Training for the Glass City half marathon continued with 5 more weeks remaining.  I ran 35 miles this week and had many hours of cross training in the form of painting a room.   Here’s how my week went down….

Just as I was basking in the glory of “one guess Wordle” last week, the unthinkable happened on Sunday.  I FORGOT TO FINISH MY WORDLE!!  This was devastating because I had a streak of 140 days going. Seriously??? UGGGHHHH.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Sigh.  But, first world problems, moving on! 

Mon – 5 easy miles.  Rise and shine! My home office is in need of a makeover and that started with new carpet.  I’ve always thought this room was too dark and this light color really fixed that issue.   This is a north facing room so it doesn’t get much sunlight.

Tues – 7 miles, speedwork.  This was 800m alternating tempo pace and easy pace.  I didn’t quite hit the paces but overall it was a challenging workout so I call that a win! My WFH mornings are my favorite… reading emails with my cat, coffee and a muffin!

It was voting day AND taco Tuesday.  Sadly our district did not pass a school levy that was needed.  

Weds – 5 miles, track night!  Holy moly, it was cold at the track!!  I was glad that I grabbed a few jacket choices and I ended up wearing both!  We had a ladder workout today (1600m, 1200m, 1000m, 800m).  This workout went well and I did not overdo it like last week 🙂

Thurs – 4 miles.  I had debated on running today, but some family drama prompted me to get a mental health break in the form of a run! I’m sure we’ve all had those days.  All is well and the run was good.

Painting hit a speed bump when I ran out with just a little bit to go on the accent wall!  And, the 2nd color paint that I bought didn’t quite match my vision of this room so I had to get it re-tinted.  So glad Home Depot could save me with that re-tint!

Fri – 4 easy miles.  Post run we went to see the new baby elephant.  He was as cute as can be!!  Although he stayed close to mama we did get to see him run around a bit. Of course we had to get some ice cream despite the cold weather.

Sat – 10 miles, long run.  Never have I ever… run a long run past noon.  But due to some things I could not avoid (mainly dealing with a family emergency from midnight to 5am, and attending a baby shower) the only time available to run was at 5:30pm so that’s what happened!  It turned out to be a good run with a change of scenery.  Bonus was that HR was 140, and for an average pace of 9:22 that is pretty good for me!

Sun – [much needed] Rest day!!  Painting, and more painting is on the agenda and hopefully getting that room put back together in a few days.

If you know me you’ll know that I love entering contests.  My husband and I were lucky winners of gift cards from Relay Goods!  I just recently learned about Relay Goods and their environmental endeavors.  They purchase lots of overstock shoe models and also “return” shoes.  They’ve got a solid 30 day return policy.  Pretty cool idea.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Do you enter contests?

Always 🙂 I’m waiting to win a free cruise. Hey, it could happen!

15 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – 5 more to go!”
  1. Awesome score on the new shoes (via the gift card)! I’m excited to see how your room re-do turns out…I love changing things up with color 😉 My new place is new construction and is all done in neutrals…not exactly this color freak’s gig, LOL. But, I know those colors are trending at the moment, so I’m gonna give it a whirl and have some fun with colorful accessories (window treatments, bedding, etc.).

    1. I’m guessing you will have a lot of grey/white? Our house is 20 years old and it’s still 80% original beige paint. I have a hard time with decor change!!

  2. Congrats on the win! We had a paint issue similar to that in our powder room. The color we picked was Waaaay too dark and we ended up pivoting. Nice work on the track in those cold temps!

    1. Picking out paint color is hard!! So many factors can change the look. Especially sunlight vs lamps/lighting. I also had to paint the trim and changed my mind on the sheen after the paint was purchased 😆

    1. I was debating on painting before the carpet was installed, but I’m glad I didn’t because the colors can really look different from a sample vs the entire room!

  3. Wow! I need to enter more contests- that’s cool. Sounds like a busy week. I want to see a before/after shot of the room when it’s all done.
    Maybe your heart rate is lower later in the day? Who knows… but it sounds like a great run. I RARELY run that late in the day, and the last time I did, my stomach bothered me because of what I ate earlier. So much easier to get the food thing right first thing in the morning.

    1. An upset stomach was my biggest concern about running late like that so I was happily surprised when all went well! Eating before track night is always tricky too, so I’m pretty hungry when I show up for that.

    1. I would have looked so stupid at track wearing my original game plan of just a quarter zip (and would have froze to death! 🤣) I like to be ready for any situation!

  4. OMG I love contests. Sometimes I win big and then other times, it’s crickets. But winning is always fun.

    That elephant is so adorable. I would have loved to boop its snoot!

    And I can’t wait to see your finished paint vision! So far, it looks great!

    1. It was really fascinating watching the elephants use their trunks. The little one was just trying to figure it out and the mom was picking up stuff. A hand and a nose all in one!

  5. That’s a lovely paint colour, hope you’ve got it all how you like it now. I couldn’t imagine doing 10 miles at 5.30 even though I’m sure I’m perfectly capable of it – funny! I did a 22 miler in the afternoon once and that did NOT go well!

    1. I really thought my evening long run would be awful. I’ve also had bad experiences (stomach related!!) with runs that happen in the afternoon so I’m glad it all worked out!

  6. Wow! Lucky you!!
    And that many miles in the AM… not I!!
    Just love those elephants.

    Have you tried the orange creamsicle frosty?

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