As Labor Day approaches, it can only mean one thing… no, not the Fair, or summer ending, or almost my marathon… Labor Day is time for early bird registration for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon!  


I know, time flies right?  Yes, the Glass City Marathon is on April 23, 2017 here in Toledo, but for you deal seekers like me, you’ll want to get in on early registration which starts September 5th.  The Glass City Marathon races include:

  • Mercy Health Glass City marathon
  • Owens Corning half marathon
  • Yark Subaru 5-person relay
  • Medical Mutual Glass City 5K
  • Findley Davies kid’s marathon

Registration and race weekend details can be found on their website – Glass City Marathon.

I wanted to also share with you a fun race event we had recently: the Runaway Bride 5K.  This is a women’s only race (I know, my husband complained about that already!).  Four years ago Sydney and I ran this event as a team, also as her first 5K.

We finished together in 29:50 four years ago!


But since she is so speedy now, I figured she didn’t need me dragging her down so I urged her to run on her own individually, and I didn’t run.  You know, saving myself for the marathon 🙂

As the name suggests, it’s a Runaway Bride theme.  There were special prizes for people running in bridesmaid dresses.  It was priceless to see one of our “local” Kenyan runners all dressed up as the bride!!  Here he is on the right.  I’m sure you cannot miss him in this picture.

Note to self – no need to lean down when getting pictures with Sydney. She is almost my height now!!


That headpiece proved to be less than aerodynamic so it was pitched as soon as they took off.  Trust me, even with that bulky dress, the “bride” served as an awesome pacer and kicked everyone’s butt, finishing in 17:28, with the race winner right behind him.  Appropriately, she won wearing a dress too.  It was quite the sight seeing her chasing after the bride!


The boys worked at the water stop and Zachary was a hit with the ladies.  He passed out 90% of the cups.


Sydney got a new PR at this race, 24:18.  Nice job!!!  1st in her age group.


The best part about being a top finisher, you get your choice of post-race treats!


I’ve got my longest “long” run on schedule for Friday.  Running shorter “long” runs have made me change my perspective and now I get nervous about a 16 miler!  In my old plans, I would have maxed out at 22 miles, and thought 16 miles was “taking it easy”.  Funny how things change!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Q: What is the longest distance training run you have had?

Q: Do you typically register early for races, or wait until the last minute?

Q: Is the hot weather finally cooling down where you live?

It’s starting to feel a little chilly in the AM!  Humid still though 😉




2 thoughts on “GCM Early bird registration & Runaway Bride 5K”
  1. CONGRATS to your daughter… she is quite speedy!!! LOVE IT!!! I see a track scholarship in her future!!!!!

    I love the runaway bride theme race!! Love the guy dressed as a bride!!!! I LOVE races like this!

    I am cheering for you as I am ALWAYS!!!!! I can’t wait to hear about your race!!! Hoping I hear BQ

    I am playing catch up on your blog….my life has been CRAZY LATELY TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH EVERYTHING!

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