I ran 17 miles this week.  That didn’t seem like much but then I remembered I just ran a half marathon last Saturday.  Everything is feeling good so it was easy to forget.  Here is a recap of the Churchill’s Half marathon.  I also went on many walks this week, taking advantage of the continuing fall weather.  We have had some frost in the mornings, but this week had a lot of great weather too. It hit 70 degrees!

Mon –  Active recovery day –  30 mins elliptical.  My husband woke up very early to run, so I got up too 🙂  He runs with two guys who are also retired, but yet the guys insist on meeting at 5:30am.  They are set in their ways.

Tues – Active recovery day – 15 mins elliptical.  I slept in a bit but it was nice to get a little bit of exercise in before work.  I took a walk after work.  Beautiful leaves are all around!  

Weds – 4 miles, treadmill run.  I thought I might run 6 miles, but nope, 4 was good enough!  I always say there are some really great things about half marathons, and the short recovery time is definitely one of the best things!

2.25 miles walking.  A nice walk in the park with my mom!  We saw 7 deer all together.  

We went to a University of Toledo volleyball game.  We’ve never been to a volleyball game before, but it was much more fun to watch than I expected it would be!  We also learned all about the sport.

Thurs – 3.25 miles running.  A quick run around the neighborhood before a meeting. 

7 miles, mountain biking.  The afternoon temperature was almost 70 so we went for a ride on the mountain bike trail.  It was the perfect day for a ride.

Fri – Rest day!  I thought our foster kittens were heading back to the shelter, but the shelter is pretty full so we agreed to keep them for a few more days.  I think that was a blessing because they are still getting more friendly and a few more days will really help.  It was a rainy day and I spent a lot of time working on some Christmas presents. I am going to be ahead of the game this year!

Sat – 6.5 miles, trail running.  This was the annual Fat Ass run.  A fat ass run is a group run where there is food and friends.  You could run as many loops as you liked, and along the route we collected doll heads!  Yep, little heads hanging from the trees in the woods!  I found 6 of them and Alan found 9.  He found the most!  We had a lot of good food and chatted with people we haven’t seen in a while.  I’m very thankful I didn’t trip on this run. I haven’t run trails in a very long time and the tree roots hidden under the leaves were a challenge!

Sun – 5k Toledo Roadrunners Turkey Trot Prediction Race!  Since this was a prediction race we had to write down what we thought our time would be for this 5K race.  There is a big hill on this course so I figured maybe 29:06 sounded good.  My husband wrote 27:00, although we ran together.  We were not allowed to use any sort of tracking device, but I think a lot of people still had a Garmin recording their run.  We did – but never looked at our watches.  Our finish time was 28:07, not even close!!  We have won a turkey in the past at this event for a close prediction, but not this year.  It was a fun event and we saw a lot of friends.  And any event which has donuts is always good!

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Q: Are you a volleyball fan, or player?

Being a short person, volleyball wasn’t my thing back in school!

16 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – recovery week”
    1. Ah yes, I can definitely see you playing volleyball!
      The winner at the Turkey Trot was less than 2 seconds off of his predicted time! The big hill on the course was a wild card, but otherwise I was happy with how close I got on my time.

  1. WOW- what FUN events this week!! I love it. And I have to chuckle at the guys your husband runs with that still meet at 5:30 am 🙂 Amazing.

    Those kitties- they melt my heart!

    1. I’ve got a holiday 5K in a few weeks, but then the next big one is Glass City half marathon. I’m taking the spring off of full marathoning to rest a bit!

  2. Sounds like a fun week! I do better biking and eating than running and eating, but that donut looks tempting!

    I haven’t played volleyball since high school gym class. 😉

    1. All donut eating was done post run! My stomach does a lot better with a minimum amount of food before a run.
      Volleyball was a sport that made me super nervous to play. I prefer individual sports, not team ones where everyone is depending on me to play well!! 😬

  3. Sounds like a fun week! I’m glad the kittens got to stay a little longer. So you didn’t win a turkey this year, but at least your finish time was faster than you predicted. I’m impressed (and envious) that you were working on Christmas presents. I haven’t even started!

    1. Oh, I’ve got nothing but time now that I’m an empty nester. Waaaaaa! Well, I do have more time, and I have a shortened deadline this Christmas due a vacation 😉

    1. Sorry your comment got lost in the mix! That’s so cool that you were still playing volleyball after college. Hopefully you will get back at it after you are all fixed up!

  4. So many fun events this week! That Fat Ass run sounds like a blast–I just love the whole trail race vibe. Doll heads, lol

    I love watching volleyball! I was never good at it, so spectating it is.

  5. Oh wow, you had a fun filled week! I love the idea of the Fat Ass run with friends and food! Looks like you had a great turnout!

    I’ve never been a huge volleyball fan, but that might change. My good friend’s daughter is a high school junior and just committed to play for Virginia Tech. I’m sure we’ll go to see her play!

  6. Your races and other events sound like so much fun! The doll heads in the woods? Absolutely mad but I love it!!
    I’m sure the kittens will be happy staying with you a few more days.
    I used to enjoy playing volleyball when we did it in school and in my church youth group, I’m small and not the typical volleyball player but I guess I enjoyed it because it was the only sport I didn’t suck at. Meaning, at least I hit the ball, lol!

  7. So many fun events for you this week! I like the sound of that Fat Ass run but I wonder where the doll head aspect came from?? Haha! I’ve watched Olympic beach and regular volleyball on TV but I haven’t gone to an actual game. That said, I did play in an adult volleyball league many years ago and it was way too serious for me.

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