Great Sand Dunes National Park – Epic Road Trip v3

By 5pm on Day 2 of our camping trip we made it to our destination – Mosca Colorado.  The attraction here is the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  We spent two nights at this spot. After two days on the road it was great to be settled down for a few days!

Our camping spot was a Hipcamp spot.  Hipcamp like VRBO for your backyard 🙂  We stayed in someone’s field!  There were no amenities here other than a road, fire ring and a portapotty.  And dogs!  There were two adorable, friendly doggies who ran up the road to greet us.

After a good night’s sleep we visited the dunes.  Right in front of a mountain range was a large dune which had been deposited from wind from the mountain streams. The sand dunes make the mountains look like shadows!

We rented a sandboard to try sand surfing.  We are all accomplished skiers, but we haven’t snowboarded before.  It takes a bit of practice, but we did decent enough for the short amount of time we tried it out.  It was hot out there in the sand!  We had plans to hike the dunes, but due to the heat we opted to go on more traditional shaded trails.

We hiked the Mosca Pass trail, which was a few miles.  This was an actual trail that is no longer being used.  I can’t even imagine taking a wagon through this area!

Our next hike was Zapata Falls.  Unfortunately the rain started rolling in, so this was a wet hike!  There was a very pretty waterfall at the end of this hike. It was so tall we didn’t really get a good picture of it!

After our hike the sun came back out and we just relaxed at our campsite.

Even though it was too cloudy to see the stars at night, the sunset was amazing!

Bye bye doggies, we will miss you! But it’s time to move along now.

You can see the other stops along our 19 day Epic Road Trip v3 here. Thanks for stopping by!

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