Last week I struggled to get most of my training miles in, and this week I exceeded my plan’s miles! It wasn’t on purpose, but I’m happy that I’m feeling much better this week than last. I ran 42.5 miles this week. I ended up with some lucky 7’s this week (7 miles on Tues, Weds, & Thurs). Overall this was a solid training week. The Glass City Half Marathon is only 3 weeks away as I post this. My miles will start to taper a bit from here. And, Monday is Solar Eclipse day! Woohoo!

I spent time finishing up my room. Here’s the big reveal! I’m very happy with how it turned out. It really brightened up the room. That border and carpet was quite outdated.

I hung pictures from our trips. Good memories!

Mon – 5 easy miles!  How about a Luna pic today?  She misses her pal Zoe.  Luna has been my shadow day and night!  We will be kitten shopping when foster season rolls around 🙂

Tues – 7 miles speedwork. On the treadmill again.  Too dark and spooky looking outside for me! Here’s a training tip… read the training plan.  I thought I only had 1 mile of warm up, some speedwork and then the remaining as a cooldown, totaling 7 miles.  Well, it was actually 2 miles of warmup.  Why does this matter?  The last 3 ½ miles of cool down dragged on FOREVER.  It would have been more tolerable if I split it up more evenly.  Or if I ran outside.  Doh! Here’s a really cool picture of campus after the storms rolled through at Ohio State.

Weds –  7 miles… almost 4 at track and 3 at home.  The weather started out good but a storm rolled in while we were at track so we called it quits by the time I had 3.84 miles done.  The wind literally took my breath away and I was not disappointed when we ended the workout.  One interesting thing I saw as we did our warmup… a cute little muskrat who wandered out of the tall grasses for a drink in a puddle.  

Since I didn’t get my full workout in at the track, I ran the remainder at home in the comfort of my basement.

Thurs – 7 easy miles.  I combined some miles from today and tomorrow on my plan in order to take a rest day on Friday. It was a nice spring morning. A little rainy, a lot of green!

Fri – Rest day!  Rest day really makes my body happy.  What is not making me happy?  Taxes and travel planning!!  I’ve spent many hours stressing about our tax prep.  But on a good note, we finally booked some a flight to Germany for the Berlin Marathon!  Now it’s time to plan all of the other zillion things for the trip.

Sat – 5K workout + long run = 16 miles!! I ended up with 2 more miles than planned today because I got lost.  Our group met up with the full and half marathon (MIT) training groups for a “last long run” event.  First I was with my 5K Training group and we ran our fartlek workout.  After 5.5 miles with them, I ran my long run.  The course was on my watch, but my navigation skills were lacking.  To make matters worse I had two runners from my 5K Training group with me, so I was hesitant to admit I was lost.  After getting off course for a mile we had to circle back to get back out route.  They only joined me for the first 2 miles and then I followed the regular training route and I saw lots of groups of friends.  The good thing about this extended run was that I felt strong for the entire run.  

After post run snacks and Starbucks, I headed to my Mom’s.  After that it was time for a long walk with my friend.  We covered 3.75 miles in the warm afternoon sunshine.  

Finally, I couldn’t resist going on a 10 mile bike ride, because #ILoveMyBike. And yep, I was still wearing my stinky running clothes.  LOL!  Somedays are just like that.

Alan ran his last long run before the taper (20 miles), so we went out for burgers to celebrate (after I showered, of course).  Yum!

Sun – Rest day!  We will be soaking up the sun again today on a driving audio tour of our area. Interesting that someone made an audio tour of the Toledo area! Well, we shall soon see if it’s interesting 😉 Either way it will be a fun way to enjoy the sunny day without too much walking or biking! [but, I will probably still go out for a bike ride.. because it is sunny.. and you know, #ILoveMyBike!)

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

If you are in the path of the solar eclipse, enjoy! I saw a graphic that said almost all of the continental US would be affected with at least a partial eclipse. So far our forecast is for mostly clear skies too. It should be quite interesting! If the eclipse isn’t your thing – I do have a book recommendation – “None of this is true”, by Lisa Jewell. It was so, so good!!! I just finished it. You must listen to the audiobook though. It has special audio and is really well produced.

Q: Will you be doing anything special for the eclipse?

Yes… hanging out in my backyard! Schools are closed and businesses will be taking a break. I scheduled the afternoon off!

20 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – the max is here”
  1. Nice week–remind me what race Alan is running?
    You are in the path of ‘totality’ aren’t you? We’re at about 95%, but I hear it’s just like an overcast day. We shall see.
    You’ll have to let us know how the driving tour of Toledo turns out…

    1. We did have totality for the eclipse. It was so cool! We only got through about 1/3 of the Toledo tour. It’s along the river and not downtown. It doesn’t compare to the National Park audio tours we use, but it’s pretty interesting!

  2. I’m working and will miss the eclipse but we are south of its path.

    Kitten shopping? How fun.

    Congrats on a good week of miles. There are hard to schedule some weeks. This seems to be my story. Rain, work etc.

    That will be so exciting to run Berlin.

    1. We thought it would be fun to keep one of our fosters this year instead of “shopping” for one at the shelter. That being said, we wouldn’t have anyone to blame other than ourselves if the kitten is too naughty!

  3. Oh cool! I hope your eclipse experience is fun. I don’t think it will be a big event here, and I’ll just be working as usual. My son is in the path of totality, and the town of Waco has really gone all-out. He’s going to an eclipse concert this afternoon (where the orchestra is playing all “space”related pieces- Star Wars, Theme from ET, etc.) and then an eclipse party tonight. And then tomorrow they have no school.
    Anyway, GAH- you ran 16 miles, then walked 3.75 miles, and then had a 10 mile bike ride- ALL IN THE SAME CLOTHES. No judgments, ha ha… I’m sure you looked (and smelled) just fine. That would drive me nuts though. I don’t care how much I sweat while I’m running, but I want to get out of those clothes right afterwards.
    Anyway- you had a great week. Nice job on all those runs! And… you know I can’t wait to see more foster kittens!

    1. When I finished my 16 miles one of my friend’s said “did you even sweat?? You don’t look like it”, so I guess I was looking pretty good 😉
      The eclipse was a huge deal here too. We had a lot of traffic and parties – the day of and the day before!

  4. Glad to see you are back on track with training and feeling good. I think we have about 90% totality but not sure what I will see. Hope you have fun! Berlin is so exciting!

  5. Knock wood, the forecast is looking mostly sunny tomorrow. I have a front row seat to the “darkness” at my work desk, so I’m looking forward to stepping outside when the action starts with the eclipse. Nice week of running! I can totally relate to getting lost…my sense of direction is horrible!

    1. The area that our group ran in is totally new to me. I don’t use the maps on my watch enough to be proficient with it. But as we always say, as long as you get the miles done it doesn’t matter if you strayed from the route!

  6. Great job on getting those runs in and feeling good about them!

    #ILoveMyBike, too, and that’s why I’m reading and commenting on blogs later today than usual. It was beautiful today (still windy, though) so we went on a long gravel ride.

    That rainbow at OSU is gorgeous. For tomorrow’s solar eclipse we should see 88% totality. I’m taking some time off from work so I can watch it.

  7. What a week!

    That muskrat would have been mine! So cute! So bitey, but I am willing to risk it.

    We kept A home from school (it was an excused absence), and did a little viewing party. The next one will cross right through Florida, so that’s kind of exciting. If we stay.

    Nice job on all your workouts!

  8. WOW that photo of the lightning and double rainbow. That’s crazy – glad you were able to get in a run in your basement. Also, your new room looks great — love the before and after photos!
    So exciting about Berlin!! I just got back from a trip there and loved it. I didn’t run in it but it happened to be their half marathon (it was already full when I realized I’d be there at the same time) and it was so fun spectating the race! Such a great city – have you ever been? Where are you staying?
    Melissa recently posted…It’s Always SomethingMy Profile

    1. This will be our first time in Europe! I am still putting our travel plans together. So far I have Berlin, Munich, and visit a castle. 😂 Oh, and run the marathon. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

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