…you know I’ve had my share.  Yep, it was one of those weeks.  Ups and downs.  My Friday started out in epic fashion.  I had 16 mile on my plan, and I needed to get them done as soon as possible so I could get my date day with Alan started.  So I went out at 5:40 am.  I got brave and ran outside.  It had been a full moon the night before, so it was actually brightened by the moon.  I stayed around my neighborhood because we have street lights.  I was digging the vibe I was getting in the moonlight.  I stopped to snap a picture.

2016-08-19 05.57.15
Ah, peace and tranquility in the early AM!


As I made it to .8 miles, it happened.  I fell again!!  I tripped on the sidewalk again.  &%&$##!!  This time I didn’t hit the ground instantly, it was more like a slow motion fall and I remember actually wondering if there was a “good” way to fall so I didn’t hurt myself.  Crap.  Turned off the watch and looked around to see if anyone saw me. 🙂  Luckily my anonymity was preserved.  Whew.  I looked down.  Oh man, it didn’t look good.

2016-08-19 06.05.24
OMG, I am such a klutz!!


But the run must go on, so I kept going.  Only 15 more miles to go!  I made a quick stop at the kid’s bus stop to wipe off with a rag Alan brought me, but by the time I arrived home from my run, I still looked like a bloody mess.  I hope I didn’t freak too many people out!

2016-08-19 08.43.36

After I cleaned up, Alan and I went to Cedar Point and got to enjoy some rides while the kids were in school.  So devious!

2016-08-19 11.30.00

When the kids got out of school, it was time to go camping for the weekend!  We packed up the truck and headed to Indiana.

2016-08-20 20.25.15
Innovation – the kids tied a kite to their helmet!


We really love Pokagon park and it was a fun camping trip.  We rented a boat and went fishing.  Unfortunately no fish were biting, but still, it was entertaining.

2016-08-21 11.35.29 2016-08-21 12.37.03

By the time we got home Sunday night, I still had one thing lingering on my mind.  I still had a longer run to do.  The plan said a pace run of 10 miles, with warm up and cool down, so around 12 or 13 miles.  Yuck.  I was in no mood to run.  Alan offered to run with me, so I decided to give it a try.  Instead of the pace run I decided to run my Tuesday interval run instead.  At least that would “only” be 10 miles total.  I was having some serious Mom guilt about leaving the kids at home on a school night.

Those first few miles were hard and I was ready to just quit, but surprisingly the rest of the run didn’t suck at all.  I hit my paces and the weather was surprisingly cooler than it had been in a while.   Run done, and we were home in time to hang out with the kids before bedtime.

2016-08-21 20.15.25

And as a final kicker for the weekend, I have a raging case of poison ivy.  Waaaaaa.   Luckily (I guess), it’s on the back of my leg so I don’t have to look at it.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Except for the oozing.  Sorry, it had to be told.  Ewww.  I guess it was only wishful thinking to hope I could make it a whole summer season escaping the evil rash!

Now I have that 12 mile run to accomplish before work tomorrow.  That means super early wake up… but no running outside.  I’m staying where I’m safe, on my treadmill 🙂


Q: Do you run on the sidewalks or streets around your neighborhood?

Q: Do you go fishing?  Fresh water or salt water?

Q: Camping – yeah, or nah?  Tent or camper?




8 thoughts on “Good Times, Bad Times”
  1. HOLY CRAP!!!! Glad you are ok!!!! I avoid side walks at all cost!!!! Never fails that I will trip…. just the other weekend when running at 5:30am, I decided to follow group on the side walk and wouldn’t you know…. I freakin’ tripped!!! Didn’t fall, but it was a close call…. felt like I threw my back out!! That was it, I was back running on the road next to the side walk. It isn’t like there is that much traffic out that early in the morning! But strangely enough, there are a lot of people walking and riding bikes! Ok, yeah, we are out running so why is it odd to see others?!!! LOL! 😀

    Camping in a camper…… although my husband says “no”…. his idea of camping is in a hotel! BLAH!

    We LOVE TO FISH!!! We have a pond, but we also like to bay fish!! FUN always!

    Have a great day! Hope you are all healed up!!!!

    1. I know, good thing it was only a skin wound and nothing more. Such a klutz!!
      I’m bummed it’s so dark in the morning now. Not sure how my XT biking is going to be with the darkness (expect more crash reports. Haha!).
      Do you stick your pond? We think they stock the pond we were fishing in, but those fish had no interest at all in our worms!!

  2. Aw man, epic fall! Sorry about that and the poison ivy. 🙁 I freaking hate poison ivy. It feels really weird not running more than 5-6 miles at a time after all those Hansons runs…
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…$10,000My Profile

    1. I was literally dreading my tempo run days now. BUT, this morning was my longest one, so it’s done. Woohoo to that! I am looking forward to not being on a plan for a while!

  3. That looks like it was quite the wipeout! I’ve fallen a couple times while running too and that moment when you know you are going down but you can’t do anything to stop it is just awful. And poison ivy on top of that?! I hope everything heals quickly!
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…OregonMy Profile

    1. Other than looking creepy yellowy colored, the knee is doing OK, and I think the “oozing” was the turning point for the poison ivy, so I’m hoping it’s retreating now instead of spreading. Oh my, what a lovely conversation we are having!! haha
      Sad to think my foot couldn’t clear the crack in the sidewalk that was probably less than an inch. “everyday I’m shuffling…”

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie! My fall sure could have been a lot worse! My daughter said a XC team mate fell and broke her collarbone! So yeah, I’ll take a scraped knee any day over something like that.

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