I woke up as a non-cranky person today 🙂  My foot was feeling a bit improved and I decided to give it another try!  I was excited because I had 8 miles with 5 x 800 m (1/2 mile) @ 5K pace with 1/2 mile rests in between.  Taking advice from several people I decided to lace my shoes up loosely and overall my foot felt good.  If anything, it was feeling more “numb” than painful today.

I nailed my run too!  I started with a 2 mile warm up and then did my first 1/2 mile fast starting at my near 5K pace (8:00) and went progressively faster each fast set.  My last set was at 7:14.  Next time I do those I should push it even faster!  Then I forgot that my last mile was supposed to be a mile cool down, so technically I got an extra 1/2 mile fast in there because I can’t follow a training plan.

Here’s my workouts for this upcoming week:

  • Mon – 8 miles fast, done!
  • Tues – 5 miles GA
  • Weds – Rest
  • Thurs – 8 miles with last 2 miles .1 strides
  • Fri – long run.  Still not sure.  I have 14 on the plan, but might do 20 due to upcoming vacation!
  • Sat – Rest
  • Sun – 8 miles GA (might need to cut down based on Fridays run)
  • Total = 43 or maybe 49!

My shoe choice today was my Mizuno Elixirs.  They have been getting lonely in my closet.  I need to run on these more often.  They felt good!

2015-02-16 08.50.32-1

When I went upstairs I found my son snuggling up on the heater vent.  Those blankets are the softest, warmest thing we have – next to our kitties that is.  It’s Presidents Day, so no school for the kids, and no work for me since it’s a bank holiday.  Woot!

2015-02-16 09.26.03

We went to a science museum today – Imagination Station.  We are members but he haven’t been there a lot, so I figured it was time we visited.  Great news was that Zack was now big enough to go on the BoYo.  Yes, the Body YoYo!  He was so excited to go on it for the first time.

2015-02-16 11.11.29

Sydney was psyched because she made it to the top this time.

2015-02-16 11.09.43

I had a lot of fun on the BoYo too!  I’ll admit that I am the best one on it.  I can get to the top in just a couple of jumps.  Sydney and I look a lot alike in these pictures.  We actually both picked out a similar colored workout shirt today.  Great minds thinking alike.

2015-02-16 11.12.43
There was a very cool guitar exhibit going on.  A lot of really nice guitars to learn about.

2015-02-16 11.13.44

We got our glow on in the black lights.  Look at those lovely teeth!

2015-02-16 11.40.39

This turned out really cool…..

2015-02-16 11.50.15

And finally, Sydney did some planking while we waited for the simulator theatre.

2015-02-16 12.22.45

It was a fun day with the kids.  Bummer that Alan couldn’t be there.   We’ll have to go again soon so he can have some fun there too!

Q: Do you know how to play the guitar?

A: I do!  I have a cheap guitar and I took a classical guitar class in college.


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