This week I’ve been working at an office that I don’t typically work at.  And it’s just not safe to be here!  I mean, let’s talk about yesterday.  It was apples, caramel topping, and pies.  Both pumpkin pie and apple pie!  I could not let the day pass without a sampling of the apple pie.

2015-10-28 14.23.28

Today I tried to be good and avoid any temptations.  But new ones appeared!  A cake, donuts, bagels and other things I tried not to look at.

2015-10-29 10.10.39

And these were located way too close to my desk.

2015-10-29 10.28.36

And somehow they ended up here in front of me!

2015-10-29 10.29.22

Those M&Ms are filled with peanut butter.   Those are my favorite.  Yum!!!  Luckily I will be out of that office after this week, so I’ll just try to resist.

One fun event I need to share this week is that we ran a night time 5K.  It was hosted at one of our local metroparks and it was timed with the full moon happening.  But, it was too cloudy to see the moon, so we were in total darkness!  Well, darkness except for our headlamps and glow sticks.  I’ve never run in the complete darkness like that, so that was a lot of fun.  My daughter was my running buddy and she didn’t let me slack.  Official time, 26:40.  Whew!  That even included a stop along the way to investigate what Sydney thought was a cat… but turns out it was a raccoon.  I was just happy we didn’t fall down on the trails!!

2015-10-27 19.46.01

Back at home we are getting all geared up for Halloween.  We tried to encourage our kitten to make new friends, but she was having nothing to do with that idea!!

2015-10-24 10.38.49


Q:  What is your favorite M&M variety?

Q:  Are you good at resisting treats?

I’m not at all!!  That’s why I try not to be around them.

Q:  Have you ever run a race in total darkness?


3 thoughts on “Why it’s not safe at work”
    1. 666 – nice! We ran a 5K last year with the kids on Friday the 13th. It was dark out, but around a mall so there were street lights for the most part. The race director put pennies on the course and the kids picked them up along the way! Oh, and we finished underneath a ladder. Fun stuff!!

  1. mm’s? Peanut only way to go!

    Every year on New Year’s Eve there is a 5k at night starting at 9pm… it is pitch dark and usually very cold!!! But oh so FUN! Plus, it is the first of the Grand prix point races for the following year!!! 🙂 I don’t run the best because it is so dark and I am so worried about stepping on something I can’t see and twist an ankle or something…… So fun, but nerve racking at the same time

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