This week was go, go, go! Packed full of friends and fun, and a lot of family too! And foster kittens. Oh, and a bunch of running! 31 miles of running this week, with one more week to go until the Glass City Half Marathon (April 28th) and the Savage 5K (April 27th). This week was busy, but next week will probably be almost as a busy as I volunteer for the race weekend, and run my races. It was my birthday week and I got to spend my special day the way I like to – being with my kids and husband, and with friends too.

Mon – 6 miles… pace miles?  Today I was a bit crazy and decided to join my husband and his friends for their 5:30am run.  Yes, they are all retired.  So why run so early??  They enjoy getting a productive start to their day.  Although I do agree, you can also be productive at 6:30am.  LOL!  I was happy with the pace we started at (9:21) but it progressed and by the end we were running 8:36 for the last mile.  Phew!  

Park walk! 2.25 miles walking with my Mom.

Tues – 6 easy miles.  Big day today… we’re playing bunco!!  My early miles set me up for a productive day of prepping my house and food for our get together.  We all had a fun night.  So fun to see my friends again.  The last time we played bunco was in 2015!!

Weds – 6 miles – track night!  Tonight’s workout was 12 x 400m repeats.  The pace was “repetitive”, which is a quick one.  I shouldn’t have mentioned it outloud, but I gave my group congrats for getting this workout done because I usually skip this workout when it’s on my training plan!  I don’t like to do fast, short bursts any time, but especially so close to the race.  Why risk getting hurt?  Although I wasn’t completely pushing the pace, I did feel some pain after I got home.  Ugh.  But at the time, we were all happy runners for getting this done.

Thurs – 5 easy miles.  I debated running today because I’m starting to feel a familiar pain which turned into a sports hernia last time.  That time took me out for several months so I’m hoping this is just some odd quirk.  It doesn’t bother me when I run, but afterwards it’s a little uncomfortable.  Darn that track workout!

My mom took me out for lunch, and I took her for a tour of downtown Toledo.  It was a nice afternoon with her.

At night we went to a business dinner which was held at a fancy theater. You know it’s fancy when they hire a harpist as entertainment!

Fri – Rest day!  Something odd happened today… our house power was out all day!  In the 20 years we’ve lived at our house the power has never been out for more than a few minutes.  Luckily we were gone most of the day! (And luckily I washed my hair the day before!!)  I went to the high school performance of Mamma Mia.  I love that show and they did a great job  I’m always amazed that these are actually high school kids performing.

Sat – 8 miles, “long run”.  Well, first I ran 5.6 miles… because it was my birthday!  It was a nice run because we all opted NOT to run the workout on our schedule (11 x 300 meter repeats) and just ran together.  I talked them into 5.6 miles instead of 5 miles.  

After our group run I ran some extra miles to get my total miles.  I picked up my birthday treats – Krispy Kreme donuts and Biggby coffee.  I love free birthday treats!

Even my Garmin wished me happy birthday today. How fun!

The afternoon was spent at Ohio State for an engineering event.  My son’s class built robots and had a showcase of their projects.  It was very interesting.  It was the perfect day because my daughter joined us too.

We went to an interesting topiary park in downtown Columbus which was designed like the famous painting shown on the right.

We ate dinner at a fancy restaurant and were slightly underdressed!  LOL!  It was prom weekend and all of the restaurants were booked.

Sun – Rest day! Since it was such a busy day yesterday, my birthday treat had to wait until this morning. Yes, another donut!! Yum 🙂 My husband got me pair of noise cancelling headphones which will be very useful for traveling. I’m looking forward to all of our planned adventures this upcoming year!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

And how are the foster kittens doing? TBH, we’ve had a rough week of some stomach issues and I’m pretty sick of cleaning up after them!! [I can’t even!!] But I think they are on the mend. And, they are still as sweet as ever. Hard to stay mad at little cuties like this. Here’s a fun crazy cat lady picture for you.

Q: What do you pick as your birthday treat?

I’m a chocolate cake and ice cream person, and will never say No to a donut either 😉

17 thoughts on “Weekly workout – bunco, birthday & donuts”
  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You definitely know how to celebrate (it kind of feels like the week was one long celebration, which is exactly as it should be.) I love the crazy cat lady picture (even the throw blanket has little paws all over it, tee hee!)
    Good luck on your race!!!!

  2. Looks like a really fun week of birthday celebrations and great running. Seem like you are in a great place for your race next weekend. Iv’e never seen my Garmin do that!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    These days I lean towards a cupcake — lemon!

    I haven’t played Bunco in ages!

    Good luck with your races this weekend!

    1. I had to watch many videos to get back up to speed on my bunco game. Good thing because I told the instructions/rules several times that night! No one remembered how to play.

  4. What a great birthday celebration, in more ways than one)! I love Mamma Mia, but seems a bit “grown-up” for a high school musical, LOL! The music of ABBA, though, is awesome 😉

  5. Happy birthday! This sounds like such a fun week with lots of get-togethers with friends, other runners and family! I hope your issues will be good for your half marathon next weekend.
    Your little babies are so cute! Although I know stomach issues are less cute, lol.

  6. What a fun, busy week! Bunco! My neighborhood had a bunco group years ago when the kids were little. There were actually 2 bunco groups, and one time we had a ‘buncoff’. The other group was. shall we say, a little mean. We knew that going in, and things were going fine until we played right, left, center. Well, I won, but according to them, the rules had their player winning… suffice it to say we never met up with them again, lol

    I hope your little niggle doesn’t turn into an injury either! Why are we so fragile right before a race?!

    1. Ha!! I love the neighborhood drama! That’s hilarious. I talked 3 “outsiders” into filling in as subs and was happy to see they enjoyed our group.

  7. Happy birthday!
    GIve me all the ice cream and donuts. That’s what I love the most. We are having a frozen custard cake for A’s birthday, and I hope to get another one for mine. Otherwise, I will just make myself a big-a$$ ice cream sundae and be so happy.

    Those kittens! I just want to snuggle them!

  8. Happy Birthday. I love my free Frappuccino at Starbucks on mine
    I love Mamma Mia.. and that Seurat painting.
    Good luck on your race!!

  9. Looks like you had a fun-filled birthday week! I’d never turn down birthday cake or a donut either. That topiary park is cool. I don’t remember seeing it back when I ran the Columbus Marathon. The kitties are so cute!

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