Before too much time passes, I wanted to write about my Spring Break trip to Colorado.  We had a really good time skiing and just hanging out.

We have been going to Summit County in Colorado for years now.  It’s a central location for many ski resorts, so we set up camp there.  In particular, we like to stay at Keystone Ski Resort, in the River Run condos.  It’s an active area of the resort, with shops and restaurants. Best of all, the condos have pools, hot tubs, and underground parking!!  Underground parking is the best. 🙂

This trip was the latest in the season we have ever skied.  Luckily the conditions were still really good. Colorado got a ton of snow this season!

After arrived in Denver, we packed up our rental car, and headed out to the resort.  It’s about a 2 hour drive, so we all settled in. Our rental SUV was on the small side, so when we stopped at the grocery store it took some creativity to get everything packed in there! It was real cozy 😉

Our condo was pretty awesome.

Early in the trip, we saw some moose wandering around.  I’ve never seen them out in the wild before… or this close to people!

We skied two days at Keystone.  One of our favorite areas of Keystone is the back bowl.  It requires hiking, but you are rewarded with great backcountry skiing!  You could take a snowcat up there, but it was $10 a person. Sorry, not shelling out $40 when I can just hike halfway there. As a side note, with the elevation and carrying the skis, it’s quite a workout to get up there!

Nope, we didn’t hike all of the .75 miles to the very top past this sign!

We also skied two days at Vail.  The first day at Vail we had some amazing powder.  It was so fun!

The weather was so beautiful that we ate lunch outside several days.  Funny how you can be on the top of a mountain in the snow and be totally comfortable! Spring skiing is the best!

Our second day at Vail was all about the groomed runs.  Less work on the legs and no ice!

We made sure to hit the terrain park.  I love going to the terrain park because we can all do the jumps and slides there!

It’s amazing (and freaking incredible!) how expensive single day lift tickets at Vail are.  Kind of like showing up at Disney for only a day. Pricey!!!

The friendly moose took up residency for a day in our pool area, so we had to go visit another building’s hot tub.  Need to relax after all those days of skiing!


On the last day of our trip we went for a hike.  Short sleeve shirts in the snow? YES! It was REALLY, REALLY hot up there!  I felt like I was under a magnifying glass. But with that amazing beauty out there, I could endure it.

Can you tell we got sunburned skiing?  Zach’s poor nose peeled crazy, and the back of his neck did too.  My lips actually swelled up a few times because of the sunburn. I had lip balm, but no SPF in it.  Rookie move.

I really cherish these trips that we take as a family, and with teenagers, I know our trips are getting limited.  But as long as Mom & Dad are paying, I’m guessing they will be joining us as much as they can 🙂

Q: Did you go anywhere for Spring Break?

Q: Rental cars – have you ever heard of Turo?

Kinda like AirBNB, but for cars… We didn’t use it on this trip, but I did just use this service for an upcoming trip. I was intrigued by the whole concept!

3 thoughts on “Spring Break 2019 – ski trip!”
  1. A friend whose son lived in Eagle, CO, but worked for the park district in Vail always said the price break he got on the resident
    season pass offset some of the high cost of living there. Ironically, he found Vail to be too crowded and moved to Big Sky, Montana. Leaving for Boston Saturday morning. Expecting rain. Hope to see you and Alan there on April 20, 2020.

    1. I hope you have a great weekend and Marathon Monday in Boston, no matter what the weather is! Are you getting a jacket? I like the color this year.
      We didn’t even see rain in the forecast in 2015 before I packed. I was totally unprepared for it!

  2. I bought the jacket during the great ADIDAS snafu before Christmas. Depending on which version you believe, someone hacked ADIDAS website or some marketing person pulled the trigger a week early, but the jacket was leaked one week early while ADIDAS was running a 30% off promotion. The jacket was not supposed to be released until AFTER the promotion ended but a few of us who jumped on it before they deleted it were able to get the jacket for $71 with free shipping. Packed in my backpack now.

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