Columbus marathon is one of those races that we just automatically put on calendar each year.  We sign up early, when the rates are low and just assume it’s going to happen. And I’m happy to report that it happened again!  I didn’t even realize until a few days ago that this was my 10th year running Columbus (either half or full). 10 years?? yikes!

Alan was originally going to run the full, but due to some pains at Erie marathon back in September I talked  him into dropping down the half. We ran Columbus together!  

This year we ended up booking a room that was connected to the convention center where the race expo was.  Super convenient! Even though I used to live in Columbus, I still get a bit freaked out driving in all of the “big city” traffic.  So it was great just to park our vehicle and not have to drive anywhere. We didn’t get to the expo until an hour before it closed, but we had some fun while we were there and talked to our friends at the race booths – both Glass City and Cleveland marathon.

Our hotel hosted a “happy hour” with hot food and drinks.  Therefore, dinner ended up being free and we didn’t have to go anywhere at all!  [and wow, they gave us THREE free drinks. Too bad I couldn’t take them up on all of those!]   I did think about going out for a walk around town because it was nice out, but we ended up just hanging out watching TV instead which was relaxing.

Another plus was that we didn’t even need to wake up early!  HOORAY!! [btw, free hot breakfast at the hotel too. Win!] Race start was 7:30am so we got up at 6am.  It was .8 mile walk to the start, and I checked a bag. The temperature said 47, but it was more on the “50” side than the “40s” side.  I did want to a jacket for after the race.

I don’t know what I had put as my predicted finish time, but we were in corral A.  I did see a 3:50 full pacer, so that seemed correct. We got into the race corral around 7:15am.  It was full, but it kept us warm. After a little pyrotechnics show, and AC/DC Thunderstruck, the gun went off and we started the race.

The funny thing about GPS watches is how different they can read based on the watch.  Alan wears a Fenix and his watch showed our first mile was 8:06. I KNEW we weren’t running that fast and mine said 8:56.  That’s a huge difference. A few miles into the race the paces were a little closer, but his mileage was off.  

Miles 1-10: 8:56, 8:45, 8:31, 8:33, 8:27, 8:28, 8:52, 8:50, 8:38, 8:39

I didn’t really have a goal for this race.  Ideally, I’d love to have run faster than last year (1:52:54).  But last year I trained for the half, and not for a full. I was feeling a little beat up from the full still.  I thought it’d be fun to beat my time from 10 years ago, which was 1:55:49. Although I will be honest, I wasn’t really willing to “go hard” to get there.  I was feeling lazy and tired. By the time I had reached 10 miles I was feeling pretty spent and was hoping it was going to be the shortest 5K of my life.

Miles 11 – 12: 8:58, 9:06

About a mile from the finish the 3:50 pace group passed me.  I wasn’t sure what the math was, but I was just doing the best I could, and it wasn’t the 4:00 pace group so that was good.  Alan, just following his best intuitions, tried to give me some motivation about emptying the tank if I had anything left 🙂 I think my response was, “no, I don’t have anything left”.  haha! I don’t take well to race motivation. That “fast pace” to the finish ended up being one of my slowest paces! It sure seemed a lot faster. LOL

Miles 13-13.1: 8:47, 8:48

Finish time: 1:55:08!  I’m happy with that!  Very excited that I was 15th in my age group! Alan was feeling good, and not beat up, so that’s a win too!  Alan noted how great it feels to “just run a half” compared to his usual race of the full marathon. “Look, we can still walk properly” I exclaimed  🙂

My new medal is a nice addition to the collection!  The inspirational phrase for this year’s race was “Enduring”.  I think that is fitting!

Fun incidents at this race:

1) I found someone’s drivers license at the start area.  We dropped it off at her house (she lives near Columbus) and she was so thankful we did.  Good deed done for the day!

2) Burgers and beer are excellent post race fueling.  Fruit smoothies and White Castle sliders, not so much.  LOL.  

10 thoughts on “Columbus Half Marathon 2019 – race recap”
  1. Great work, both of you! A good race report, too. I find it so hard to push myself, something I would need to work on if I wanted to “improve”. But I just like running around! Well done and a great collection of medals there, too!

    1. Lately I’ve been running out of gas prior to the end of a race and not really having any push left. I think it’s just a sign that it’s time for some rest and recovery!

    1. It really is a well organized race. There are band playing and a section that comes back so you can see other runners or even the elites depending on your pace/distance into the race. I like it when races pace each other and you get to see your friends! I should have posted a picture of the all free sample food we got after the race. Energy drinks, snacks. The half marathoners get all of the good stuff 🙂

  2. Sounds like you both had a fun time! I did this one two years ago and was just thinking that maybe I should add it to my list for next year. My parents live in Columbus so that’s an added bonus.
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    1. That would be bonus having a family member in town! We lived in Columbus for a few years when we first got married. It was a big change to our small town living in Toledo.

    1. It was funny about White Castle – we got some coupons at the race for free burgers. I was “only” supposed to be getting 5 cheeseburgers, but for some reason I also got 3 more hamburgers on my order (for free!). What the heck? I think I ended up eating 4 of the cheeseburgers. I was feeling bloated after drinking a fruit smoothie too!

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