Welcome back to my blog! If you like fall colors, crunchy leaves, beaches, foster kittens, deer, or treadmills, you will LOVE this weeks post! 😁 I didn’t do a whole lot of working out this week, but I soaked in all that my world was offering me with open arms. It was a road-tripping week, but I did manage to run 20 miles and went to gym once (hello Planet Fitness, long time no see!!). Here’s what went down this week (and if you want the most exciting part, skip to Thursday…)

Mon – 4 easy miles, treadmill. This was my first treadmill run of the fall/winter season! My Garmin was off from the real distance. Not sure if I should wear my foot pod (which has always worked well) or not. Not only did I get to enjoy some TV time, we also celebrated hitting the 20,000 mile mark on our treadmill! Still just as happy with it as the day we bought it.

Tues – 5 miles. 48 degrees was a good temperature to be running, and I also got to enjoy some Halloween decorations in my neighborhood. This new dragon was pretty cool! My daughter was home from college so she made some delicious crepes for breakfast.

Weds – Rest day! After work we drove up to Manistee Michigan. Road tripping!! We are taking a fall color tour with an audio tour guide along the famous M-22 route. We have owned my VW ID.4 for almost a year now and have put 20,000 miles on it! We got free charging (it’s an EV) for 3 years, so we are taking advantage of it. We didn’t get to the hotel until midnight, but got some solid sleep!

Thurs – Michigan M-22 tour day! We drove from Manistee to Sleeping Bear dunes. It was cloudy, but not raining. We went on a few hikes, and just gazed at the shore. Lake Michigan is so clear and blue! It also has soft sandy beaches.

And why do I look so wacky in this picture?? Well, it was taken moments after a big DEER RAN INTO MY CAR! Yes, “ran into my car”. We were cruising along, just chatting it up and out of the corner of my eye I see a deer just a split second before it crashed into the side of my car! “Oh shit!!” I saw it was a buck, as it’s head and antlers hit my driver’s side window (I was driving) and the deer’s feet and back end smashed against the side windows. Within a split second the deer was no where to be seen and Alan and I just looked at each other, incredulously! I pulled over. Miraculously my car only has a few scratches on a plastic trim piece and a couple other small scratches which can probably be buffed out. See, I told you this was the exciting part!! We were sooooo lucky. Glad we were all safe (including the deer!).

Fri – Back to the tour! We started the day in Traverse City and made our way back up the coast, and around to Sleeping Bear Dunes again, ending the tour. This was an interesting tour and the leaves were at peak color!

We did a wine tasting in Glen Arbor. Yummy!

Sat – We visited my sister in law and her husband. They bought a house along the lake a year ago. Their place is awesome! I can’t wait to visit again in the summer.

Alan took some drone pictures which really captured the colors around the lake house. WOW!

Sun – 11 miles, long run. Back home again. A cold morning – 37 degrees! Overall this run went well. I ran it as negative splits, and went over 2 of the hills that will be part of my half marathon course. We’ll see how my body is feeling about that tomorrow! 😆

Then, it was time for a trip to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately everyone else in town had the same idea and we waited 40 minutes for donuts, and then had to rush through so my daughter could make it to work on time. Oh well! At least we got our pumpkins and donuts!

Here’s the foster kitten news – Mr Mew Mew was adopted by a coworker of my friend! I know he went to a great family. ❤️

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Q: Have you ever hit a deer??

I’ve seen many, many deer off the side of the road, and had near misses, but this was the first time I’ve ever collided with one. Hopefully my last time too!!

Q: Do you put up any yard decorations for Halloween?

We have one bush of orange lights and a lit up skeleton 🙂

16 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – the colors of fall”
  1. I’m almost afraid to type this (you know, tempting Fate and all), but I’ve never hit a deer. No one in the family has either (including my parents, my kids, or my sister). I’m glad you didn’t have any major damage, but gosh, how scary!

    1. I still don’t know how we got so lucky with the deer collision. It could have been really bad!! Especially because my car would have to be towed on a flatbed truck since it’s an EV. I’m sure it would not have been cheap.

  2. Thank goodness the deer did minimal damage to your car, and you and Alan weren’t hurt. A deer ran into the side of my car one evening when my son was driving it. My son wasn’t hurt, but there was significant damage to the car.

    We don’t put up yard decorations for Halloween (pumpkins, yes), but some of my neighbors go crazy overboard! I’m talking 12-foot tall skeletons, clowns and red balloons coming out of the sewer, etc!

    Lucky Mr. Mew Mew!

  3. How scary. I never have but come close. We have a lot of deer around here.

    What a nice trip.

    I have mums and a fall wreath and flag. More decorations inside. I don’t go crazy like some of my neighbors

  4. OMG, the deer! 😵 I’m so glad you’re ok, and your car too. It looks like a fantastic trip with some amazing colours!
    We don’t do much for Halloween. I’d like to do more for the fun of it but first I need to get the house in order. Maybe next year! I have some super cool knitted spiders that my mother made.

  5. WOW- you are so lucky with that deer! What a fright. So glad you’re okay!

    LOVE the drone photos- your sister’s place looks incredible. What a fun trip (minus the deer part!)

  6. Gosh, it looks like a great road trip! I love the fall colors!

    Wow on logging 20K on your treadmill! I don’t know if my old Lifefitness tread had an odometer somewhere.

    1. Our odometer is hard to find, but my husband loves knowing all the stats. It probably seems very ancient compared to the treadmills they have now, but if you don’t know any better you don’t miss those features! 😃

  7. Wow, you had a fun, exciting and scary week all rolled into one. Crazy story about the deer- I’m glad you were all okay, because that could have been a serious accident.
    Your fall photos are GORGEOUS. I guess that’s what happens when you go on a fall color tour. I’m envious- it all sounds very cozy. I would even take the 37 degree run! And I’m so glad Mr. Mew Mew got adopted. Although I’m not surprised- look at that adorable little face. Of course someone wanted him!
    Glad you’re feeling good and running is going well!

  8. I’m glad you & your car were okay! Deer can do SO much damage. They just eat alongside the highways here . . . so far so good.

    Your photos are beautiful! And I want someone to make me crepes. 🙂 Although my husband did make me eggs last night, which was welcome.

  9. Ok, so I was loving everything about this post, UNTIL THE DEER!!!! That’s so freaking terrifying! Although it would have been amazing if the deer was in the picture!

    I am glad your car is ok, and I hope the deer is, too!

    We don’t get beautiful foliage like that. I’m in love with your photos!

  10. Wow, a house by the lake among those beautiful trees. I love it.

    Also: breakfast crepes are the best (I prefer crepes over pancakes).

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