The day started out pretty normal.  I went out for the run du jour – “6 easy miles”.  It was the same old tightness in the glutes, which loosened up some after the first mile, but kinda really just hung around for the next few miles.  Given that I had hard speedwork yesterday, I wasn’t too surprised.  But instead of continuously reminding myself to “run slower” to get my pace in my recommended Hanson “easy” pace range of 10:30 – 9:50, I decided to just let myself run whatever easy felt like for the way back home.  When I was trying to run slower, I had a 9:35ish pace, but it felt awkward.  When I ran however I felt, it was 9:15.  I think the slightly faster speed felt much more normal and not forced, and it allowed me to move my hips and muscles around a little more which also felt like it loosened up the glutes.  Hmmm.  Something to discuss with Coach.

And then it happened.  Next thing I knew I was sailing towards the sidewalk and my hands were breaking my face smacking into the concrete!  WTF?  I had tripped over a bump in the sidewalk when I wasn’t paying attention.  Crap, that really hurt!!  Oh, and I gotta stop my watch 🙂  After doing a quick check to make sure I could still use my wrists/hands, and that nothing else was broken/scraped/ruined, I looked around to see if anyone had seen me fall!  Given that I was laying on my stomach before I even knew it, I’m sure that would have been slightly hilarious to witness.  Except it happened to me 🙁

2016-06-08 07.07.10

Luckily I was only .25 miles away from my house and I was able to start back up and run the rest home.  Too bad because the weather was actually nice and cool this morning.  I even wore arm warmers!  Yep, real running arm warmers.. not socks on my arms!

2016-06-08 07.06.27
Hey MegGoRun, look at my watch! I just received a comment on the blog from you 🙂

By the time I got to work the bruises were quite noticeable.  I’m so happy that my daughter made my lunch for me because my hands were pretty limited in their abilities at the time.

2016-06-08 08.52.22

My afternoon didn’t get much better.  At work I had to set up a computer, and when I was crouching down, I lost my balance.  I fell backwards, sat on the corner of a box (ouch!) and ripped my fingernails.

2016-06-08 13.34.24

Seriously??  So, when it came time for my visit to the gym at lunchtime, I opted to do a ride on the reclining bike instead of the upper body hand weights that I had been looking forward to.  Just no point in tempting fate at this point.

What a day!

But ending on a good note… my funny for the day.  While riding, and reading magazines, I came across this tip in Women’s Running.  So you’re saying it’s bad if my sports bras are nearing their 5th birthday??  Maybe they mean it’s important for people who actually need a sports bra for support.  haha!

2016-06-08 13.04.51

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  Please leave me a comment and I promise I won’t trip over the sidewalk from overjoy when I see it on my watch!! 🙂


Q:  Have you had any bad days lately?

I’m usually a very positive person, believing that your attitude determines your outcome, but I guess some days the world has other plans 🙂

Q:  Are you klutzy?

Q:  For the ladies out there, do you have a strict policy of retiring sports bras??

10 thoughts on “Ugh, I’m jinxed!”
  1. Ooof. What a day. I hope your hands heal up quickly and I really hope that your glute tightness is not a sign of your injury coming back.

    As for sports bras, I don’t have a retirement policy and some of mine have definitely had birthdays. I don’t have a whole lot to support though, so I don’t think it is an issue.
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…Easy 6My Profile

    1. The glute issue is perplexing. It never went away completely but the level of pain is definitely less. Yep, I couldn’t image getting rid of sports bras every year.. but Heaven forbid there would be some sort of bra blowout or something! ha!

  2. I would have to say today qualifies as a bad day for me. Just found out that my annoying foot pain is actually a stress fracture. I have run 2 10Ks and 1 5K since I hurt it back in March. Finally broke down and went to my doctor. Xray confirmed stress fracture. Crap.

    1. Oh no Drew! That’s terrible news!! A crappy day for sure. That’s a long time to have it hurt. Does that mean it’s starting to heal, or it won’t until you immobilize it in a boot?
      I know that puts a damper in a lot of running plans, but the positive is that it will heal – I think I would prefer that over the ongoing glute issues, because who the heck knows when/if that will ever go away completely!

  3. Your poor hands!!! 🙁 I am so glad you didn’t injure yourself further. Hey I popped up on your watch, so cool!!!

    I think I need a more stringent sports bra policy. Now this is just shameful, but I have had one of my sports bras since sophomore year of college… 15 years!!!!!!!!!!! It used to be purple but it has been washed so many times that now it’s white. The best part is I got it at Good Will for lie $3. Wow. Why get rid of it now? Such history…
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Modifying Hansons…. Vacation, Elevation, and Relaxation!!!!My Profile

  4. Oh wow – 15 years is a long time. I did end up getting rid of my “working out at the gym/pre-kids bras”. They were a lot of cotton, and the elastic was not really holding up. You better hang on to yours… such memories together!!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  5. I totally saved myself from a face plant last Sunday. I was on the struggle-bus at about mile 8.5 of a 10-miler. Made a rare move to the sidewalk (I usually insist on running in the road) and I was totally dragging. One of my feet clipped an uneven split in the sidewalk and suddenly my face was maybe two feet from the ground. I managed to keep myself upright with my FEET! My right glute has been sore ever since–must be the odd way I “broke” my fall. I never hit the ground, but there were two cars passing as I took the face-first dive. You’re welcome for the laugh, drivers!

    1. Wow, good save on that one!! Did you do those helicopter arms that swing around in circles like a cartoon person?? I’ve done those before. I’m sure those are quite fun to watch too!

  6. LOL! I just read that sports bras were to be changed every 6 months! I was like, man, I can even read the size in mine because it is so worn out…. that is when I purchased new ones!! LOL! 😀

    Girl, I am so glad you are ok!!! Yes, I tend to be clumsy…… when race day approaches, I am walking around on pins and needles trying not to get injured!!! and not by running injuries, but rather fro tripping or slipping………

    1. I always get bruises on my thighs from bumping into my bedposts in the middle of the night when I get up for a bathroom trip. Seems like the smallest bump tends to blacken up on my legs!
      It’s a scam about the sports bras for sure!

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