Another week that I’m trying to focus on “recover and rebuild”.  I’ve been trying to take my PT exercises very serious, and trying to be slow on my runs.  I give it a solid “B” for the effort. I’m happiest when my “off season” miles hit at least 25, so that goal was met.  With a few good weather days, I even got out on my bike for some miles. Yeah! Final winner – I went to the gym twice this week.

  • Miles run – 31.5
  • Miles biked – 22

Monday – 6 miles, treadmill.  I was looking forward to this run because it was an easy run, and I got to watch a new movie!  I’m watching “A Simple Favor”. Got halfway through it. Good movie so far!

Afternoon ride – 12.25 miles.  This was one of those “last days of fall” that was not to be missed.  I was hoping to ride with my husband, but when I got home he was baking a pie (#lovethatguy) so he couldn’t join me.

Tuesday – 6 miles, treadmill.  I finished the movie (A Simple Favor).  Oh wow!!! I thought it was a really good movie.  It just sucked me in!  

Afternoon ride 9.6 miles.  This time I arranged *ahead of time* to go riding with Alan.  It wasn’t as sunny out, but we got to enjoy a bit of the good weather before the rain hit for the week.

Wednesday – Rest day!  I’m making sure to get more rest days as part of my “off season” recovery mode.  Done! Awards night for my son in marching band. If you thought the band sounded loud at the football game, you should hear them in the gym. WOW!

Thursday – 5 miles, treadmill.  It was a rainy, blustery day for Halloween.  I opted to stay inside again. Good news – I finally saw who won Big Brother this summer!  I’m just a little behind on TV watching. Haha I had a black cat follow me all along my run. So spooky! 🙂 She was so mesmerized by the treadmill!

Went to the gym and did weights. That night we actually got a decent amount of kids trick or treating.  It was cold and rainy, but I don’t think we got the 20 mph winds they predicted. And of course I ate lots of candy!

Friday – 10.31, trail miles.  Funny thing was that I ran with my husband and his watch read 10.01 so my pace ended up being faster.  Yep, I won. 😉 I’m not sure I believe either GPS in terms of pace, but I think it was faster than I should have run. It was a chilly day out in the woods and I wore full tights, hat and gloves for the first time this season!  I probably should have called it a day when I hit 6 miles because I was feeling sore after that. Lot of pretty fall sights to distract me though!

Went to the gym again, and lifted again… and felt sore! At night we had a date night and got to sample some beers at a local microbrew. Adult fun!

Saturday – Rest day.  Lots of driving in the car.  We went to see my daughter’s team compete at STATES!  They qualified as a team. A team from our school hasn’t qualified for States in 22 years!! It was an awesome year.  My daughter ended up being an alternate and not running this last meet.  They did a great job… the team placed 15th in Ohio. Woohoo!!

Sunday – 4.1 miles.  It was a beautiful chilly morning outside, just perfect for a little run.  I have to admit, I’m still feeling sore from Friday’s run! I suppose sitting in the car for 6 hours yesterday didn’t help matters, but yikes, it really did a number on me.  So, so sore yesterday and a bit sore today. I need to keep moving today so I don’t freeze up (time for housework!).

Stop back later this week… I’ve got a recap of our vacation in Kauai done finally!

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Q: Have you seen A Simple Favor? Did you like it?

Q: Did you have lots of kids trick or treating?

We had a big bag of chocolate candy left over. I am not sad about that!!

19 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – States!”
  1. The weather on Halloween here was horrendous. Snow, windy, and cold. We didn’t get one trick or treater! Cray cray.

    I have not seen that movie but I will definitely check it out.

  2. Halloween was crazy cold in Iowa, too. I was surprised how many kids actually were out and about trick-or-treating that night. Our neighborhood is slowly turning over, and we are getting some young families moving in, but still it’s hit/miss on Halloween night how busy we’ll actually be. My off-season officially started at yesterday’s finish line LOL

    1. Same with our neighborhood – I used to know everyone and all of the kids, but now they are grown and there aren’t a lot of younger families moved in. I did have high hopes of keeping count of how many kids there were, but quickly messed that up when groups came over!

  3. This year we got around 60 kids for trick of treating which was pretty high for us. We didn’t have any leftover candy this year which is actually a good thing, lol.

    1. I put most of our leftover chocolate candy in the freezer to enjoy later. Otherwise, it would have been quickly consumed within a few days I’m sure! My kids don’t even know it exists, so even better for me! haha

    1. I’m a fair weather cyclist for sure, so my bike will be put away for the season soon. Maybe this will be the year I ride my spin bike. My family has been using it, but I never do!

  4. Adult fun at a brewery, a great reward after a solid week of training! Glad you’re taking your PT exercises seriously!

    My oh my you are a busy lady!

    1. Not sure why, but my primary exercise “glute bridges” are the ones I dread the most! It figures. That brewery was very small, but we were shocked they actually offered 18 beers. That’s pretty impressive!

    1. Thanks, the team was so excited! What an accomplishment! My daughter had a great weekend with them. After we ate the apple pie, I made apple crisp! We are still using up apples we picked in September at an apple orchard. That’s why I love apples – they last a looooong time!

  5. We didn’t have any kids round as they obeyed the rule we have round here – no pumpkin or skeleton etc. in the window or outside and the hall light off – don’t knock. The only person to knock on the door was our running club president dropping something off for me – and we didn’t answer! A good week for you and I love the pics, also well done to your daughter’s team and I love the band!

    1. That’s funny that you missed the running club president. I didn’t get a look down our street but I think we had a pretty good rate of houses participating this year. We usually do. The cul-de-sacs often pool their street together and set up tables that the kids can stop by and visit instead of venturing down the cul-de-sac. They make it easy!

    1. One year we did leave a bowl out because we wanted to take our kids around the neighborhood. We put a security camera up so we could remotely tell when it needed refilling. Unfortunately we had to run back home several times to reload it!!

  6. I wasn’t home on Halloween so I don’t know if kids stopped by. I doubt it since we had awful weather. That’s so cute about the cat! Did she try to get on the treadmill?

    1. I guess Luna has never been around downstairs when the treadmill was going – and it’s so fitting that it was on Halloween! She didn’t try to get on it, but she checked it out from every angle. She just couldn’t figure it out!

  7. you had a great week! i’m jealous of your outside bike rides. it’s just too crappy or too dark to ride right now. I hope that changes soon, at least in the weekend!

    well done to your your daughter and her team!! and I remember the band in the gym days – I was in orchestra but we pretty much hung out with each other and went to each of our performances.

    I have never heard of this movie nor do we have ToT here unfortunately. The kids do Saint Martin here on 11/11 but we don’t get them around our place because I live in a huge apartment building.

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