When we talk about “hills” in Toledo, they really aren’t hills.  Well, at least not “big” hills.  For the half marathon I’m running soon, the course goes down a street with some rolling hills and another hill which takes us into a park.  Since I trained for a flat marathon this past summer, I was in need of some hill training!  Luckily our local She/Moms Run This Town group has several runners who are also running the half, or just wanted to get together for a morning run, so we had a running date for Saturday morning!  There ended up being 8 of us.  A nice sized group!

2016-10-22 08.36.13-1-1
Me, right side, always in pink!

I’m glad I had this commitment, because Saturday morning was dark, and only 36 degrees!!  It was exciting to have a new set of running clothes to choose from (instead of my usual pink tank and shorts!), but besides that, I think it would have been nice to stay in bed 🙂

2016-10-22 08.37.50
A great group of running Moms!

We did a warm up over to the hilly area and then all hit the hill at our own speed.  That worked out really well.  We did 4 repeats, and ended up with about 6 miles total.

2016-10-22 08.25.06
The hill is just past those trees…

One thoughtful runner ever brought us some chocolate milk.  Which just happened to go great with the donut I bought on the way home.  That’s my kind of recovery treat!

2016-10-22 09.11.58

I was happy to find that I wasn’t even sore for an easy run on Sunday morning.  Win!

2016-10-23 08.37.18

I even had enough energy to rotate my kids summer and winter clothes.  Always a time consuming task!  I think the summer-like weather is done… but we kept out a few pairs of shorts, a few short sleeve shirts and a swimsuit just in case! 🙂

2016-10-23 10.43.43

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Hope you also had a great weekend!


Q:  How was your weekend?  Did you get to run?

Q:  Do you have a favorite place to run hills, or do them on the treadmill?

Q:  Do you rotate your summer & winter clothes – or are they the same items?


6 thoughts on “Eating hills for breakfast, Fall is finally here!”
    1. I love to see the comparison in temperatures between your area and mine. I would probably have to run half naked in your summer temps, or hide indoors! But then again, that beach view could make it all better. I’m pretty bad complaining about 36 degrees – just wait until we are sub zero again!!

  1. I was signed up to run a 10K on Sunday morning but the only reason I was doing it was for the cool shirt because the race is in Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Wright’s hometown, and it always has a cool FLW design. Well….. picked up my race packet and shirt on Thursday. Shirt was white. White. Come on. Show a little imagination. The design was cool so I thought OK I can live with it and threw it in the wash with a load of clothes. It shrunk 3 sizes! It was 100% cotton and shrunk up to my elbows! The bottom barely covered my navel! Sunday morning I woke up at 5:00, sat up, and decided I had rather sleep more than drive into Chicago for a race that I couldn’t even wear the shirt. Instead, I went and met friends who were volunteering at the Naperville Marathon which is only 5 miles from my house.

    I run at least once a week at the Morton Arboretum which is a 7.5 mile very hilly loop. The worst hills even have names — Frost Hill and Thorn Hill. I did all my Boston long runs there. It is really pretty this time of year when the leaves are changing.

    1. Oh man, that’s funny/annoying about the race shirt!! My race shirt from Erie 2014 shrunk too, and the race director sent me a bigger one. I’m all about the race shirts!
      I bet volunteering at the marathon was probably more fun with the 10k drive time factored in anyways. Morton Arboretum looks like a beautiful place to run. Added bonus that you’re getting those hills done too!

    1. The challenging thing for me is working at two offices/building in one day. The bank is always really chilly year round, but my IT office tends to be very warm in the summer and chilly in the winter. My work “uniform” is pretty much a cardigan every day so I can adapt to the office climate!

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