Wow, it’s February!  Getting closer and closer to the big race day.  In fact, just 12 weeks to go!  I hope everyone’s training is going well, or if you’re running GCM half, I’m guessing your training is just starting.  Yippie!!!

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My training is improving!!  Last week’s “cut back” week was full of some good runs and strength training.  I ran 37 miles last week.  Made new a new friend and busted out some strides.  Here’s what I have coming up this week:

  • Mon – 7 miles with 8 x 100m strides.  I make it easy on myself in the predawn state – just do the last two miles with .1 mile strides.  I kicked some butt on the strides yesterday morning with my top interval at 6:23 pace!  That’s smoking fast for me, FYI.  Just saying 😉
  • Tues – Rest!!  and easy gym day, more biking!
  • Weds – 11 miles (medium long run) + strength training
  • Thurs – 4 miles recovery
  • Fri – 18 mile long run!
  • Sat – Cross training, skiing!!
  • Sun –  Cross training, skiing!!
  • Total = 40 miles!

I am actually skipping a Sunday run of 10 miles on my training calendar, but I think I’ll do that next Monday and miss out on a 7 mile run instead.  That would have taken my mileage to 50 miles this week.  Whew!  Or maybe I won’t.  Who knows.  Depends on how beat my legs are from my weekend ski trip!

I have to admit that latest obsession is Heart Rate training.  I will blog about that more later this week, but since I’ve gotten my new Garmin 235, my HR has turned into a very interesting subject to me (Garmin data freak out!).

2016-02-02 15.55.28
A wealth of fitness information on my arm!



Q: Do you training using HR, or ever paid much attention to HR?

Q: If you do use HR, do you wear a HR strap or have it built into your watch (or another wrist device)?

I’ve been using both a chest strap AND my watch on the treadmill to measure my HR lately.  I know.  Obsessed!


6 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon 12 weeks, 2-2-16”
  1. I’ve only done skiing once and one of my boots was the wrong size (communication issues in Japan!) so I don’t have a good idea of how sore it makes you? Seems like it would be a crazy leg workout!
    I have the heart rate monitor for my Garmin but I am scared to try and figure out how to use it!! It seems hard? Lol! I would like to use it though so I really should get on that haha
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with that craving a beastie run feelingMy Profile

    1. Skiing does make my thighs sore sometimes. It can be pretty intense! We will be getting home late Sunday night, so maybe a Monday morning run won’t happen.
      I used to have a hard time getting the HR strap to read my heart beat, but the watch has a built in sensor. I’m impressed it works so well!

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