What, Thursday already?  Seems I’ve lost quite a few days since my last post.  Post race weekend was spend gearing up for my son’s birthday celebrations.  Here’s a few pics to recap what happened for the big 10 year party-fest…


Birthday boy and friends had a great time at SkyZone!  They didn’t stop the whole 90 mins, and were a sweaty group of tweens when the event was over.

2015-06-26 20.02.31 2015-06-26 19.42.04

2015-06-26 19.35.13-1
The girls had fun too!

Enjoyed the Minecraft cake.  It was so delicious, and it turned out really good!  The cake was dark chocolate, with mostly dark chocolate frosting (some buttercream tinted frosting for the grass and between the layers).

IMG_1640 IMG_1648

Then they decided it was a great thing to go swimming in the dark, in the rain, in a 72 degree pool!  Luckily I got to watch from the sunroom and didn’t need to get wet 🙂

2015-06-26 21.04.41

They played video games until midnight, and feel asleep around 1am I think.  I was a zombie by that time and had gone to bed already.  Luckily they woke up bright and early at 7am (what???) and I got them some donuts, to sugar them all up so I could send them home to their parents, under-slept and over-sugared!  Party success!!!!!

2015-06-27 00.14.51

Then came the big storm.  It started out with some high winds, and then brought a whole day of rain.  I think we had 5 inches of rain.  Non stop, all day long, rain rain rain.  We didn’t have any flooding problems at our house, but many basements got flooded.  Our issue was the wet ground and the wind.  We lost a lot of landscaping.  First, the big tree in our front yard fell over.  Granted, this tree had fallen over a few years ago and we strapped it up, and just recently took the straps off.  Guess it never got it’s strength back!

2015-06-27 18.34.30 HDR

Then we noticed a small ornamental tree was now leaning over too!  We strapped that one in place and hopefully it will come back strong.  The worst damage was to these bushes that formed a really nice privacy fence between the neighbor’s house.  We have a pool so we like our yard to be a little sheltered.  Those bushes were 11 years old!  No more.  Had to pull those out.  Hello neighbor!!

2015-06-28 15.59.29

In my quest to help get the yard back in shape, I grabbed a hand saw and started cutting down some super weeds that were taller than bushes.  I was sawing along and had the blade going the “unsafe” direction when the saw blade came out of the plant and smacked me super hard in the knee!  OUCH!  Not only was I bleeding like I was dying, it also hurt like a #@$$%$##$.  After I cleaned up the blood, which was actually no big deal other than making little bloody puddles as I walked through the garage, I spent the rest of the weekend with my knee iced.  It was quite painful and swollen.  Didn’t I learn a few weeks ago, “avoid yard work”?  ugh.

2015-06-28 16.36.59

I did lose a day of running because it hurt to bend my knee, but after it improved I got a really great run in this week.  It was a speedwork workout of 10 miles with 8 at half marathon pace.  I nailed it!

2015-06-30 07.25.07 HDR

I had a fun smirk in this picture because I thought it was funny that my next door neighbor got their house toilet papered!!  Does that mean someone likes them, or dislikes them?  I’m not sure, but it’s funny none the less.  Funny that it wasn’t my house mostly.

This week’s running recap (and pre-cap?):

  • Mon – 8 miles (Alan joined me!!  He probably shouldn’t have, his ankle hurt!)
  • Tues – 10 miles, w/ 8 at HMP  (Booyah!!)
  • Weds – rest!
  • Thurs – 9 miles
  • Fri – 20 miles  (why, oh why, does my 20 miler always happen on July 4th weekend?)
  • Sat – Rest!!!  ice cream, fireworks, etc.
  • Sun – 5 miles
  • Total = 52 miles.  Whew!

And lastly, here’s what I find on my iPhone camera roll when the kids get a hold of it…

2015-06-28 17.10.03 HDR
My son has purple lips because the pool is so cold!!

We are planning a long camping weekend for the 4th of July.  Hope you are going to enjoy the holiday too!  I also need to give a shout out to my husband Alan, who is a bit down in the dumps right now because his ankle is still hurting after his race.  🙁  As we probably all know, injuries suck and can be a big bummer.  Send some positive thoughts his way to help him get recovered soon, and find something else to do while he can’t run!!  🙂


Q:  Confession time… have you ever toilet papered someone’s house?

A:  I vaguely remember doing it once back in junior high.  Peer pressure I’m sure!

Q:  Are you afraid of blood?  Your own, or someone else’s?

A:  I do pretty good with it.  I think when you have kids you have to be brave about it!

Q:  Any 4th of July holiday plans??

5 thoughts on “B-day recap and holiday weekend”
  1. Man, staying up late, sawing your leg, and having a big 10 year old.!! what an exciting week you’ve had.
    umm.. yea, you should probably ask your husband to help you out with yard work from now on. lol. (once he heals) and also hopefully a speedy recovery for him.!! injuries really do suck
    Great job on your runs.! woo you’re killing it
    Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA recently posted…Have I mentioned.?My Profile

  2. Yes, I’ve toilet papered: cops, running across state lines, police dispatch alerting our parents, and being found in a ‘kind of’ stranger’s house while the woman of the house refused to let the police take us. Yep. I used to lead an exciting life! 😉

  3. Aw this post totally brought back memories of my own sleepover parties back in the day! So much fun! Glad your knee is feeling better- I just went for a run about an hour ago and my knee is a little sore which is so weird, I never usually have knee problems! Hoping it’s just the cold or something haha. I’m fine with blood, but I’m one of those weird people who can’t handle donating it, not because I get grossed out but because I faint really quick! Sounds delicate and feminine but in reality is a hassle haha

    1. I have never donated blood either, but when I was pregnant they had to do several tests where they drew blood and I actually did OK with it, but still, I think it would be different if they were taking more of it out of me! (but you do get free cookies, right?? hmmm…..)

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