We’re getting all packed up for our next adventure – the Mohican 100 mile trail race.  No… I’m not running it, but Mr. TechChick is!  Alan ran it last year as you may recall, but had to drop out due to rolling his ankle.  He made it 73 miles until I dragged his stinky body out of the woods.  Hey, that’s fair – all of the runners smelled pretty bad!  Poor guy, I’m just glad I was able to find him to help him out.  His feet/ankles were not a pretty sight!

The race starts at 5am on Saturday morning.  There is a 32 hour cut off limit for the 100 milers.  There will also be people racing 50 and the “fun run” of 26.2 miles (aka, the “kids run” or the “weenie race”!). Alan is hoping to cover 100 miles in 28 hours. Really, just finishing before the cutoff is the first goal but 28 hours would be icing on the cake!

The kids and I will be cheering him on since we will be camping right at the campground where the event is being held.

I’m hoping all will go well for the runners.  The temperatures are forecasted to be in the mid 80’s.  Whew!! If you thought your last run of 6, 8, or 10 miles in the warm temps was bad… think about running 100 miles in that!

I’m keeping it short today. The road is calling.  

Have a great weekend! If you follow TechChick Adventures on Facebook, I’m hoping to post sometime during the weekend with an update. The cell service is pretty bad there though. 


Q: What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?

I’ve run a 50K. Longest day of my life!! LOL


2 thoughts on “Sweaty weekend in Mohican”
  1. Go Alan! I can’t even wrap my brain around 100k!!! And, I had no idea you ran a 50k! Wow! Longest for me has been 26.2 and will be the farthest!!!
    Have a fun weekend!!!! Cheering for Alan from Georgia!!!

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