2024 was my 13th year participating in a Run Glass City event, and my 7th time running the half marathon.  That stat surprised me.  Time flies!  Since it was the 15th annual edition of the Glass City Half Marathon, we got additional swag – hats.  We also got nice race shirts (so soft!) and because our town of Toledo is known as the “Glass City”, we got mugs when we finished the race.

Race day this year came with a lot of weather predictions early on.  The biggest concern was warmer than usual temperatures.  More so that we have not trained in warmer weather so most of us were not acclimated to heat!  “High temps of 82!  Hydrate early, hydrate often!  Adjust your goal!”  Since I had run the 5K on Saturday in similar temps, I knew what to expect.  But I also knew the early start time would really help.  This was the Savage 5K on Saturday:

Let’s to go Sunday….

4:45 am – wake up time!!  We were out of the house at 5:20am and I was quite surprised to see how quickly the lot was filling in already when we got there around 5:45.  On the way to the start line I realized I forgot my phone in the car!  I jogged back to the car, a half mile away, and made it back in time to use the gear check and line up in the corrals.  Good thing I didn’t need to use the porta potty before the race!

6:32 am – the race started!  It was already 63 degrees which is probably 20 degrees more than most people wished it was.  And yet, I still saw people in long sleeve shirts and tights.  They are in for a fun race!

I was stuck behind the 2:15 pace group, so I had to weave through some busy spots of the race until I hit the 2:00 pace group.  It was early, and I was feeling good, so I passed them.  It was a good motivation knowing I had this group behind me.

In my mind I had thought I would run between 1:55 and 2hrs, depending on the weather.  I figured I just need to be under 9:00 miles to get a good goal.  So far, all miles were looking good – miles 1 – 6 were 8:56, 8:52, 8:48, 8:43, 8:55, 8:51.

Eventually we made our way through the scenic area of the race, Ottawa Hills. Very old, large beautiful mansions… and some hills!  The light rain had started, which felt good.  The humidity was getting to me, I was sweating!  Miles 7-9: 9:00, 8:57, 9:02.  Still on track overall!

I know I talk about this every year, but I really should have trained more on hills.  By the time I hit the largest hill of the race I decided I would give myself a break and walk up it.  This was mile 10.  Lap pace: 9:41.  After that starts, each walk breaks gets a little easier to allow.  Miles 11-12: 9:25, 9:16. 

In mile 13 we had hit the home stretch and guess what?  Here comes the 2 hour pace group!  Perfect, I’ll draft off them and still hit my goal.  Hey wait, they are now in front of me.  Oof!  Doing my race math I figured I still had a chance of finishing in 1:58 since I had started behind the 2:00 pace group.  Time to give it a go!

I got a fun surprise of seeing my daughter and her boyfriend in the finish chute.  I hit stop on my watch as I crossed the finish timing mat.  1:59:46!  Whew!!  Final sprint to the finish: 8:44 pace.

When I stopped running I felt a very strong pain in my inner left leg, and along my rear side.  It was very high up, near the groin.  It was so painful that I was unable to walk properly.  What the heck??  I’m sure it is an overuse injury which had all of the telltale signs during the past few weeks.  Ugh.  I’ve had pain after races, but this feels very serious.  I didn’t see a massage tent, and maybe I should have went to medical, but I did not.   

I had a major moment of stress when I scanned my race QR timing code and my race results were not listed.  OMG, did I forget to check my bib in?  I worked packet pickup and pulled my own bib and gear – and if I missed a step my bib would not be active for the race.  I kept hitting refresh as I waited for my husband to finish the full marathon.  Oh no.  Then my daughter noticed that other results were not updating and were just odd.  

The next few hours were spent in the party tent trying to warm up and stay dry.  I am not joking – I did not check the weather forecast so I had no idea it was going to rain!  I wish I would have brought a shirt along!  Heck, I put sunscreen on this morning before the race.  So clueless.

We were able to see Alan come down the finish chute.  He was also off his goal time quite a bit due to the humidity, but he did get under 4 hours. And thankfully, he is not hurt!  We enjoyed some beer in the party tent and then it was time to get home for a hot bath and some dry clothes.

The results website came back online Sunday night, and my time was 2:00:06.  I was relieved that my bib had worked, but what the heck, how could 15 seconds be missing.  Very confusing.  Eventually the race results were corrected, and sure enough I did finish in 1:59:41.  Yay, I did it!  

Too bad we didn’t have a better day weather wise, but I alway celebrate crossing that finish line! Now, I need to get this stupid injury fixed so we can enjoy our next marathon together… Berlin!

I’m linking up with the Runners’ Roundup. Thanks to the hosts:  Debbie, JenLisa, Deborah

15 thoughts on “2024 Glass City Half Marathon race recap”
  1. Well done, a great race report! I suppose I should do one for my upcoming half – hoping I don’t fall over at 9 miles like I did my last one in 2021 (there, I’ve said it, that’s what I’m scared of)! I hope your leg or whatever is feeling better now? And well done to both of you and for volunteering and running!

  2. Great job on meeting your goal. Humidity is tough. I’ll find out soon as I head to Florida this week.

    I hope you’re not hurt. Fingers crossed.

    I always worry that if I go out hard, I will do something to myself.

  3. Congrats on that sub-2! But I am sorry to hear about your injury. I hope it’s nothing serious and will resolve with just a few days rest! Who has time to be injured?

    1. Indeed, no time for stupid pains! 😆 It just means I need extra downtime and get serious about strengthening when I’m feeling better!

  4. Ouch in that injury! Hope it mellows out and you can get Berlin training underway. Congrats on the sub-2! That had to have felt awesome, especially under those weather conditions.

    1. It’s the weirdest injury (in my opinion!). The inside of my leg?? My Dr did give me some hope it will be OK soon enough. Hopefully he’s right!

  5. I guess that makes two of us who didn’t know to plan for rain this weekend! Of course, you will NEVER hear me say that rain feels good. Because it doesn’t lol!

    I’m so sorry about those missing seconds and that you are back in pain. That stinks!

    Congratulations on a great race! I know you’ve been working hard for this one. You did great! Now get yourself healed up!

    1. We did get nice swag! I’m usually not a fan of v-neck shirts, but this one is nice and soft. Our house is bursting with Glass City glasses though… but too hard to resist after crossing the finish line!

  6. It sounds like a crazy weather day! Congrats on reaching your goal. I hope that injury, whatever it is, is getting better.

  7. Well I’m a little late commenting on this- congratulations! You hit your goal in difficult circumstances, weather-wise. I’m wondering how your groin pain is doing now?
    You reminded me of my race in February, where it rained the whole time and I almost froze to death. I was wearing SUNGLASSES (on top of my head) and had sunscreen in my drop back. Yes, I was prepared for anything- except the actual weather on that day. Sheesh.

    1. A week out and I still feel pain, but I am comfortable walking and hiking. Fingers crossed it just takes a little longer and that’s all! 🤣 sunscreen. That’s the mom in us isn’t it?

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