Race week!! It’s been a bit of a slow week due to the Columbus half marathon on Sunday. I did a lot of analysis on Strava 🙂

  • Miles run = 31.6 (including race)

Monday – 5.17 miles.  Apparently this was an epic run because Strava said I had 25 achievements on that run!!  Seriously?  This was just on my normal neighborhood route, so this is crazy talk. Something is clearly broken here.

One thing that was correct was that I got the CR on a segment.  I don’t think I mentioned this one before but my husband’s ex-girlfriend (from a looooong time ago, like 30 years) lives in our neighborhood and we run by her house pretty much on every run.  I teased him and set up a segment in front of her house called “Molly’s Meters” because I joked he would be running fast to look strong. Or running slow so she could watch him longer.  HAHA! Today I raced really fast and got the course record for women (CR). Well kind of. I actually tied for it but it said I did, so I’m going with it.

I also set up a segment named “Almost Home”, which you can guess is on the way back to my house.  I’m not sure I can ever get the speed I used to have on that segment because I’m usually not that peppy on the way home! (and I got the CR back in 2015 I think?)

Tuesday – 5 miles, treadmill.  I got to watch a few of my favorite shows!  

Wednesday – 5.17 miles.  Yet another attempt at Molly’s Meters and failed by a few seconds.  Not sure how because I felt like I was all out sprinting! Regardless, it set me up to have nice progressive run even though I overdressed.  Apparently 49 degrees does NOT mean capris and quarter zip. Haha! 49 did sound cold though. That is another positive for the treadmill – it only requires shorts and sports bra.  No guessing involved.

Thursday –  Rest day!

Friday – 4.11 mile run.  Another neighborhood run and I took another attempt at Molly’s Meters. I got the official women’s CR this time.  Wooooot! We had frost on the ground so that was pretty to see.  

Saturday – Rest day!  Traveling to Columbus for the race! I packed a little bit of everything this year. I don’t want to freeze my butt off like last year, although the forecast looks to be much warmer. You can just never be too prepared 😉

Sunday –  Race day!! 13.1 miles My 10th Columbus Half Marathon. I’ll recap it in a few days. I’m sure it will go well 🙂 I’ll be running it with my husband and we’ll be having a fun run. I don’t really have any goals for this race. My hamstring pain has been flaring up lately so I can tell it’s time for racing season to end and to rest & rebuild. That’s next on my plan! Maybe get better than 1:55 which was my time 10 years ago when I ran?? Hopefully the weather will agree and make that happen.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Do you have a streak at any race? A race you run every year?

Q: Do you typically run races for time goals or just for fun?

30 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Columbus half race week”
  1. For the last few years I have been running the BolderBoulder 10K on Memorial Day. Each year my goal is to move up in corral placement and each year I fail! I am stuck in Corral DD. Maybe now that I will be living in Colorado I can get more acclimated to the thin air. I ru more half marathons than any other distance and I like to stay under 2:00 hours but mostly just run for fun.

    1. That Colorado mountain air is tough!! 2:00 half is my goal these days too. I also tend to grade my results as “good enough” haha! My standards are getting more lenient.

    1. I think the segments are more fun when they aren’t a normal route. Otherwise its not a lot of fun dwelling on how you stack up to your friends or wonder why you can’t run as fast anymore!

    1. I hope she never joins Strava!! haha Actually a plus has been that we can identify other people who run in our neighborhood now. The history showing up on that segment has been quite interesting!

  2. Wow – 25 Strava achievements on one run? That’s awesome! I think the most I’ve gotten on a run is 3 achievements, lol.

    I hope that the half marathon went well today!

    1. Sadly 25 achievements was just a figment of Strava’s imagination. There was no data to even support more than 1 thing going on, so I have no clue what it was talking about!

    1. In my new “recover and get stronger” plan (in my mind!), I was prompted to look at my old PT logs and exercises. I was assigned some stuff back in 2017 which I think helped, but I’ve stopped doing them. I will get back on PT plan starting today! I promise!!

  3. That’s it – even though it is like 38 degrees out I’m going to keep running by her house shirtless!

  4. You are hilarious naming run segments and racing past Molly’s house! Haha!
    When i ran the Columbus Marathon it was 27 degrees at the start. Maybe chilly for some but it ended up being perfect IMO. Can’t wait to hear all about the half!

    1. Race day was really nice – but always surprising how “43” can feel chilly, but “47” can leave me sweating in a tank top! Race recap is almost completed. Stay tuned!

  5. Via Insta, I saw that your half went well, so congrats! My half marathon (today) was in Des Moines. I first ran it in 2018, then returned in 2011 and have been back every year since, usually for the 13.1, but I ran the 26.2 in 2014, and had to run the 5-mile in 2017 (as I was rallying back from that surprise surgery a few months prior). I also have Dam to Dam, which I’ve mentioned 1,000 times (and counting)…I’ve ran that the past 11 years 😉

    1. I’m glad I researched my stats (thanks Athlinks!) because I originally thought it was my 7th or 8th time (and even incorrectly flagged it as my 8th last year in my race recap!). It is fun to watch the evolution of a race with the shirts and medals. For the past two years Columbus has gone back to a cotton shirt, which is nice because I can wear as everyday wear. (honestly, there is barely a day that I’m not wearing a race shirt!)

  6. I ran the Birmingham Half for its first five years (2008-12) and thought I’d do it forever, then I had medical treatment at the start of the sixth year and could have been but wasn’t back at full fitness by the time it rolled around. Did it again 2015 and 16 and then in 2017 it was also the Marathon, which I ran, so I was glad I hadn’t done all the others only to miss one, if you see what I mean! I have also marshalled at the NICE 10k for about five years in a row now, which is a streak I’m proud of.

    Great work and photos here. I’ve never set up a segment but I hold one record for one that one man and then me and Jenny have run up – the man must have created the segment, we’re women 1 and 2 on it – because it’s not a public right of way and has a big sign to say so that we never saw!!

    1. It’s alway funny to get an email that you’ve lost a Strava CR – and then find out it was someone riding a bike and flagged it as a run. I *always* report the error! Gotta defend my titles!

    1. Too bad it’s less than a mile from my house because it encourages me to try and be speedy when I shouldn’t be! I need more time to warm up. Injuries waiting to happen! I do like seeing what other Strava members run through my neighborhood.

    1. Slap a masking tape “Don’t” on there. I’m sure that will give you motivation 🙂 I hope your friends had a good race in CBUS. I think it could have been a little chillier, but it was a great day to spectate and most people thought it was great weather. Race recap in the works!

  7. I hope you had a good race yesterday. I did that Columbus half a couple years ago and really loved it. I was thinking about maybe adding it back in next year if I can get back to half marathon shape.

  8. I hear you on trying to figure out what to wear at this time of year — it kind of drives me insane.

    Since I’m trying to run a half in every state, and I’ve had to really slow down this year (just 1 half & 1 state!), — nope, no repeats on halfs, but plenty of local races I do enjoy doing year after year.

    I read the half went well. 🙂 Congrats!

    1. Thanks! The 50 states quest can get pricy but what a great way to see the country! When my kids are in college I’m sure I’ll venture farther than my range of Ohio, Pennsylvania & Michigan!

  9. There are a few races I love and do every time (assuming I am healthy and in town). I didn’t know about the Strava segments. Then again I rarely pay attention to Strava. I have an account that syncs with my Garmin watch. I use it mainly to get points for the Achievement app. Once I get 10,000 points, I get $10. Can’t wait to read your recap!!!
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted…Weekly Run Down: Race week and almost 400 milesMy Profile

      1. You need to sync it with Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, and whatever other apps you have. There is a list. Then you get points for each run, walk, or activity you log. Check it out!

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