If you celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and maybe even found something special under your tree! We had a good week, and I got some good workouts in.

Monday – 5 miles.  I ran outside! In the dark!  Before work! Just had to make that point, because I never do this. 🙂  But, I figured this was my big chance to look at the neighborhood lights and the weather was really good.  Not surprising, I took a lot of pictures, ran too long, and was late for work. Does this surprise anyone? Nope.

At work, I got an amazing gift from my Secret Santa.  An adorable running shoe ornament! The best part was that she made it.  Wow! I love felt crafts. They are just so visually appealing to me.

Tuesday – 5K for Christmas Eve.  Met up with our Nerd Herd running friends.  Got a bit of a late start on this run, and since I had to get to work, only got 3.1 miles in. 

We stopped and took lots of pictures along the way.

Alan got to join me for his first outdoor run in a few weeks.  He was feeling happy, out of shape, encouraged, and discouraged all at once. You know how it is when you come back to running from an injury, right?  All the feels.

Wednesday – Merry Christmas! I stayed up too late watching It’s A Wonderful Life, and getting the tree ready, so we slept in until 8:30am. Not bad!

Workout today… Cardio.  Unwrapping presents and eating cookies qualifies as cardio, right?  🙂 Actually, I did a cardio workout that Kim posted. It was a lot of fun getting the kids involved.  I worked up a sweat! I think my kids may have breathed hard once or twice. haha!

Later workout, 4.5 mile run! When the temperature hits 58 degrees on Christmas day, it’s a shame to miss out on it. I didn’t realize how nice it was outside until I took a walk with my daughter, so then I decided to get some miles in before dinner. It was really, really nice outside!

Thursday – 3.5 miles

I took one more run outside to view the Christmas lights around my neighborhood. I was feeling a bit stiff… I’m thinking it was that cardio workout on Weds! Oof.

Rest of the week…. I’m on vacation! Enjoying my family time 🙂 I hope you are able to take a bit of time off, enjoy a break, and do whatever it is that you like to do!

Don’t let that smile fool you… it’s “feels like” -9 on my run!!

If you are a reader of my blog, you may recall that I tried my hand at making a retro Jello mold for a family party last week.  I bet you were dying to know how it turned out, right?!! For reference, it was a recipe from a reputable source… the Pioneer Woman.  They made this recipe during an episode of HGTV Very Brady Christmas Renovation, so you know it’s gotta be good! Isn’t it beautiful looking?

In a very shocking turn of events, this is what my actually looked like.  Do you see the resemblance? OOOF! Me neither. What a fail!!!

I won’t even show you what the yummy goodness “hidden” inside looked like!  Ok, it looked like barf, but it did taste pretty good if you could get past it’s poor appearance.  Another Pinterest fail! I’m glad my family accepts me for who I am, and doesn’t pass judgement.

Q: Do you watch It’s A Wonderful Life?

Q: Did you go out of town for Christmas, or host family at your house?

31 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Christmas week edition!”
  1. I love that Secret Santa gift that you received – how cute!

    I’ve had many Pinterest fails throughout the years so I can totally relate to that photo, lol. I always say that as long as it tastes good, we can ignore the appearance LOL

  2. I drove back from my new house in Colorado to my old house in Illinois to spend Christmas with my son who is now my tenant too. Now I am trapped in Illinois until it stops snowing in Nebraska. Might be Tuesday before I can make it back.

      1. I moved to Longmont. Northeast of Boulder. Never skied in my life but may take a couple of lessons when I get back. Hope I don’t break a leg.

  3. What a thoughtful gift from your Secret Santa! I love thoughtfulness like that!

    I have had many Pinterest fails–as long as it tastes good, that’s all that counts, right?

    Have a happy new year!
    Wendy recently posted…Staying on TrackMy Profile

  4. Hilarious about the jello! My mom made jello weekly when I was growing up…I think it’s all she knows how to do regarding dessert LOL No fancy molds, though, just right out of the bowl. Am I the Kim you’re referencing? If so, which workout? You’ve mentioned wanting to do some of my workouts, so I was curious 🙂 Happy New Year, enjoy your family time!

    1. I forgot to link to it – it was yours from last week. Squats, mountain climbers, burpees, wall sits… I did enjoy it! I’ll stick to the plain Jello I think 🙂

  5. I love the retro jello, even if it didn’t turn out perfectly, it doesn’t look THAT bad!

    Lots of fun festive activities for you this week, how wonderful! I really love that handmade ornament. Very sweet

  6. LOL on the Pinterest fail! It happens to all of us. My daughter had us watching “Nailed It” on Netflix, which is sort of a Pinterest fail-cooking show. Have you seen it? Love that you got your kids moving on Christmas — they look pretty happy. 😉

  7. I wish all that warmth had come our way. It did get warmer, but nowhere near 58. All your runs through the lights look amazing! I used to do late afternoon runs to do that, but life hasn’t made it conducive to do that right now. It’s fun though!

    Love the ornament. I think the jello mold still looks good, even if different.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  8. Glad the jello mold still tasted good even if the appearance didn’t match up! That’s great that you managed to get in an early morning run to see the lights while it was still dark. I never run in the dark either, after I tripped on uneven sidewalk and took a fall a couple years ago.
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

  9. Love the ornament and giggled at the jelly, how funny! It reminds me of some of my husband’s epic fails – I’m not inventive enough to even go there!

    We had a quiet Christmas Day just the two of us and the cats, then went to Matthew’s family on the other side of the city for afternoon tea on Boxing Day which was just perfect. Plenty of running and seeing lights and cheery Christmas leggings etc!

    1. I figure that anytime I can watch a video of something being made, I have a pretty good chance of it being successful. I guess this proves that’s not always the case!! 😉

  10. LOL! Jello! No good can come of it!

    It looks like you had a fantastic week. I love all your amazing group runs and all the beautiful lights.

    I got to sleep til 8AM on Christmas. My son just couldn’t wait any longer LOL!

    We usually host Christmas because I like for our little guy to be able to open and enjoy presents in his own home.

    1. That’s always great to open gifts in your own house. Especially when LEGO sets are involved. Don’t want to lose any of those parts or accidentally throw something away!!

  11. what a wonderful week you had! we went out running for christmas lights as well, on christmas night. I wanted to do it for a while but then a friend actually sent me the same type of visibility vest that you have (is it Noxgear?) out of the blue so then I really had to get out and be a part of the lighted celebration 🙂

    I had to laugh about your pinterest fail! I think almost everything I’ve tried to make has come out tasting good but looking absolutely awful!

    1. Aren’t the Noxgear vests great?? I feel really safe wearing mine. And they are super light weight (haha, no pun intended) so I don’t even notice I’m wearing mine.

    1. The person who made the ornament mentioned she was excited to be able to use her skills. I agree – that’s the problem with crafts sometimes, what do you do with all the finished items? That’s why I used to sew. I could make clothes (skirts) to wear to work!

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