For everyone in the US, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!! It was a wonderful week at my house full of lively kid noises, a tiny little kitten roar, and we loved it! Both kids were home from college and we spent a lot of time together. I ran 21.7 miles.

First, I’m happy to announce that I am returning in 2024 as a Run Toledo Ambassador. This will be my 8th year as an RTA! Time flies! It’s a fun group of people offering races for everyone. Speaking of which, I’ll be running the Christmas Village 5K on Saturday! This is my picture from last year’s race:

Second – we’ve got a new foster kitten! Camden is the only one we have and he’s a fireball and a cutie. A whole bunch of fun! There’s something to be said for only having to scoop up litter for just one kitten instead of 5! 🙂 He’s only 5 weeks old and has little baby mews and baby blue eyes. So cute!

Mon – rest day from running.  The weather was warm enough for an afternoon walk in the park.  My mom and I walked almost 2.5 miles. The park is decorated for the holidays and lights are hung along the walkway.

Tues – 4 miles treadmill.  My watch must be calibrated now. The distance was almost spot on this morning.

Weds – 6 miles.  I had the day off work which was great because my kids are home from college!  We started the day at the Toledo Museum of Art.

My daughter actually saw the water lilies at Giverny in France when she visited Monet’s house earlier this year.  How cool is that?

We went climbing in the evening.  The routes change on a weekly basis so I didn’t get to try to finish the route I was challenged on last time I visited the climbing gym.  Oh well, there are lots of routes I am challenged by! (but also lots I can finish.  Yay!)

I feel like a legit climber now. I just got a chalk bag and shoes. I’ve got it all!

Thurs – 1.5 miles. Happy Thanksgiving!  Just a short turkey trot to start the busy day.  This is the 13th year of our family event.  

After the run we visited my parents then started cooking! A delicious meal was enjoyed by all 🙂 

Fri – 4 miles.  Chilly!  Note to self – I NEED to wear fleece tights for any temps under freezing 🙂 It took awhile to thaw out my legs after this run.

Sat – 6 miles.  A little colder today, but I did wear fleece tights.  Yet, when I took a shower I noticed my skin was red like a sunburn from the cold.  Geez, it’s only 27 degrees… how am I going to survive this winter??  I represented my team.  

Sadly my support wasn’t enough.  Ohio State took a tough loss to Michigan.  Booo!  

I worked on a holiday project.  I rehung the lights in these snowmen.  These used to belong to our neighbor who moved.  I don’t remember if I paid 50 cents for them or if I got them for free at her moving sale, but my neighbor was happy they found a new home and I was thrilled to have them!  The lights died last year and now they have LED twinkling lights.  They look beautiful!  Of course my foster kitten “helped” a lot.

Sun – Rest day… putting away Christmas storage totes, and spending 5 hours driving my son back to college!  But first donuts. And coffee. This week’s coffee run to Wendy’s was a lot cheaper than our last Starbucks run!!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Have you tried the new Wendy’s Peppermint Frosty Cream Cold Brew?? (Darlene, I’m looking at you! 😉) I thought it was good!

Q: Did you run a Turkey Trot this year?

17 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Very thankful!”
  1. Wow, Wendy’s has fancy coffee? Is it obvious (1) we don’t have a Wendy’s nearby, or (2) I don’t drink coffee? Sounds like a great week, and lots of fun family time took place. I was rooting for OSU, since we played Michigan two years ago in the championship game. Michigan kicked our buttocks (badly!!!!), so I am not looking forward to a repeat, LOL!

    1. I probably wouldn’t know about the Wendy’s coffee either, but since we have been watching the OSU football games we saw a commercial for it! It’s actually a bit interesting to see commercials when you haven’t seen any in a really long time. I didn’t even mind watching them!

  2. What a busy week! I’m sure you loved having both kids home. As a Wisconsin fan, I didn’t know who to root for–Ohio State or Michigan– so I just watched the game. Wisconsin beat Minnesota and reclaimed Paul Bunyan’s axe, so there’s that!

    Yes, I ran a TT with my son!

  3. Camden! That’s the borough we live in here in London. Can I adopt him please? What a cutie.

    I love your decorations!

    You are a legit climber- impressive! What a great workout.

    1. I’m about ready to send Camden packing. He’s got some killer nails which allow him to climb up everything – which is often our legs. yikes!! Kittens will be kittens. But yes, he’s too cute to stay mad at him for long!

  4. That sounds like a really fun week! Kids home, a blue-eyed kitten, running…. And climbing!
    No turkey trots here but we had a good weekend with my husband’s half marathon, music, and walking.
    I’ll need to up my leggings on for my walk tomorrow. The forecast doesn’t look nice. But aren’t we lucky that someone invented fleece lined leggings!

    1. In general we are lucky because women have so many running/workout clothing choices compared to the guys!! Bike shorts and bras with pockets… capris when it’s that in between weather… earbands. My husband has no where near the options I have!

  5. GAH!!!! Camden! He is the cutest cutie!!! Yes, I can imagine what a tremendous “help” he was with the Christmas lights.
    I’m so glad you had both kids home. It must have been such a fun week! About expensive Starbucks drinks- last time I was there the woman ahead of me had a massive order of drinks that came to $111. I reiterate- she was JUST AHEAD of me, so I was a little cranky about having to wait for them to make all her drinks. But I was also fascinated at seeing someone spend that much at Starbucks.

    1. Dang, that must have been an office run to Starbucks. I haven’t ordered a drink in person for years now. I just order on the app and pick it up. I’d be cranky waiting for a big order like that too. It has been rough spending actual money for Starbucks!! I might have to go back to getting McDonald’s McCafes 😉

  6. How fun to have your kids home for Thanksgiving break! I love your family turkey trot tradition. We, too, run in a turkey trot – usually at the church just down the street, but this year we were visiting our son and d-i-l so we ran in a turkey trot near them.

    Chalk and climbing shoes? You are legit!

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