It’s Glass City race week!  I decided to be super conservative this week and give my body a break.  This week started out quite chilly, but ended in the lower 80s.  Oof, right?  Not ideal for race day, but we can’t do much about it.  Here’s what went down this week…

Mon – 2 mile walk. Happy Earth Day! I enjoyed the sunshine with a walk at the park.

Tues – 4 miles, race prep! I tested out my race outfit, although the weather is supposed to be warmer.

Weds –  Rest day 🙂 I was going to only run the warm up and cool down with our 5K Training group, but decided against it.  I still have annoying pains, so I will be resting until Saturday (our 5K day).  The workout on schedule was 12 x 200m. Yep, that one will not help me out any!  Surprise, it was cold so not a lot of runners tonight.  But the ones who showed up really put the effort in!

Thurs – 30 mins elliptical.  Just an easy workout to get the legs moving.  Then, it was time for volunteering!  Kids from a local elementary school made some very cute drawings for us to decorate the expo with.  The theme was “Ready, set, move” and we had a wide range of activities from running to bowling! We had a lot of pictures and they were hung all the way up the stairs to the kids expo.

After the artwork was hung, I moved on to packet pickup setup.  Who knew I’d be moving and lifting heavy boxes of race shirts??  Well, not me.  The race has many variations of shirts – 5K, relay, half, full marathon, jackets – with most in men and women fit.  Phew, it was a lot of work! Yet another 20 min visit to the Planet Fitness hydromassage bed was necessary! I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my gym Black Card lately.

Fri – Rest (?) day again.  Today’s physical effort was working packet pickup.  My daughter and I worked at the expo for 4 hours.  It was quite tiring! 

Talking to so many people was fun, but my voice was worn out by the end and I was so thankful to sit down at dinner.  Carb loading has begun!

Sat – 5K race… the Savage 5K (Savage is the name of a financial company in Toledo).  I wanted to see the group that I have been coaching for the last 8 weeks, so I also signed up for the race.  However, this was going to be an easy run for me.  After the first mile I did see one of “my” runners fall back a bit, so I ran with her.  We finished in 30:06, which was a little slower than she wanted, but that was good enough for 1st in her age group.  That made her quite happy! Another runner also got first in her age group.  Way to go ladies!

I was feeling quite sassy with my newly washed hair before the race… but that look didn’t last long.

Race bling!!

The next event for the day was the kid’s run.  Thankfully there was no rain!  It’s always fun to see the little ones cross the finish line.

Sun – Race day!  Owens Corning Half Marathon at the Glass City Marathon.  I’ll have a recap of this race this week, but the key points are this… the weather was sketchy!  Warm & humid, then rainy.  My finish time was a fraction of a second away from my goal time although my Garmin said I had 15 seconds to spare (what the what??) [yes, I know how chip time works, but really? 15 seconds?? I have turned into “that” person.  Haha!!]  The biggest takeaway from this race is that after I finished I have strong pain in my groin/inner thigh area on the left side.  It did not bother me during the race, but it was in the area which I have been worried about since last week.  Whomp  whomp.  I am hobbling around worse than my husband who ran the full!  Maybe it’s an adductor strain? I really hope this will heal up fast because I’ve got big vacation plans in a just a few days.  Yikes.  Other than these issues, it was a pretty decent race 🙂

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

We will be saying goodbye to our little foster kitties soon! They have had a much, much better week since they started some new meds. Happy kitties, happy me!!

10 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Run Glass City week!”
  1. Congrats to your 5K group sounds like they did really well. And, congrats to you on your half. I hope with some post race rest your groin feels better. Have a great trip

  2. Congrats to your half marathon (it’s still a big achievement in my opinion, no matter the goal time), and other races for both you and your 5k group. You’re involved in so many good things with volunteering. I can imagine it’s enjoyable to see the kids run.
    I hope your groin/adductor gets better! Enjoy the post-race holiday.

  3. I know it’s awful to miss your goal (especially by that little, and espeically when you don’t match up to the event time), but you have been fighting so hard to come back and I think your showing out there is worthy of praise!

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation, and maybe a little break is just what you need to get to feeling all the way better!

  4. Congratulations!!! Sounds like you had a great week and a great race- bummer that it had to end with the adductor pain. I’m hoping that a couple days of rest will help- if I know anything about you, I have a feeling this upcoming holiday will involve lots of activity.
    Congrats to your husband! Oh, and that race weather sounds pretty hideous- although the rain was probably welcome to help you cool off? April races are hard.

  5. Congratulations to you and to your 5k group! My half is this coming Sunday, I’m planning to do 4 miles with our slowest ex-5kers on Tuesday and maybe 3 miles round the lake with Claire on Thursday. Then it’s meant to be hot on Sunday (not in the 80s of course but we’ve been having a cold snap recently).

  6. That is very hot for a race- especially a marathon! How did your husband get on? It seems like Glass City has had a few hot years lately, they are due for a nice chilly one hopefully! I used to hear about it as a really fast spring option, but that weather would scare me a bit!

    Anyways, really awesome week! Hoping the pain is gone for your upcoming vacation!

    1. The good weather was last year. It was chilly and perfect. And oh yeah, I was struggling to get to the start for the half last year too. Ugh! Alan finished in 3:59. Way off goal, but he was fine with it. He bought the Saucony Elites for the race. He liked them – but slippery in the wet conditions!

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