Wrapping up week 15… 2 more weeks to go until the Glass City Marathon! Good luck to everyone running Boston on Monday. Flashback to 2015 when I ran… it’s a little blurry, and it was a little rainy, but this sure brings back memories of the excitement of crossing that finish line!! (how awesome that my husband ran with me and was my photographer, right??) Funny observation – I still have those fancy “arm warmers” in this picture. They are socks! I guess they are my lucky pair since I didn’t toss them!

Miles run this week: 47.5, biked 9 miles

Monday – 5 easy miles.  Took this especially cautious on my treadmill to make sure I wasn’t having any more of those odd sharp pains in my hips/glutes.  I really can’t pinpoint where the pain is coming from, but it’s “down lower”. Felt pretty good with just one pain. Hopefully that will clear up soon!  I was kicking myself for not running outside this morning – it was 57 degrees!! Amazing weather today.

In the evening we watched my son’s track meet (he’s the front of this group here).

Tuesday – 6.5 miles, Track workout! Well, the big “track” around my neighborhood. FYI, one loop of my neighborhood circle is 1.25 miles.  Good to know! I was “brave” and went outside in the early hours for this workout. I say “brave” because I’ve been hiding indoors for all of my pre-work morning runs, but the weather was so nice I had to get outside.  57 degrees again!! Woohoo! I was amazed at how bright my Noxgear vest was glowing even when it was almost light outside.

The workout was 5 x 600m and 5 x 300m with 2 min active rest between.  I kept my intervals on the slower side of my range because I didn’t want to anger my hammies more than necessary.  This workout turned out well.

Tuesday night was spent at the track, volunteering as timers for the meet. It was 3 hours long!!!! Oh how I miss those [shorter] cross country meets!

Wednesday – 5 easy miles.  Oops, my training plan said “6 easy miles” and I didn’t realize it until I wrote this recap.  Oh well, one mile missed here. This was a very lackluster run anyways, and all my TV shows were boring.  Just not feeling it today, so one less mile was not missed!

Thursday – 10 (+) miles tempo  I did a warm up mile, and a cool down mile, so this was 12 total.  It was a really windy day out. The “blah” kind of day. I really needed to get outside for this, so I bit the bullet and just did it.  I know this run is supposed to show you how “easy” your marathon pace is going to feel on race day… but it honestly didn’t. I might just need to adjust my time.  Sure, running into the wind is hard, but keep up that pace was too!

It wasn’t until I got inside that I saw how whacked out my hair was.  Wow, I was quite the sight!

Spent the afternoon marking the Glass City marathon course more. It’s the dreaded mile 20!!!

Friday – 5 easy miles.  As part of my new “take care of Lisa” plan, I’m getting all the rest I can – which means going back to bed after my kids get on the school bus and sleeping until 9:30am.  Yeah me!!

Saturday – 14 miles, “long run”.  Dang, only 14 miles?? Actually I’m happy to only have 14.  I am so OVER the long runs. My enthusiasm for them has worn off 🙁  I started this run before the sun was up because we had a busy day of family activities.  Alan caught up with me when I was finishing. Photo op!

The afternoon was amazingly beautiful so I went on a bike ride with my son.  Had to also stop at the ice cream parlor for riding all of those miles. Yum.

Sunday – rest! I actually feel a bit under the weather today, so I’m glad I’m not running.  I think I would have skipped it! Hope I don’t have a cold that lasts a long time…..

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Q: Have you ever run Boston? Did you have good weather?

The weather has been so crazy there!

Q: Do you prefer a twist cone, or all chocolate or vanilla?

20 thoughts on “GCM – training week 15 recap”
  1. Rest/recovery seems to be the theme this week LOL (though you had quite a bit more miles than me). Where is all this cold weather coming from? It seems like all of us (in our various) locations are freezing out tails off. I’d probably have to go with a twist cone, but all three are winners 😉 Thanks for linking!

    1. My kids are insisting we don’t get the “kiddie” cones any more, but honestly, as much as I love ice cream, the size small is huge and more than enough for me!! I’m going back to the kiddie size.

  2. What? Why are you hiding indoors for your pre-work morning runs? I think those are the best runs!

    How exciting that you have 2 weeks to go till your marathon.

    I’ve never run Boston and don’t think I ever will. 🙂

    ALL CHOCOLATE please!

    1. I do *love* an early morning/pre dawn run for sure… but in the winter I’m afraid I will slip on ice or trip in the dark!! Also, on school mornings I usually pause my treadmill run halfway through to snuggle with my son and wake him up, so I’d miss that opportunity. Glad he still lets me snuggle because he’s 13!! 😉

  3. What a great week. I can’t imagine a 10 mile tempo run, but I can’t imagine a marathon either. 😉 Your pace might feel “easier” with race day energy.

    How do you know where to mark the course? The big bummer from Cherry Blossom this year is that the course was 250 yards (?) short because turn-around cones were mis-placed. :-O

    Can I get chocolate sprinkles on my vanilla cone?
    Coco recently posted…Pretty In PinkMy Profile

    1. The course is certified in the fall, so we have to use a map and locate where the markers are in the pavement (nails). They were painted in the fall, but half of them have worn almost off. That’s the “base layers” and then the road signs/cones and timing mats will be located around those markers.
      Tempo runs are a little different in this plan – it’s a long amount of time at pace miles, so marathon pace and every other week there is a more speed in the workout. Not really the “tempo” runs I’ve had in other plans. But still, faster than easy or long runs! It’s been a great way to get the feel for race day pace.

  4. A 1.25 mile track- how interesting! It’s great that you have that option though. We have one local high school track that is open to the public but a lot of them are locked up so tight. It’s frustrating! I guess it’s a liability to keep them open, but we pay our taxes 🙂 and no one else is on them! Anyways, I digress. That’s so wonderful that you ran Boston with your husband. My husband has paced me at marathons twice- both of my BQ’s actually- but we haven’t run any of the big ones together…yet!

    1. My husband was really being a great guy when we ran Boston because it was the first year he was supposed to be in Wave 1, and he gave that up. He has paced me in about 6 marathons I think, also both of my BQ’s. Now he’s leaving it up to me. EEEEK!
      To clarify – my neighborhood is a big circle with inner roads, so if I run around the whole outside, 1.25 miles! 🙂 If I run all of the roads, it’s a 5K. Handy!

  5. Oh i do remember those training weeks where the runs just felt “meh” – hopefully you are not getting sick and the new week brings more energy into your running! quite some time at the track too – I like that, watching trainings at the track! we sometimes go to the track at the Olympic training center – which is really nice because they just let us amateurs use the track as long as no one is training at that moment (we’ve seen so many of our Dutch athletes training out there – I get so inspired and star-struck!!)

    I haven’t run Boston – I likely will never qualify – but I was a spectator last year when my husband run. It was the WORST weather I’ve ever experienced at an event. My poor husband was on target for a 3 hour marathon (all of his training indicated this and it was his goal) but he lost a half hour because of how cold and wet he was. He just didn’t feel week after about halfway and was on the edge of hypothermia 🙁 He said he never wants to run it again, yet this week said “maybe I’ll try to BQ again and go back for revenge. OMG… runners!!!

    if I have a twist cone it should definitely be a mix!

    1. Oh man, that was the worst weather at Boston last year!! That was the one year I did not watch my husband run, out of 8 years that he’s run. I wasn’t sad that I missed it! That really stinks for your husband’s race.

    1. It’s pretty rare that I get sick… but a cold has certainly hit me now. Hopefully it passes soon. A good excuse to get lots of rest before race day I guess (positivity!).

  6. Yay for sleep! This was interesting to me, and loved reading about your timing stint. XC is shorter but road relays go on for EVER. I am going to be timing one of those next month – wah! Also love the hair pic – mine does that, too!

    1. I have learned that the track always feels 10 degrees colder than it really is for some reason, so now I carry a bag along with me for gloves and hat, just in case I need it!

      1. That’s funny! I always pack layers for endurance work but my two outdoor stadium experiences so far I didn’t apply enough sunscreen! We’ll see though as I start my duties for this “summer” next week and it’s not that warm yet!

  7. This year was just crazy weather. First they were worried about a repeat of last year so they were parking warming buses along the route for wet and cold runners. Then they were worried about severe lightning storms. In the end, we got pouring rain early before the race and then sunny, hot, and humid for most of the race. Runners were dumping cups of water over them and the fire departments opened some of the hydrants spraying water across the course. Last couple of miles a storm rolled in, the temps dropped, and it started raining again. Fricking miserable day. Virtually everyone I knew ran slower than their goal time. I ran slower than 2015.

    1. I think 75% of the people I was following in Boston had times that slowed a *lot* in the second half. I was wondering what the heck was going on! But then I heard about the humid sun coming out and then the rain… yikes, what a day! I hope you loved it all 🙂

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