What?  It’s Tuesday again?  This past week has just flown by.  My training went OK for the past week.  I was most worried about my 15 mile long run.  The week prior was pretty disappointing, and I didn’t want a repeat.  I am happy to report that my run this week went a bit better.  I ran with my friend Jamie for the first 6 miles.  We did end up walking a bit during that part of the run at her request, but beyond those first 6 miles I didn’t walk, which was my ultimate goal.  I was concerned a bit because after 10 miles or so my glutes were getting pretty sore.  Boo.  That really reminded me that I need to get back to the glute strengthening exercises big time!!

I ended up with just 34 miles last week.  We went on a ski trip, so I skipped my Sunday run.  The best news – that extra day of rest did wonders for me!!  When I hopped on the treadmill Monday morning, it was the first time in weeks that I ran without feeling sore initially!!  In fact, my hip issue is almost a thing of the past!  I ran 8 miles with the last 2 miles of 10 x .1 mile strides.  I really kicked it and got some fast strides done…. all without hip issues!!  Woooooooot!!!!  I hope that is a the ongoing trend and my training is improving.  I thought it was fun that after my run I actually had sweaty ankles!!  I haven’t worked up a sweat from speed work like that in a long time.

2016-01-18 07.36.24

Ironically I was just wondering why I am struggling so much with the long runs and thought maybe I should just skip this past Monday’s workout.  Glad I didn’t!  Still wondering though if my Thursday run should just be a rest day instead.  Wondering if I’m giving myself a good enough break to succeed in my Friday long run.  The verdict it still out on that one!  We shall see…

For Week 14 coming up I have:

  • Monday – done, 8 plus speedwork
  • Tuesday – REST! Doing it now…
  • Wednesday – 10 mile medium long run + gym
  • Thursday – 5 miles recovery
  • Friday – 16 miles with 10 miles @ goal marathon pace  (fingers crossed this goes well!!)
  • Saturday – Rest!
  • Sunday – 9 miles speedwork (Lactate threshold  w/ 5 miles at 15K to MHP)
  •  = 48 miles   (whoa, things just got real!)

On MLK day, in addition to unpacking, doing laundry and all of that stuff, we took a trip to the grocery store and stocked up on some healthy foods.  That holiday fat will soon be a thing of the past.  I hope 🙂

2016-01-18 15.22.48

Hope you have a great week planned.  I’ve got my goals set for me!!


Q:  Favorite fruit?

I love oranges, but find them quite messy so I usually opt for apples instead.  Gala!

Q:  Are there any strength exercises you have to do religiously?  (maybe PT exercises?)

Q:  Did you gain any weight over the holidays?

Yep.  Enough said.  😉

6 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon Week 14, 1/19/16”
  1. I don’t weigh myself, but my clothes still fit, so I don’t think I gained anything!

    Guess what I did… 2 times in the past 3 days… I WENT TO THE GYM AND RAN ON THE TREADMILL!!! It wasn’t too horrible. 🙂

    Yah 48 miles, things are getting real! I haven’t run that far in a week in quite a long time. I’m soooo glad your hip issue has seemed to resolve itself!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Meg Go ___________???My Profile

    1. Awesome job on the gym and treadmill!! Glad it didn’t suck 🙂 I sure am hoping that the hip will continue to behave. Now if I could only get those glutes to be strong, I’d be all set!

  2. I almost want to run your 16 with you on Friday. Almost. But that whole getting up at 5:00am to run with my group means I’ll probably be napping while you run. 🙂

    1. Blueberries – I like them in baked goods, but not fresh. I guess that negates the health value of them. Haha!
      I’m really hoping strength training will give me an extra edge, so I’m trying to keep up with it religiously for this training cycle.

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