a 30 min workout at home.  In my rush I picked out a Caroline Girven workout which was “full body”.  20 mins into it and we’d only covered legs.  Lunges with weights.  Squats with weights.  I should have picked something different!

After work it was 76 degrees!  I went for a 3 mile walk with my friend around the neighborhood.  What perfect weather!

Weds  – rest day from running!  Good thing, because I am now crippled.  OMG, my legs are so sore from the “full body” workout.  I met up with my Mom and daughter and toured the mansion at our local park which was decked out for Halloween.  Very creative ideas!

Thurs – 3 miles easy.  I thought it would be good to try a lower heart rate run because my Garmin has been complaining about my fitness lately.  Apparently it would be happier with some low effort runs. I was super frustrated trying to keep my HR low and had to walk for half of this run just to lower it.  Fail!  And… my legs are still sore!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to Cedar Point.  This will be our last visit of the year.  We got into the park early, so the lines were super short and we enjoyed some big coasters.  At night we went into several haunted houses.  It was the perfect end to the season!

Fri – 5.5 miles.  I met up with a friend for these miles, which was great.  Happy my legs were working again!We tend to meet up only a few times a year and definitely need to do it more often because we had a lot to catch up on!

Our high school team made the playoffs, so we went to the game.  I’m not sure how the other team made the playoffs because we crushed them 41 to 6.  They didn’t score until the very last second of the game (not kidding, the clock was actually turned back 5 seconds for some penalty and then they made the touchdown). 

A boring game, but the band was great as always.  The visiting band only had 15 members!  They had spirit.  Kudos to them because I think it would be a little intimidating to play when the other band is huge.

Sat – 11.5 miles, long run.  I ran in my race shoes, the Saucony Endorphin Pros.  They felt great!  My everyday trainers were (Saucony Tempus) starting to give me a few hot spots, so I thought a change was due.  This run was pretty good.  Goodbye to those warm temps.  I probably under dressed in a short sleeve and shorts with the temperature at 46.  I kept thinking about how comfortable I was at the Chicago Marathon in the same temps with a tank top and shorts, but I was cold all day after my run. Not sure my HR was any “better”, but it was a longer and faster run. Hmmmm

Extra fitness fun for the day – 2 hours of indoor rock climbing!  I met up with a friend who was in town and we climbed for a long time.  PHEW!!  My arms were toast by the end of the climbing.  I slept very good that night.  Fun fact, my friend is 20 years younger than me!  Originally a running friend, now a climbing friend too 🙂 She gave me some good tips on ways to improve my climbing skills. She climbs at her local gym in Colorado and climbs outdoors too.

Sun – rest day!  A gloomy, chilly day in Ohio.  Perfect for getting stuff done inside the house!

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Q: Did you good weather this week?

I was glad for the chilly Sunday. I have housework to do!!

18 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – fabulous fall!”
  1. A couple non-workout things to comment on first- i love that jack o lantern on the right with the frowning face, ha ha. And- the visiting band only had 15 people??? That’s so odd- I can’t imagine they sounded very good. Like you said, it was brave of them to get out there though. At our game the visiting team also brought their band, and what I didn’t mention in my post is that they were AMAZING. Like, doing dance moves I’ve never seen in my life. They basically showed us up, ha ha, but our band didn’t hold it against them.
    Sounds like you had a good week, other than being crippled by the CG workout- oh yes, I know that feeling! Running-wise it sounds like you’re feeling good, which is nice to hear.

    1. I always thinks it fun when a band has a football player in it, but this week the band director from the visiting band was playing too. He played trumpet! That made me giggle. I think it’s great that our home stadium really cheers on the visiting bands, no matter what the size. We gave them a huge round of applause! I think we only know maybe 2 of the our school’s marching band members this year. It’s weird! Surprisingly, for their small size, the other band sounded decent!
      Caroline made it look super easy with the weights she had… why not use the big ones? LOL!! ouch. Apparently that indicates I am seriously lacking in strength in those areas!

  2. Such a busy week, but I laughed at your comment about being crippled after the Carolyn Girvan workout! I did one of those and you aren’t kidding–who knew body weight workouts could lead to so much pain, lol

    Good luck wrapping up your training for Churchill’s!

    1. Oh no, this workout had weights. Overall I never seem to ever do squats or lunges, so when you add weights into the equation, it doesn’t turn out well. Now I have a goal for the “off season”. Do a squat or two once in awhile!!

  3. Bodyweight workouts have a way of sneaking up on you! I never think they’re gonna be “that intense” until the next morning. Cedar Point really looks like a great place! You’re lucky to have that so close by. Nice workouts and great miles this week!

    1. I probably would be sore from just body weight exercises, so adding those weights was a recipe for disaster! We are very lucky to have Cedar Point so close. We grew up thinking everyone had roller coasters near them!

  4. We had summer temps this week. It was lovely.

    Today? Yes very wet and cold. Gloomy, for sure.

    I did wear my marathon once this week. Just a new color of a pair I’ve worn before.

    I did buy a new shoe and I like it but not to race, yet.

    I’ve never been rock climbing but I know I would suck. I have zero arm strength. But I am working at it at the Y.

    Good luck in your race.

    1. My friend gave me a great tip while we were climbing. She said we have strong legs from running so we should use those legs to push up to the next hold instead of always pulling with our arms. Save the legs for the last part of the climb when you really need the strength!

  5. You have some beautiful fall photos this week. Glad your running injuries seem to be a lot better. Summer temps are weird when it’s almost November! Have a great week ahead

    1. It’s amazing how much better my body feels when I’m only running 10-12 miles for a long run instead of 18-20! I’m enjoying the decrease in mileage.

  6. I’m always impressed with your indoor climbing! Everything about it is impressive. But OMG your full body aka leg workout! It sure can be tough if you aren’t used to those moves and with weights too. After my first gym sessions last year I was so sore I could barely move. And so exhausted, coming from the gym, that I could barely take myself up the stairs to the office!
    I love your pumpkins! And visiting haunted houses, how fun!

    1. Climbing has been fun! I could be a lot better with grip strength because that is really lacking. The next level up in skills at the climbing gym use really small holds which require good grip strength. I haven’t done well on those!

  7. The weather was good, although warmer than I would have liked. As usual.

    Our football team finally pulled off a win, but we are only there for the band. Our guys played stand tunes (with a standstill show) on Friday night, and then crushed their MPA on saturday. We have one more competition and then we get a week break before indoor winds season.

    I have to carve my pumpkin. They rot so fast here, so I just haven’t done it.

    1. It is interesting that our band has never been a competition band. I think they would be good at it, but it’s always just been a marching band. It was fun to see them, but so odd that I only recognized a few kids!

  8. hehe, those Caroline Girvan workouts have left me in a similar situation, even when it didn’t seem that hard while I was doing it! Good luck at your half, it seems like you have recovered well from Chicago!

    Great fall colors in your pics, so pretty.

  9. Sounds like you’re back to more comfortable running. Yay! Which Garmin do you have? I am in the market for a new one soon-ish but I haven’t decided yet which one to get. Any insights?

  10. I’m almost a week late commenting, but yes, the week you had so much warm weather we did, too.

    How fun that your running friend was in town and that she climbs, too. I just saw an article that said a climbing gym will be opening in our town. I know at least one of the area gyms has a climbing wall, but this gym will be just for climbing. I’m not sure I’d be up for climbing very high since I’m afraid of heights, but I’d like to try it.

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