Do you ever get that feeling that you just need to get away?  After an awful January, I was in need of a mental health retreat.  And that’s just what happened!  The timing of this break was quite coincidental because I had planned this trip months ago.  I had been looking forward to it and counting down the days.  At the time “Epic Colorado” was conceived, I actually said “my parents are in good health, now is the time to do it”.  Plans were made, reservations were paid for… and then my Dad passed away (and all of the other bad stuff happened).  The timing of my trip then seemed a bit off, considering it was just 3 days after the funeral home memorial, but honestly, it made the trip even more needed than ever.  My first and foremost concern was my Mom, and she made it clear that she would be fine and the trip should still take place.  So we packed up the truck and headed to the slopes! Hang on – I’ve got a lot to unpack here… and lots of pictures!

My husband and I have been coming to Summit County for skiing for 30+ years and it feels like my home away from home.  This trip was restorative on many levels.  Just being out in the fresh air and sunshine can lift anyone’s spirits!

The travel time between Colorado and Ohio is 2 days each way, which gave us 2 weeks in the mountains.  This year we bought Epic Passes, which allows us access to the Vail network of ski resorts.  Our goal was to make these passes as affordable as possible and we already had 5 days of skiing at Whistler Blackcomb (Canada) on them from December.  We are now up to 14 days!

Before the good times started though, January had to prove it wasn’t done being a big crapshow.  Our first day of skiing was fun, meeting up with a friend… until it wasn’t.  Our friend is a beginner skier and ended up on a slightly challenging run.  She couldn’t stop, and crashed.  She tore her ACL and MCL.  Super sucky because she is training for a 100 miler race in the fall!  And, one of her jobs is a dog “runner”.  Whomp whomp.  She did take it stride.  Not sure how she was not in tears because I definitely would have been bawling!  Hopefully her recovery is speedy and she is up to speed sooner than later.

On this trip we skied at: Vail (2 days), Beaver Creek (2 days), Keystone (2 days) and Breckenridge (3 days).  Yep, 9 days of skiing!!  Garmin said we skied 370 miles! My top speed was 31.5 mph. Woot! A snow storm rolled in early on our trip and made the skiing very fun.

We had some beautiful bluebird ski days and some snowy whiteout days.

We ate hot dogs in the middle of Vail mountains for lunch, and ate cookies after skiing at Beaver Creek. Beaver Creek has been handing out cookies to skiers at 3pm every day for years!

We stomped around Vail like we were the rich and famous (I did look for celebrities, but sadly I did not see any!!). I thought maybe a Kardashian would show up. haha!!

Of course we can’t ski every day, so I worked remotely on our rest days.  This was great proof of concept that my job can be performed anywhere.  One day my boss asked if I could stop over to his office! Um, no. Our condo was the perfect size for just the two of us.  I had very few distractions during my work day  and I think I was more productive than at home!  

Logging in at 6am (mountain time) wasn’t too bad and it made my day go by very fast.  I got to enjoy the sunrise from our condo.

On my lunch hour for work I got outside to enjoy the area.  I went for a run, but it was challenging!  The condo was at an elevation of 9,800 feet and the altitude was exhausting.  We were on a hill so I pretty much ran/walked up the hill and ran down the hill!  The first day I did intervals and my speed on the downside hit 6:50!!!  Yes, there is a SIX in that pace.  Wow.  

When I wasn’t running (because oof, skiing is a workout on it’s own and I need to REST!), I took a little hike on a trail which was right next to our condo.  Ahhhhhh.  This is mountain living at it’s finest!  This is a pic of our condo from the trail.

And for sure we turned into locals, enjoying all of the fun food and beer the area offers.  Living in snowpants and hats?  That’s my jam! My regular pants might not fit when I get home, but it was totally worth it.

All in all this was a very, very much needed break.  It was a lot like when we were first married and traveling before kids.  Just like the good old days.  I would have loved to bring our kids along, but it’s also very reassuring to know we still enjoy our travels just the two of us.  Moving into this new phase of life will be OK, both with my family and my mom.  And yes, I could totally move to the mountains. I ❤️ snow.

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Q: If you were taking an extended driving trip, what would you bring?

My must haves: my pillows (I sleep with a body pillow!), a small drying rack (hanging workout clothes to dry is a must), a crockpot and my computer 🙂

26 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – Epic Colorado”
  1. I hate your friend got injured!! I would have also been in tears. Other than that your trip looks fun! Food looks amazing as well. I do love the mountains but not so much the snow!

    My pillow and a blanket would be a must for an extended driving trip!

    1. I am very picky about my sleeping pillows. I also have a very firm, cooling pillow. It was super nice to have both of my pillows with me which made for excellent sleep. I don’t think I’ve slept so well in years!! It was such a nice reboot and I’m ready to take on the world again back home.

  2. Looks like your time away was just what you needed. We all deal with grief differently and you have to do what works best for you. Your story about your friend makes me nervous. I am going skiing in a few weeks for the first time in 20 years since I tore my ACL and MCL in Aspen. Hopefully I will have a better experience!
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Heart And Sole Weekly Run DownMy Profile

    1. Please take it easy skiing!! The conditions were not ideal for someone who hadn’t mastered turning, so yes hopefully your ski trip will be awesome and not at all like her experience! We have never been to Aspen. Still on our bucket list! Maybe next year because we might get the Ikon Pass for next season.

  3. Yes im ready for a getaway. But im heading south.

    I have two friends who have condos and spend the winter skiing.

    I hope your friend recovers quickly.

    I just bring lots of clothes and shoes.

    1. We talked to someone last year who said he goes skiing for a month, which is what got me thinking about my own work situation – which resulted in this trip! My employer does not want to have remote workers, but was flexible with my situation. I’m very thankful to work for a company like that! Maybe a winter of skiing will be in my future too! Although condo HOA dues are outrageous. I think we would stick with just renting from someone else.

  4. Yes to fresh air and sunshine – I agree – they can heal all ails! Looks like a great trip and now I want a vacation. We may be traveling this week to see my parents but it will depend on the weather and I’m not sure 8+ hours i the car iwth 3 little ones counts as a getaway 😉
    Yikes, I’m sorry to hear about your friend. How scary. I haven’t been skiing in years and wouldn’t know how to do it these days, but I remember falling so many times when just learning!
    Melissa recently posted…First Zero Mileage Week In YearsMy Profile

    1. It was so unfortunate that my friend got hurt. I know she really wanted to get her money’s worth out of her ski pass this year, so I think that is down the drain too now. I didn’t even fall on this trip, which is a bit surprising. It happens to everyone!

  5. Wow, looks like an epic trip! The timing couldn’t have been better. My hubs and I used to travel all the time before kids, but now I can’t get him to go anywhere except Wisconsin. You’re so lucky!

    If we were driving, I’d for sure bring my pillow. I always bring it up to our lake house. I sleep so much better.

    Your friend will probably shed a few tears once she comes home and faces the music. That’s how SJ (my trainer) tore her ACL–skiing. She’s 3 weeks out from surgery and is doing really well.
    Wendy recently posted…Moving ForwardMy Profile

    1. My Google search told me the recovery process for ACL or MCL tears was around 6 weeks. I really hope so!! She was making progress on her 100 miler training and hopefully she will bounce back from this. She mentioned that a 100 miler in Colorado is like training for a half marathon back in Ohio… she knows people in Colorado training for 200 and 300 mile races!! So crazy.

  6. I’m glad you had such a good trip! A vacation without the kids does have a different feel for sure.
    Oh your poor friend – I hope she’s able to recover as quickly as possible!

  7. I’m so sorry about your friend, but this getaway sounds like just the escape you and your husband needed. All that skiing sounds glorious and it looks like you had perfect conditions.

  8. It sounds like this trip was exactly what you needed- very therapeutic! And I love how you were at “work” and no one realized you were actually on a ski trip to Colorado.
    I’m very bummed out about your friend. I’m too afraid to ski- I would definitely break and tear multiple body parts. Congrats on getting through 370 miles without an injury!

    1. This has been the most we have ever skied in a season. I’m happy to still be feeling good!! Seeing my friend get hurt definitely made us ski less aggressively though. No terrain parks for me this trip!

  9. Oh, holy ouch, Batman!!! I hope all goes well with your friend’s recovery. I have never down-hilled, and I’m alright with that, LOL. I know my capabilities, and coordination and grace are not my strong suits (by a long shot). I’m glad the getaway worked out well for you, despite all the turmoil and heartache leading up to it.

  10. What a wonderful trip for you and so well needed! That’s great also that you were able to work there. Skiing is totally not for me in any form but it looks like you had a great time. What a big bummer about your friend!!! Hope she recovers quickly!

    1. It was relaxing to continue working because I wasn’t worried about anything “breaking” while I was gone, or having a big workload when I got back. I hope this will be my winter getaway every year!

  11. Oh, what a bummer for your friend. Did her skis not come off? That’s how my sister tore her ACL/MCL skiing in the Alps years ago. Hopefully a quick surgery and recovery.

    Other than that, sounds like a wonderful holiday, just what you needed! I’m so happy for you!

    1. That’s what I was wondering- I can’t remember if the skis popped off or not! She did have them fitted so I’m assuming they were set correctly for her, but who knows. She’s getting around a bit better now, but still not sure if she needs surgery.

  12. I am so glad you were able to have this reprieve after everything that has gone on. You needed it and you deserved it.

    Look at your friend, waving so bravely from the rescue sled! What a warrior! She’s going to come back better than ever. I can feel it.

    Can I just say that your picture of you working in bare feet and tank top speaks to me. I’m always barefoot, no matter how cold it is.

    My husband hates road trips, so we usaully don’t drive anywhere that requires an overnight stop en route. Sigh. that being said, if we WERE to go on a trip like that, I have to have my weighted blanket and pillow, my laptop, running shoes… and that’s about it.

    1. I have never tried a weighted blanket but I bet I’d like it!
      Funny about the feet – I’m usually never barefoot! But with the melting snow I didn’t want to get wet socks 😆

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