I completed my 2nd duathlon! I had been eyeing up this event because I have the annual USAT membership this year, so I figured I needed to get my money’s worth out of it 🙂 The forecast was originally for rain, but when it cleared up the day before the race I pulled the trigger on signing up. I’m so glad I did!

No bike rack needed!

I really haven’t been training for this. I’ve only had one real ride on my bike this season, and it was 18 miles the night before this race! But my running is always in training mode, so how bad could it be? This is me with Melissa, who I rode with the night before. She inspired me to get out and ride!

I got to the race extra early, which was a good thing because I had to sticker up my gear and set up the transition area. Granted, my transition gear is only my helmet and running hat because I used the same shoes for both events, but it still needs to be organized. I had brought a bag with my stuff in it, but in the future I think I need a different bag because it was a little difficult to get into.

I was the only person who had a gel seat cover on my bike. LOL!!!

Race time!! It was a nice warm night, but not too warm. It felt like a summer night! The first event was a 1 mile run. No problem, right? Holy moley, that mile was stinking hard!! Nowadays it takes me a mile just to warm up, so hitting a fast pace right out of the gate was killing me. Luckily it ended soon and I cruised into the transition space. Pace: 8:17

I swapped out my hat for a helmet and walked my bike to the mount line. My transition time was really good, and soon I was speeding along on the bike course. “Speeding along” is really a stretch because I was getting SPANKED once again on the bike ride. I would say 15 people passed me on the ride. I did not pass anyone 🙁 I was really enjoying myself though, and doing the best I could – so it’s all good!! In fact, I’m pretty sure I had a smile on my face the whole bike ride – even when we were going into the wind, which was a struggle! Speed: avg 16.5 mph

Soon enough, it was time to run again. My legs felt like freaking Jello!! It took my legs a good mile to get the “running legs” back again, and by then I was feeling pretty tired. But my pace was averaging around 8:30 so I was very happy with that. Best thing? I was killing it on the run. I passed every person ahead of me. That’s my saving grace – I can run! Avg pace: 8:17

My finish time was 1:21, which is a PR for me at this event distance. Woohoo! I even got 1st in my age group. There were no awards at this event – or shirts. It’s a laid back, low cost event, and that’s OK with me.

I love the stats they provide about the race. You can see by my rank that I did OK on my first run (53rd place), lost a bit against the competition on the bike ride (went down to 74th place) and really caught up on the 5K run (39th place). My transitions were pretty speedy.

I am signed up for another multi sport event at the end of the summer – the Sylvania Triathlon. I will need to up my swimming game for sure because I’m doing the Olympic distance. Hopefully I’ll also get to do another duathlon in a few weeks. This event is actually part of a 4 race series (the DC Series) where you accumulate points and are ranked at the end of the series. Or, like me, you can just individually do the races!

Q: Have you done a duathlon?

Q: Do you have a bike with clipped in shoes?

7 thoughts on “South Fork Duathlon 2019”
  1. I have never done a triathlon or duathlon. I am a poor swimmer and not much better on the bike. Running is about all I can manage. I have friends who have done the full Ironman a couple of times. One in Arizona and one in Wisconsin. I volunteered at the Arizona Ironman one year and it was a lot of fun. More fun than actually doing the Ironman for sure.My bike has what are called Eggbeater pedals. It fits since they really do look like that. Getting accustomed to them was a little bit of a learning curve and I fell a few times because I couldn’t get unclipped fast enough.

    1. I tried out my new pedals today. I fell once in the grass – right when my neighbors drove past! I was in the sidewalk. I’m surprised they didn’t even slow down. Haha!

  2. Great pictures! I had no idea you have to run – bike – run on those, terrifying! I can’t ride a bike, though, let alone race on one! So I salute you from a just-running viewpoint!

    1. Well thanks! I’m a bit pokey on the bike, but I really had fun! I was nervous about these races until I helped out at one last year. It’s good to see how everything works!

  3. The one du I did was with a borrowed road bike (it was at a friend’s town, and I don’t have a bike rack to transport my mountain bike LOL). I don’t bike very often, so I have not made the transition to clip-in shoes. I’m such a klutz, I really don’t need that kind of stress or drama anyways. The event was a lot of fun, and definitely out of my comfort zone…which is a very good thing!

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