Weekly Workouts is really just the general theme for this post, because I really did very little working out this week because I’m one week after the Glass City Marathon. Even if you don’t get a chance to read it all (all the words!!), take a scroll through pictures. You’ll get the gist!

In case you missed it —> Glass City Marathon 2019 recap

I’ve spent the week, eating, drinking, and celebrating my 13th marathon! I also spent the first three days hobbling around on super sore calves! I’ve never had that happen. So odd!

Sunday night…

Monday lunch…

Tuesday morning…

Wednesday night I went out to dinner with my training partner to discuss our races too! Interestingly, her view of a fall marathon has changed and she is starting to check around and see what she might want to run 🙂

I also dusted off my spin bike and rode for 15 mins. This was just to prove to my husband that I still use it. haha!

By Friday I was excited to do something, so I went to the gym for some cardio (Arc trainer) and hit all of the weight machines. Even the squat rack!

Saturday morning I took a little run around my neighborhood and spent the rest of the afternoon quite a bit sore. Not sure if my hamstrings are sore from the marathon still, or from all of the weights I did at the gym. Either way, it wasn’t pleasant 🙁

Sunday = ran 5 miles, then spent the rest of the day doing yard work because it was almost 70 degrees! My hamstrings were feeling a bit better, but no joke, hours of yard work is harder on my body than running a marathon. So exhausting!!! 🙂

Finishing up with this post with a fun capture from the marathon finish line video. Right after I finished my friend Rich walked me through the chute. I immediately broke down sobbing, just because running a marathon is a very emotionally, and physically draining event for me! Nothing was wrong, I was just overwhelmed with excitement that I completed, and happiness that I was done! I got my composure back and gave him a hug. Then off to the celebration area with my husband and friends to enjoy a beer!!! (oh, and then I started sobbing again with my husband when I got to the celebration area because I “just wanted to sit down”. haha. The struggle is real!)

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Have you ever cried at the end of a race? Due to happiness/sadness/ or just exhaustion??

Q: Did you have Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo?

Nope, burgers for us to celebrate our day of yard work.

Q: Do you ever train a spin bike?

33 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – post GCM marathon”
  1. Congratulations on another marathon finish! I have never cried after finishing a marathon but I have definitely alway wanted to sit down after, lol.

    You did a great job this week of balancing recovery and workouts.

    1. Is it too much just to sit down after a race? haha! I think I’ll have to go a little easier on the leg workout this week. I was so sore after that!

  2. Oh gosh…I have all the emotions LOL Of the eight marathons, though, I’ve only (almost) cried at the finish lines for Route 66 and last fall’s Cannonball. Both of those were especially hilly and demanded so much mental mojo to stay in the game. I was SO glad to have persevered and made it to those finish lines…I was exhausted, proud, relieved (and a bit disappointed my finish time wasn’t quite what I’d hoped). Yes, ALL the emotions. There also have been numerous races where I get that obnoxious lump in my throat when I get a wash of emotions over what I’m experiencing in the moment (usually happiness-induced). I’m heading over to your recap! Congrats on #13!!! Thanks for linking 😉

  3. First Boston in 2015, I have to admit there were some tears as I crossed the finish line. It had taken me 10 years to get there and I honestly thought I would never be back. No Mexican food today although I would love some fish tacos and an ice cold Dos Equus Amber. If I can’t run, I go to the elliptical. We have the ones at our gym that allow a full stride so they are like running without the impact.

    1. I don’t really have a preference between the elliptical and Arc trainer. I guess I don’t use them enough! The gym does have plenty. I’ll have to try something new this week.

  4. I sobbed when I crossed the finish line of the Zooma Great Lakes half marathon last September. I’ve had so much emotion about my struggle with RA and running, and that race was SO HARD that I fought for every step. All my frustration and anger came out. Funny how a hard run will do that to a person!

    Heading over to read your recap!
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    1. Oh yeah, a tough run can bring out all of the emotions for sure! I was thinking “Great Lakes” was our Great Lakes in Ohio… I guess not! That looks like a pretty race. I can imagine how emotional that race was for you.

  5. Well, I am still eating all the bland foods so definitely no Mexican, and Mr. Judy has been on his own for meals.

    I think you’re very wise to take the time to recover from the marathon! So many people don’t.

    I’ve never cried at a finish line, but then 18 miles was my longest race & I’m really not much of a crier at all. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever ran a full, though! Not sure we’ll ever find out.

    1. Yes! I have shed some tears watching marathon finishes too – even of strangers finishing!! I just think of the journey each one has been through to get there. It gets me every time!

  6. Ha – I really surprised myself by not sobbing at the end of my first mara – in fact my husband asked, “Who swapped my wife?” as I’m known for being teary. However, I had sobbed at a lovely view part way round, so …

    Hope you’re feeling less sore now. I know what you mean about gardening – mine is always a back and triceps workout!
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  7. love you post marathon week! I must have missed your recap somehow so I’m going to go back to read it. congrats on your race!!

    yes I have cried at the finish – the first marathon because I made it, the 7th because I was in so much pain and just wanted to sit down and the 8th because it was a 2 year journey getting me there (and I’d had a DNF 3 weeks earlier for the race I actually trained for).

    no cinco de mayo for us 🙂 Liberation Day!

    matter of fact I was just out looking for new spin shoes – my shoes are just too narrow and tight for my operated foot so I need new shoes before I can really go spinning again (well, I can wear “normal” shoes I guess…). But how to actually find those shoes AND not have to take a loan out at the bank…

    1. I’m getting a pair of shoes for my road bike on Weds. It was a bit confusing buying them online because I wasn’t sure if they were for spin, or for outdoor bike riding! I think I picked the right kind. Time will tell!

    1. If my body agrees, I am looking at a fall marathon. I just need to keep my angry hamstrings at bay! I figured it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of the fitness I’ve built up. I’ll be skipping speedwork and hills for a little bit though.

    1. Unfortunately the fries weren’t quite that skinny, but they do come with a special ketchup that has some chipotle in it. It’s too spicy for me! With the regular ketchup they were delicious.

  8. I cried at the end of the Tablerock 30k I did in Northern Cali. Mostly because I did SO well at it and I had been battling injuries leading up to it so I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to run it. I have a teary eyed pic of me after the race!

    1. I have a teary eyed pic of me after finishing the Columbus Marathon… because they gave me chocolate milk (my dream come true!!!). LOL! I’m pretty much a mess after full marathons.

  9. I was very nostalgic when I finished my first race. I still remember the time and efforts that I invested while preparing for it & then when I finally finished my race, that feeling is something that I can’t describe in words. You get that inner boost that makes you feel confident and rejuvenated.

  10. When I was in my early 20’s I took an aerobics class from a new-to-me instructor and I hobbled around on super sore calves for days. I had zero ability to dorsi-flex or extend my foot and had to walk completely flat footed. It had to be hysterical watching me try to walk.

    I broke down sobbing after I finished my PR marathon because I beat that magical time I had in my head.

    Heading over to read your recap now!
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