Long time no see! 🙂  After an extended vacation and being away in paradise, it takes a bit to get back into the groove, but I’m back!  I’ll write up a vacation recap one of these days but to sum it up, we spent 17 days in Hawaii on Maui and Kauai.  It was great!!! Here are just a few highlights… amazing hikes, beaches, sunsets, scuba diving, surfing and fun in the sun!

Here’s few things that have happened in my absence:

Good news!  Our little foster kitten Bekah was adopted.  Can you believe the cuteness in this picture?  I’m sure she will be having a great life with this new family.

Other good news: a test pair of shoes from Brooks was delivered while I was gone.  It’s always fun to return home to packages!  I’m testing out the next gen of Hyperion Tempos.  Yay new shoes!!

Slightly bad news! I hurt my foot on a vacation shenanigan.  I hurt my foot surfing!!  Who does that??  Well, old people like me I guess.  I landed on the ground wrong I think.  It was slightly bruised and tender for a few days.  It took a few weeks but now it’s fine.  Yay!

Other bad news: I’ve definitely lost running fitness while on vacation.  I thought I was in a solid position for the Erie Marathon (Sept 11) before vacation, and now I’m iffy.  I guess it’s good that I haven’t committed to it yet!

Stupid bad news:  This won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but once again I got a rash on both forearms after pulling weeds in my yard.  Poison ivy? Maybe. Allergic reaction to something and it’s driving me nuts! And it looks very frightening. 

Here’s my workouts this week. I had a nice mix of cycling (35 miles) and running (38 miles). It was a bit of a down week for running to keep my legs ready for the 20 miler long run.

Mon – 5 easy miles.  Oof.  This was a recovery run from my 17 mile long run on Sunday.  I would have liked to take a rest day, but then my whole week would be shifted and I didn’t want that.  Just slow easy miles today.

Tues –  4 miles, negative splits.  I didn’t even have to try hard to make my first two mile slow.  It was a slow moving morning!

Weds – 10 mile bike ride. I missed the Ladies Ride last night because I went out for a Ladies Night instead (Taco Tuesday!). I did get a ride in before work in the morning. I saw a deer by the water. Thought it was a fox at first!

PM ride – 25 mile Windsday Ride. The radar looked clear for our ride, but wouldn’t you know it – we got hit with rain with only 1 mile left! This was another challenging group for me and we ended up with 19.6 mph for our average. I was in the front pull position twice and the first time I could only hang on for half a mile! The guy next to me kept going faster whenever I caught up to him. Ugh! The 2nd time was better and I stayed up front for a couple of miles.

Thurs – 6 easy miles. I have been trying to be more consistent with stretching after running. Stretching by the pool with my iced coffee is a great way to motivate me to do it!

Super fun night… we volunteered at a 5K/8K race with a great post race party! The OH/MI is traditionally a hot run (I mean, what night in July isn’t??) and it’s one of my favorite because it also has the Dave’s Running Appreciation Party, aka yummy food, drinks and entertainment. This year my husband, son and I worked packet pickup, were course marshals for the kids run and the 5K. We got to cheer on so many friends! They had a water sprinkler on the course too. What a great idea!

The after party had a Van Halen tribute band. VH was one of my favorite bands growing up. I loved the show!! We all had a great time.

Fri – 3 easy miles.  Then we went college touring!  It was a long day of driving to the University of Dayton and Miami University for our son.  They both looked nice.  Zach also found a small bike trail with jumps in Dayton.

Sat – 20 miles long run.  Phew!  It was “only” 68 degrees, but man oh man, it was humid!  I was drenched in sweat by the time this was only half way done.   Not my fastest or most consistent run, but it’s done!  I took a dip in our pool to cool off then rewarded myself with a big Starbucks.  Yum!

In the evening we went to Cedar Point. Sure, walking around an amusement park after running 20 miles sounds like a questionable plan, but luckily I felt fine. It was fun to see the parade, ride some coasters and see the park all lit up.

Sun – Resting and housework. Oh boy! Maybe a trip to Cleveland to buy a bike with Zach. Not sure how he talks us into these things…

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Q: What’s new with you?? Anyone training for a fall race?

25 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – back to reality!”
  1. Sorry about the rash! Definitely not fun.

    I’d train running fitness for Maui & Kauai for sure! Kauai is our favorite place. We’ve been 3 times (so far).

    You actually sound as though you’re still on track for the marathon!

    1. This is true – Hawaii was the better pick for sure. Training can wait! It was our second time to Kauai and first for Maui. I did enjoy Maui a lot! Such beautiful beaches.

  2. Oh gosh, that rash sounds like a nightmare! I have extremely sensitive skin, so I can only imagine your turmoil. Your family trip to Hawaii sounds dreamy! I’ve been to the Big Island, Oahu and Kauai…the Hawaiian Islands are beautiful! You said you think you may lost a big of your running endurance, but I’d bet it won’t take long to get it back. You’re pretty active with all the biking, as well as other cross-training after all.

    1. You need to go check out Maui! It did not disappoint. I think Maui and the Big Island are my favorites if I had to pick. I couldn’t see myself living there, but for sure a wonderful place to spend a lot of time.
      My rash. Ugh. I’m just glad I purposely waited until after vacation to do yard work. I’m cursed! It’s been a week and I’m trying to wait it out and I didn’t go get the steroid shot that I usually get. I’m not sure if that was the best choice because it’s only getting a little better!

  3. It sounds like you had an amazing vacation and got right back to a busy schedule at home. College visits are so exciting!

    I always get bug bites and rashes when I garden — so I don’t. 😛

    1. I did tell my family I wasn’t going to pull any more weeds and they need to do it. I’m not sure that plan is going to work though. haha!!
      I think a college selection will probably end up being a decision based on the financials. It’s really hard to pick. They all seem pretty good!

  4. Wow, 17 days in Hawaii? Sounds amazing. I’m in the midst of 10 days off but nothing exciting planned like that!

    You ran 20 miles and you don’t think you’ll be ready for a September marathon? I think you got this…

    1. I should clarify that I thought getting my goal pace seemed realistic, but now I’m not sure! I’ll see what the next few weeks bring. The plan that I’m following is a bit more aggressive than my past training plans and has three 20 milers! I missed one during Hawaii. I had great expectations of getting out for a long run on vacation but that didn’t happen. Oh well, it’s fine!

  5. Your Hawaii trip looks fab! We went to all the islands over 4-5 Christmases when my husband’s brother & wife/kids were living in Japan as it was a nice middle meeting ground! for the holiday. It’s been a long time though (maybe even pre-blog) but I remember loving Kauai the most. Just so much natural beauty and activities.

    Way to go powering through 20 miles! Incredible. I’ve heard great things about the Erie marathon, I hope you do it! If you can do 20 miles, you should be just fine 🙂

    1. I think this would be the 5th time for me running Erie if I do it. My husband is doing it, but I’m not sure it would be a Boston qualifier for 2024 yet. 2024 is when I get a time bump for a new age group. I don’t want to “waste” my attempt if another race just a week later is a 2024 qualifier. So, I’m still just waiting to see!
      Meeting up in Hawaii sounds like a wonderful way to connect with family!

  6. Well, I can top your story. When I was in Maui I injured my foot GETTING OUT OF A HAMMOCK. Nothing was broken, but one toe was very swollen and I was limping for the rest of the trip. That was fun!
    Anyway, your trip looks amazing!!! I hope you do a recap post. And… Bekah!!! That is the cutest picture ever. It must make you feel so good to know that she’s going to a good home, and she’ll make her new humans so happy!
    So, you’re already doing a 20 mile run and your marathon in in September- it sounds like you’ll be ready. Do you have a plan B is you decide not to do Erie?
    Sorry about the rash! That sounds TERRIBLE. I hope you get some relief soon.

    1. A hammock? Doh!! I was very concerned I seriously injured it and it would mess up our hiking plans. Luckily it was just a day or two of limping. On a side note, the Goodwill we visited on Hawaii had a very large amount of crutches! That was Plan B for me. 😉
      News update – I just saw the announcement from the BAA that Erie will qualify for both 2023 and 2024 Boston marathons. With that news, I think it’s going to be “game on” for Erie! And, I’d still have a full year to try again if my first effort at Erie doesn’t work out.

  7. Your trip to Hawaii sounds fabulous. Would love to go there someday.

    Boo to your bad news. But nothing seems too serious.

    And you got in a lot of activity this week. I bet toy get your fitness back in no time.

    I have a a half in Sept and October and November. I’ll be ready I hope.

    1. I knew you would be in training 😉 I probably should schedule a half as a tune up race, but I don’t have anything else on my race calendar!

  8. Bekah looks huge in that photo! I’m so glad you had that news. And your holiday looks amazing. I’m sure you’ll be OK for your marathon, it will come back quickly and you have hiking fitness which must help somewhere.

    It’s the first day of our proper heatwave here, it was 86 yesterday and quite enervating; today it goes up to 98. We’re as prepped as we can be and thankfully our house is quite cool. No running, though, of course!

    1. Hopefully it’s just the humidity that’s holding me back a bit. Summer running is hard! Hope you’re keeping as cool as possible. I’ve heard it’s pretty toasty there!

  9. 17 days in Hawaii sounds amazing! Glad you enjoyed. I was pregnant with thing 2 the last time we’d been there. Glad your foot is ok! Have fun with the college visits. I figure we’ll have to start that adventure next spring/summer. I have no clue where to even start with Thing 2. Hopefully by then we will!

    1. We’re just kind of winging the college visits. We have narrowed the interest down to Engineering, but beyond that we’re just checking out a lot of options.

  10. I saw some of your pics on IG looked like a great vacation.I doubt you really lost fitness you were in a pretty strong place when you left. I always feel like that too after vacation but a week later it kind comes back

  11. It sounds like you had a lovely trip to Hawaii and did some awesome activities. I’ve only been to Maui (actually, we flew in to the big island, then took a smaller plane to Maui) and that was years ago. We need to go back!

    I suspect your running fitness will return quickly and you’ll be fine for a fall marathon, especially since you got in a 20-miler on Saturday.

    College tours with your son… such an exciting time for him!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: July 10 – 16 / Cycling and Gardening Ruled the WeekMy Profile

    1. Hawaii was so great! It did go by so fast though. I did put a picture from the trip on my iPhone background so I’m able to think about it often. So pretty there!

  12. Welcome back! 17 days in Hawaii sounds like an absolute dream, and it sounds like you had a great time there. I’ve never been, but visiting Hawaii is on my bucket list.

    Happy to hear that your foot is feeling better.

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