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Training Tuesday!  4 more weeks until the Columbus half marathon. Gulp!  Ok, maybe not because my husband just offered to run with me, so it could be a really good time!  (“fun” time, not “pr” time.  haha!)  He’s running the full, but thought it would be fun to run slower with me, then put the hammer down for the 2nd half.   Negative splits are always awesome!

I had a pretty decent week of training.  This is what went down….

Mon: 6 miles, treadmill 10:21 pace.  Nice easy run.  Good start to my week.

Tues: Rest day!

Weds:  50 min tempo run (5.2 miles),  9:37 overall pace.  I had no idea what to pick for a top pace (it said 10K), so I was envisioning 8:15, but phew, by the time I got to 8:41, that was plenty fast enough for me.  Not sure why, but I can run 8:41 outside fairly decent, but it was really exhausting on my treadmill.  Still not sure this speedwork was a good idea – I might not do it again in this training cycle!  But on a good note, I felt like I really earned my iced coffee that morning!


Thurs:  Rest day.  A little sore from yesterday.

Fri:  10 miles.  (2 miles treadmill: 10:30 pace, 8 miles outside: 9:26 pace) Fun thing that happened – when I was coming back into my neighborhood on my long run, a lady out on a walk asked me how long I had gone.  When I replied “10 miles”, she told me “wow, that’s really great!  Keep it up!”.  That really perked me up!  I later wondered, who was that lady?  Do I know her?? LOL!

I was thinking I would like to go 12 miles, but didn’t have the time for 12, so 10 was good enough.

The morning fog was AWESOME!


Sat:  4 miles, 9:32 pace.  After I dropped my kids off for the cross country bus at 6:30 am (!!!!), it was so beautiful out I decided to run 4 miles.


My week included a “happy jump”!   woohoo!!


Sun:  Resty rest rest!

Miles this week:  25.2

Next race coming up:  MacQueens Run for Your Life 10K, Oct 1st.  Hopefully this race will give me some indication on what my Columbus race pace should be.


I’m linking up with Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC.  Also with Holly at HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin  Check out all of the fun workout recaps over there!

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Q:  Did you enjoy that week of cool running temps??  

Seems like summer humidity is back again this week!

Q:  Have you gone out for any runs in the early morning with a headlamp lately?

I’m afraid to get mine out again – I’m sticking to the treadmill, also because I have to get the kids up out of bed for school…

Q:  Did you sleep in this weekend, or are you an early riser on the weekends?

21 thoughts on “Training Tues – 9/19 Columbus half edition”
    1. I bet that drive was weird on your race drive!! It was quite foggy – surprised they didn’t delay school on Friday. But that would have messed up my running plans, so glad they didn’t delay 😉

  1. Awesome work on your runs this week! I’m hoping to have a similar mileage week as Columbus is only 4 weeks away! I think Alan is going to have fun challenging himself that second half.

    I will always, always, prefer 40-50 degree running temps. Hot weather is for the…well not me I’ll say that much!

    I’ve actually never run with a head lamp. Probably should invest in one but my neighborhood is decently lit. Once winter hits I use the treadmill unless it is a race. Can’t see ice in the dark.

    Generally I’m up between 4:15-5am daily. Weekends by 6 even without an alarm. If the kid sleeps in until 7 it’s a miracle. She’s been getting up at 6am since she was 6 weeks old, so I guess she is kind of used to it.
    Dan Clark recently posted…Updated fall race scheduleMy Profile

    1. Wow – so are you in bed by 9pm or earlier?? I’m impressed at that early wake up time! Was that wake up time only for early morning running, or did you wake up that early before you started running?

      1. Normally in bed sleeping before 10pm. I function fine on 5-6 hours of sleep. Preference is 7 but that rarely happens (unless training is REALLY getting to me).

        Even before taking up running, Nikki and I both liked to be to work by 7am (or as close to as possible). That meant getting Abby out the door by 6:30 to babysitter/daycare. That also meant I was up around 5-5:30 to make lunches and get ready for the day. I enjoy being out of work by 4pm as there is still time to hang with the kiddo before she starts getting ready for bed at 7pm.

  2. Needless to say, I did NOT sleep in this weekend. We had to get up at 3:00AM to eat, dress, and drive to the bus pickup point to get to the start of the Tunnel Marathon. Cut to the chase. 3:55:52. Not good enough for 2018 but hopefully good enough for 2019 when I will age up to 65. I won’t know until the BAA announces the start of the qualifying window for 2019 when 2018 registration closes on Wednesday. Last year, they announced the cut for 2017 and the window for 2018 at the same time. I had to run three miles through a railroad tunnel with a headlamp and it was challenging. The surface was hard-packed dirt, so it was difficult to see the bumps and divots. 45* at the start was nice but warmed up to 62* by the time we got to the bottom. Hope your training goes well for Columbus. See you in Boston in 2019?

    1. Well boo on not qualifying for 2018… but I think the chances are good it will get you for 2019! Double dipping marathons are the best!! hmmmm, I will be bumped up to my next age group in 2019 – that does give me motivation to get qualified!! (and, that is not a shabby marathon time my friend. Congrats!!!!!)

  3. Great week of workouts! I also really struggle with treadmill runs. What feels easy outside does not feel easy on the treadmill at all. And I really fear doing fast speed workouts on a mill because I don’t want to go flying off the back. I haven’t tried to see what my garmin data is on a mill compared to the speed that it is set out to see what the difference is but I want to figure that out.

    Hope all goes well at your upcoming 10k – that’s pretty soon!

    Our temps went back up this week…boo. Bring back the cool weather!! lol
    Sara recently posted…Great Race 5k/UBHM Training Week 7My Profile

  4. It will be a fun run at Columbus! Has taken a lot longer to come back from the hip recovery and then twisting my ankle in Mexico didn’t help with the training. Columbus will be a good solid long run and then I can start getting ready for Boston. Will be the first time in a year that I’ll be starting a cycle uninjured.

  5. Great week for you! I wake up early on Saturdays cause that’s when I do my long run! This Saturday is my longest (12 miles) in this training session. The heat and humidity is like it is in July so I think I’m going to put that ol headlamp on and try to get in half of my run before the Sun comes up! That’s the plan anyway!

  6. You definitely earned that iced coffee! I don’t know why, but running on the treadmill always felt like a completely different activity to me. I could not compare my paces on it to my paces on the road. It’s dark now when I run in the morning. I enjoy the peace and quiet but have to be careful not to stumble over limbs that fall overnight. Thanks for linking!

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